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Mister Strix Version 2

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Note: The spoiler blocks are not covering any actual "spoilers." They are just there to make the sheet smaller and easier to read at a glance.




Character: Mister Strix

Power Level: 12 (Built as PL8)

Tradeoffs: None

Power Points: 181/181

Unspent PP: 0


In Brief: Instead of becoming The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli becomes Spawn.


Alternate Identity: Gaetano “Guy” Giordano (Deceased)

Identity: Secret. The public is not aware that either Gaetano Giordano or Mister Strix are undead, or that they are the same person.

Birthplace: Bedlam City, Wisconsin, USA

Base of Operations: Bedlam City

Residence: An abandoned, boarded-up house on Ash Street. The only sign of habitation is his casket sitting in the basement. The entrance to the basement is blocked with heavy debris. He accesses the house and the basement with Mist Form.

Occupation: None. He is legally deceased.

Affiliations: Father Cesare Messina (Retired Catholic priest, Friend)

Family: Doctor Adriana Aparo (Widow), Luna Giordano née Gallo (Mother), Massimo “Mo” Giordano (Father), Matteo “Matt” Giordano (Older Brother), Flora Russo née Giordano (Older Sister), Rafael Giordano (Younger Brother, Deceased). Matt and Flora are both married, with children. Adriana has re-married, and she has a child with her new husband.




Age: 37 (Date of Birth: 1981)

Apparent Age: 31 (Date of Death: 2012)

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: (Sicilian) Italian-American Caucasian

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black


His superhero costume consists of a white skintight jumpsuit, mask, and cape. The chest of the jumpsuit is emblazoned with a white crescent moon set against a black circle. The edges of the cape and gloves are cut with notches suggestive of the feathers on a bird's wings. The gloves are fingerless. The mask covers his entire head except for his jaw and the lower half of his face. It has a shape similar to the feathers on the head of a horned owl. The bottom of the mask comes to a hook with a slight downward curve resembling a raptor's beak. Overall, it looks like a photo-negative version of the original Raven’s costume.


Out of costume, a fan of old movies might compare him to a young (and underslept, and possibly ill) Lee Van Cleef or Basil Rathbone.


His flesh is unnaturally pale, and always cold to the touch, regardless of any physical activity or environmental factors. When visible, his veins appear to be black. His build is slender. He was never bulky in life, and when he transformed, most of his fat burned away, and most of his internal organs shriveled and atrophied. His face is all sharp angles, with high, prominent cheekbones, a large nose, and a narrow, pointed chin. His hair is dark, and perpetually messy. (Since he has no reflection in mirrors, even if he had much reason to style his hair, he wouldn't be able to see what he was doing.) He has thick eyebrows, perpetually arched over eyes set deep in their sockets, eyes which always seem to be surrounded by shadows, regardless of the angle or intensity of light in the area. The irises of his eyes are completely black, indistinguishable from the pupils. The center of his eye is one solid black disk. His hands are slightly larger in proportion to the rest of his body than they should be, the fingers slightly longer. His voice is a deep baritone, surprisingly deep for someone of his size.


When he feeds, and when he uses many of his powers, his appearance becomes even more overtly monstrous. His veins bulge and darken. The blackness at the center of his eyes spreads to cover the entire eyeball. His mouth, canine teeth, and tongue all double in size. His voice deepens by at least a full octave, and echoes independent of the local acoustics. When he growls, he sounds like a tiger.




Guy Giordano’s life ended just as it was about to begin.


Gaetano Giordano was born the third of four children to Luna Giordano, a librarian turned homemaker, and her husband, Mo Giordano, a “made man” who eventually became one of the ten “capos” of the Scarpia crime family. Luna and Mo raised their children in a modest but clean and tasteful house on Stark Hill. The kids all attended Catholic school at “Our Lady of The Five Wounds,” from kindergarten all the way through Senior Year. Their parents lavished more than enough money and praise upon their children to spoil them, but neither their parents nor their teachers “spared the rod.” The family attended church services every week without fail at Saint Fabian’s, alongside all of Stark Hill’s other Catholics of Italian descent. Luna and Mo were both deeply involved with their religious community, and Mo always made sure to check his clothes for bloodstains before leaving for church.


