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Freedom League Membership


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If I want my character to be a member of the world's premiere superhero team, would I just mention it in my background, or should I take a rank of the Benefit feat to reflect the affiliation? If the feat is required, exactly what "benefit" would it bring?

Or is FL membership something that can only be gained "in-character," during play?

Assuming a PC is an FL member, exactly how many power points would s/he have to pay to gain access to the vehicles and headquarters listed in Freedom City? When a group of PCs share things like vehicles and headquarters, they divide up the cost between them, but I have no idea how it would work with equipment shared by PCs and NPCs alike.

Assuming an FL-affiliated PC has access to the aforementioned Equipment, can the duplicates be taken as Alternate Powers? For example, could the Sky-Bikes be taken as AP feats of the Pegasus Space-Planes, and/or Freedom Hall taken as an AP of The Lighthouse, since the PC can't use more than one vehicle or HQ at a time?

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