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How I spent my summer vacation.

Summer 2008

Well, what can be said, summer was AWESOME!! First getting to spend all of June and most of July on tour with the cast of Le Mis. Dream come true. I was spectacular if I do say myself. Some people are even talking Tony. Ok, well, mostly just me and my family members, but it's not impossible. Getting to just be out there and sing, in the spot light, and plucking the heart strings of a captive audience. Too bad I'll be too old for the role next year. Aw well, I'm sure I'll find something. I'll have to see if we get any writers are Claremont this year. Yeah, I'm going back, though I don't know if that's the best decision. It's not exactly going to impress the directors to see that I go to a school with almost NO drama program. But mom thinks it's best if I keep learning more about what I can do. And I can't really argue with her, she's mom. Only person who really still scares me. Well, her and that guy from all those snuff films everyone thinks are so good. He creeps me out.

August was an outstanding month, though lord knows I didn't think it would be. Can you believe dad insisted I go to summer camp as part of the deal for letting me tour? I know. But camp rocked! I won the talent show, hands down. Or at least I would have if there had been a prize. Though they want me to submit songs in writing from here on out. Apparently Grease Lightning isn't camp appropriate. Not my fault they had never listened to the lyrics before. But I got to learn to kayak and shoot a bow. Not bad for a city boy huh? I wonder if that target practice will help me with my powers any? Probably not, but at least it was fun.

And now of course I'm back. Have to finish reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by monday. I haven't started. It's boring. And then I'm supposed to show Mr. Summers something new I've come up with powerwise over the summer. I think I'll just scream real loud and see what grade that gets me. Why do they all think I'm going to be the next Captain Thunder? I want to sing and dance, not get punched in the face by huge alien or anything.

Anyway, got to go. Gym class tomorrow, and I need some sleep.

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So, my evaluation went well. Personally I think I could have done better on the 'not get shot' part, but I guess I should just be glad they weren't real bullets. Met a group of the new students. I may have competition as the best singer at school. Nah, probably not. I sing great no matter what I'm wearing. Then there's a guy dressed as a lizard with his own ship. I am so totally going to have to get one of those, just as soon as I get my license. Dad probably won't let me though. He worries too much. Then there's a big guy, and some girl who follows him around a lot. Haven't really talked to either of them. Maybe I'll see them in classes. Woops, gotta go, class is starting, and if Ms. Hartcourt catches me slacking off in class again she's going to fail me. Or make me help her stack the dissection animals. And then I'll smell like formaldehyde all day.

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