Matt, the eldest, was a born thug like his father, so they always shared a close bond, and Matt quickly slid into the role of heir-apparent. Guy and his little brother Rafael both had a more gentle disposition and intellectual leaning, so they had a much closer relationship with their mother, and with each other. Guy and Raff figured out quickly that it was more difficult to bully them when they stuck together. Matt only spent a couple of years at a college he never should have gotten into in the first place before he started working with his father. Neither Guy nor Rafael wanted anything to do with the “family business,” but they also didn't want to actively oppose their own flesh and blood. They both knew that their future tuition money would be stained with blood, so they felt they needed careers which would let them pay that debt to society. And they both wanted to make their parents proud. Guy became a doctor, while Rafael became a priest. Some narrow-minded people would have guessed that Guy and Rafael were both secretly gay, though never where Mo could hear them. They would have been wrong about Guy, but correct about Rafael. Nobody would have guessed that Matteo, the eldest son, the macho scrapper who always had a girl or two on his arm, was also gay. Matt married a woman and had children like he was expected to, and he made a show of being a womanizer even after he got married. He keeps his same-sex trysts discrete; he has already murdered at least one lover who threatened to blackmail him. Guy’s psychopathic older sister Flora, meanwhile, took to the role of a “Mafia princess” like a shark to water, always getting what she wanted and never caring how. She was the “queen bee” of her class in school, and unlike her older brother, she actually finished college, despite a drug and alcohol problem she has yet to get fully under control. She thinks she's better suited to running the family business than Matt, she's probably right, and she resents her father for passing her over on account of old-fashioned sexism. Unlike the rest of her family, who are content to live on Stark Hill until their dying day, she has her sights set firmly on Stone Ridge. When she got older (one could argue that she never really “grew up”), she used her father’s money to start an interior design firm, which she hopes to use to wedge herself into the lives of Bedlam’s wealthy. She married another up-and-coming Mafia “associate,” who is expected to be “made” any day now. She likes her current husband and children well enough, but she expects to “trade up” eventually, and when she gets that chance, if any of them are more useful to her dead than alive, she won’t lose any sleep over it.


Guy spent the first decade of his adult life in Chicago, where he attended university and medical school, and in Detroit, where he completed a residency in emergency medicine. At the teaching hospital in Detroit, he met Adriana Aparo, a fellow resident, and the love of his life. Right after they got their medical licenses, they got engaged, and left Chicago to spend a year working with Doctors Without Borders, first in Libya, and then in the Congo. When they returned to America, they got married, and bought a house in Bedlam City, excited at the prospect of helping to make it a better place.


They were just about to start trying for their first child when Guy suddenly fell ill. He spent three days lethargic, anemic, and barely coherent. Before it even occurred to him to go to a hospital, he was dead.


When Rafael got Adriana’s call, he dropped everything and raced to the nearest airport. He knew why the pathologist couldn't figure out Guy’s cause of death. His family thought he was just a priest, but Rafael was trained by a secret arm of the Vatican to be a monster-hunter. Monsters like the elder vampire he had recently slain. Careful, methodical, and relentless, he found the thing’s lair, bypassed its daytime security, and destroyed it in its bed. Rafael was sure that another vampire had turned his brother in retaliation. Guy’s funeral was held three days after his death, and later that night, Rafael stood over his brother’s freshly-dug grave, crossbow in hand, waiting for him to rise.


Unfortunately for Rafael, the vampire he had destroyed had a resourceful and vengeful sire, and Rafael was no match for him. The vampire ambushed Rafael, easily overpowering him. He introduced himself as "Johann." Then, filled with manic energy and alternating between sadistic glee and righteous fury, Johann lectured Rafael for what felt like several terrifying yet tedious minutes. At first, Johann complained that Rafael’s “puny mortal mind” could not possibly comprehend what it was like to have a friend for centuries, how that bond was older than the nation in which they stood, and it was beyond insult for his “child” to meet death at the hands of an “insect.” Johann then explained that, since Rafael had killed a member of his “family,” it was only fair for Johann to choose a replacement from Rafael’s. He argued that “good men” like Guy always made great vampires, once “their illusions of ‘compassion’ and ‘decency’ were stripped away from them with a thousand slings and arrows of trauma and disappointment.” Johann expected the process to take at least a century, even in a city as terrible as Bedlam.


Johann had spent three days drinking Guy's blood, and feeding his own blood to Guy. On the third day, he drained Guy to the point of death. After three days of laying dead yet unnaturally well-preserved, Guy clawed his way out of his own grave. Mad with thirst, the new vampire sank his fangs into the first mortal he saw: His little brother, "Raff." Guy drained Rafael dry. When he drank Rafael’s blood, he also heard Rafael’s thoughts and memories, as if they were his own. Once he drank his fill, the bloodlust evaporated, and Guy knew everything Johann had told Rafael as if he'd heard it with his own ears. Guy looked down at his dead brother, at the blood on his hands, fell to his knees, and cried out in the kind of anguish and despair he couldn't have imagined while he was alive. Johann smiled, told him "Happy Birthday," and stabbed him in the heart with a wooden stake. Guy quickly lost consciousness, assuming he was dying for the second time.


He didn't expect to wake up again, but he did when Johann yanked the stake out of his ribs. Guy staggered to his feet, in the same graveyard where he'd fallen. Johann wished him another “Happy Birthday,” promised to visit him again, bid him “Auf Wiedersehen,” and vanished. Disorientated, terrified, Guy’s first thought was of his wife, Adriana. He raced to their home, only to learn that it wasn't “their home” anymore. Adriana was there, but so was her new husband, and their child. Guy could only bear watching them for a minute or two, long enough to determine to his satisfaction that they were in no immediate danger. Then he looked down to see the grass dying beneath his feet. He ran back to his grave, where he found a large wooden crate waiting on top of it. Inside was an exquisite mahogany casket, with a large red ribbon around it, tied in a bow. Guy smashed it to pieces.


Guy spent the next year in the shadows, barely surviving. He spent days sleeping in sewers, abandoned basements, and hastily dug holes in the dirt, rarely staying in the same place twice. He spent the nights keeping tabs on his family and trying to figure out what exactly had happened to him. He knew that he was a “vampire,” but that could mean a hundred different things. He quickly discovered that Johann had kept him in suspended animation for five years. He spent many nights at local libraries, catching up on recent history and researching his “condition.” An academic at heart, he felt more “at home” during those library nights than anywhere else. Being able to ignore alarms and surveillance equipment, hypnotize guards, and slip through locked doors as a cloud of mist allowed him the run of the place.


When he needed blood, he would grab sewer rats, or hypnotize the employees at the less ethical animal “shelters,” so he could drain the cats and dogs already scheduled for execution. At first, he made the mistake of trying to subsist entirely on animal blood. But he learned the hard way that the inferior quality (for his purposes) of animal blood would only satisfy his undead body for so long. After the first time he snapped and almost killed a random person on the street, he made an effort to regularly “infuse” his “diet” with human blood. He limited his human feeding to whatever criminals and corrupt cops he could find, often guys he recognized as his father’s employees and associates.


At one point, he decided that he needed to be destroyed, and even if suicide was a sin, the greater sin would be continuing to live as a monster. So he fought through his instinct to sleep during the day, and he tried to walk out into the sun. He was terribly burned, but he discovered that his undead body had a powerful instinct for self-preservation, one he could not overcome. He fled the light, slept deeper than ever before, woke up thirstier than ever before, and by the time he regained the capacity for rational thought, he was standing over the half-drained body of what was now the second random person he had almost murdered. After that debacle, he stopped trying to kill himself.


At the end of that first year, Guy’s hunting happened to take him past Saint Romuald’s church during a break-in. He normally tried to give churches a wide berth, since he found even the sight of a cross uncomfortable. But innocent people were in danger, and he needed human blood to stay sane. He managed to suppress his instincts enough to enter the back office of the church, where he found a gang of the lowliest Shady Meadows bikers who were high enough on meth to think it was a good idea to rob the proceeds from a church fund raiser earlier that day. They probably would have lost their nerve if they’d come face to face with the imposing Father Miguel Zalamanca who was normally in residence. But Father Zalamanca was on vacation. Instead, the bikers found Cesare Messina, a 70-year-old retiree and “supply priest” who filled in as needed at parishes all over the city. The bikers were beating Father Messina bloody when Guy interrupted them. After Guy incapacitated the bikers, he slashed open his wrist, and poured his blood into Father Messina’s mouth and onto his wounds. Cuts closed, bruises faded, bones re-set themselves and knitted back together. In a few seconds, Father Messina’s injuries existed only as memories. Guy apologized to Father Messina for defiling the church with his presence. Then he turned back to the bikers, and drank his fill. Afterward, Guy resisted the urge to just hypnotize Father Messina and erase his memory of Guy’s “profane deeds,” like he did with all the other mortals he encountered. Instead, for some reason he couldn't name, he stopped to ask for Father Messina’s consent. Father Messina refused. Instead, Father Messina told him to hide until after the police had come and gone, and then to stay and talk.


He accompanied Father Messina to his modest home, where they spoke for most of the night. He confided in the old man. It was the only human contact he’d had in almost a year. After a while, they recognized and remembered each other. Father Messina had worked at Saint Fabian’s when Guy was a child. Father Messina was impressed with Guy’s overseas charity work, horrified by his condition, and intrigued by his situation. Father Messina pointed out that Guy had not chosen this fate, or committed any great sin; this fate had been inflicted upon him by another. Father Messina thought that could mean that there was hope for redemption, that Guy’s current state might even be part of God’s plan for him. Regardless, Father Messina felt that it was his duty to help Guy, even if only to pray for him and take his confessions.


Father Messina reminded him that the best way to heal one’s own pain was to help others with theirs. As they spoke, an idea formed between the two of them. Guy could do what everyone with extraordinary abilities and a secret to protect did to help make the world better: He could put on a mask, and become a superhero, “Like Raven, that guy in Freedom City.” Father Messina was an ornithology enthusiast, so when the subject of superheroes came up, Raven's was the first name that came to his mind. Of the decorations in Father Messina's home, the pictures and sculptures of owls outnumbered the Christian imagery by at least ten to one. With little prompting from Guy, Father Messina practically gushed about how owls were found all over the world, in all kinds of environments, and how they appear in the myths of almost every culture on the planet, usually as demons or psychopomps. Guy mentioned a local legend he’d heard in the Congo about how owls hunted humans to eat their souls. That reminded Father Messina that while the more popular modern vampire myths describe them transforming into bats, in older stories, they turned into owls. Just like that, Guy knew what form his disguise should take. The tailor who would later craft it was hypnotized to misremember the job, but he was well-paid.


On the night after his first meeting with Father Messina, Johann came back into Guy’s life. Johann attacked him without warning, moving faster than he could see, growing claws that shredded his flesh. Johann slashed him and beat him until he could no longer stand, laughed, and vanished as suddenly as he appeared. “Happy Birthday, my friend. Same time next year?”


To Guy's surprise, he laughed too. Johann’s assault had an oddly invigorating effect on him. If Johann was still trying to break him, that meant he wasn't broken yet. His conversations with Father Messina had given him a new sense of purpose, but Johann’s beating gave him a new sense of hope. His existence might be evil, but he could still do some good with it. He might not be a doctor anymore, he wasn't going to let that stop him anymore from doing the same thing in death that he used to do in life: Try to save people.




Like any good Catholic, the primary driving force in his life has always been guilt. When he was a child, it was guilt over the apple, and the crucifixion, and not being the son his father wanted. When adolescence opened his eyes a little wider, it was guilt over who his father was and how he made his money. He became a doctor and went to war zones so that he could try to save more lives than his father had destroyed. Now it’s guilt over what he is and what he has to do.


In life, he was quiet and gentle, but determined. He always tried to put others before himself. People always told him he was “a good listener.” He loved his wife. He loved his family, even if he didn't like them. He inherited his mother’s love of reading, traditional French and Italian cooking, and when he got older, coffee. He always seemed to have his nose in a book. He’d lived in war zones, but he’d never really been in a fight. He'd never wanted to hurt anyone.


In death, everything that used to define him or bring him joy has been stolen from him. He can’t be with his wife. She isn't his wife anymore. They’ll never raise kids together, or grow old together. He’ll never sleep in their bed again. Another man sleeps there now. He can’t cook anymore, or even brew a cup of coffee. Half the ingredients would rot as soon as he walked into the kitchen. Even if he could, he couldn't eat or drink, and he wouldn't really want to, because food doesn't smell like food anymore. When he tries to simply read a book, it takes him twice as long as it used to because his thoughts keep drifting to how much he loves the taste of blood and how maybe he should go find some right now. He doesn't get to be a healer anymore. For the sake of the patients, he shouldn't go anywhere near a hospital. He’s a predator who leaves ruin in his wake. He’s a danger to everyone around him. He doesn't get to be himself anymore, because that man is dead. He's dead on paper, and he's dead in the minds of everyone who knew him. Violence now feels as natural to him as breathing used to, and the only thing that truly brings him joy anymore is sinking his fangs into another person’s neck and sucking the blood out of their veins.


He hates the thing he’s been turned into, and the things who turned him into it. He’s trying to make the best of it.




He is an unskilled brawler, relying entirely on the animal instinct and enhanced physical prowess he gained when he became a vampire. Everything he “knows” about fighting, he learned from movies and television.


Popular culture is also his main source of “knowledge” about his own condition. He’s studying all the relevant history and mythology he can get his hands on, but it’s a slow process. The vampire who killed him didn’t tell him anything. Most of what he can do either comes from pure instinct, or is something he read about and decided to try that worked, either immediately or with practice.


He is undead, preserved and animated with blood-magic and by the life-consuming energy that is the pure darkness of the Schattenwelt.


His undead body is far more resilient than his human body was. His skeleton is harder than stone, but just as light as human bone. His flesh feels human to the touch, but displays a resistance to cutting or puncturing more akin to silk or Kevlar. His body somehow metabolizes the blood he drinks to sustain his existence, keep him preserved, heal his wounds, and alter his body in ways he is only beginning to explore. He can increase his strength, speed, and agility to superhuman levels, grow claws that can shred metal and stone as if it were paper, or transform into a cloud of mist. His blood can also heal the wounds of others (a Healing power stunt off of his main array), though consuming his blood can bring unpredictable side-effects (a temporary Complication for the other character).


He also has some psychic powers. He can broadcast a psychic command which forces the minds of others to ignore his presence. He can more directly hypnotize anyone who looks him in the eye, forcing them to obey all his commands and re-writing their memories.


When he pierces a living creature's skin with his fangs and sucks out their blood, he triggers a rush of endorphins which overwhelms his victim with intense pleasure. This makes it difficult for his victim to understand what is happening or to remember it clearly after the fact. Since his blood can heal wounds, he can use his fang to cut his tongue, then lick the puncture wounds closed with the transfer of blood. This combination allows his feeding to go mostly undetected.


Like a shark, he can sniff out even tiny amounts of blood from far away. The smell and taste of blood can give him the type of information about its owner that would make a crime lab jealous. When he tastes blood, he can tap into any psychic resonance it has absorbed, experiencing the memories of its original owner like they were his own.


He hasn't learned anything about the Schattenwelt. He doesn't know that it’s the main source of his power, the dark energy that holds him together. He doesn't know that he can see in the dark because he is Darkness. He knows that he can make a scary face and roar, and that when he does, hardened soldiers will run, hide, and lose bladder control, but he doesn't know that he’s giving them a glimpse of the literal Abyss, that when they look into his eyes they don’t just see “darkness,” but “The Darkness.”


He’s also learned the hard way that he has just about every quirk and weakness that’s ever been attributed to vampires in folklore. He doesn't have to worry about running water or being invited into a home, but that’s about it.





He tries to feed carefully, but the GM can force him to make some sort of check or save to avoid “getting carried away.” Alternately, the GM can just declare that he lost control. Mechanically, the GM can temporarily and retroactively replace his Nauseate effect with Fortitude Damage or Drain Constitution. If he fails to feed with moderation, then he will have to drop everything and find immediate medical attention for the victim.


Achilles Heels & Weaksauce Weaknesses:

Certain plants, objects, and symbols of mystical and religious significance will repel him, interfere with his movement, and cause him pain and injury. He cannot stand them, even if they were a source of joy or comfort in his mortal life.

  • Fire:

As stated below, his vulnerability to fire-based attacks is covered by flaws and drawbacks, so it is not a complication. However, he also has an instinctual fear of fire, as described below.

  • Garlic: 

All parts and states of the garlic plant affect him: The flower and the bulb, whether living, freshly harvested, or even ground into dry powder.
Unlike most plants, garlic never withers or dies merely from being in his presence.

  • Holy Symbols / Blessed Items:

Holy symbols and items affect him at the GM’s discretion, on a case by case basis. Generally, the holy symbol must belong to a “Good” deity, or a deity whose portfolio includes concepts such as “Healing,” “Life,” “Light, or “The Sun.”
Foods and liquids which have been “blessed,” such as holy water, or which have ritual significance, such as the wine and wafers used in Communion, will also affect him.
Holy symbols and items will affect him even if he, or the character wearing or wielding them, do not believe in (or even know of) the religion with which they are associated. However, if he attempts to force his way past the holy object and some sort of opposed check is required, a wielder who knows, believes in, or reveres the deity associated with the holy item will have a better chance of winning the opposed check than a wielder who is ignorant, skeptical, or blasphemous.

  • Mirrors:

He has no reflection. Like machines, mirrors do not register his presence. His instinct is to avert his gaze from any mirror he sees. The presence of a mirror will cause him minor discomfort, but unlike most items on this list, touching a mirror won’t harm him, and the presence of a mirror does not affect his freedom of movement in the manner described below, unless another character actively wields it to keep him at bay.
If he stares into a mirror and concentrates, then a vague, blurry semblance of his visage may briefly appear, only to vanish as soon as he turns away. This effort may cause the mirror to crack, or even to shatter.
Mirrors also sometimes break even if he briefly glances at them, or passes by them without peek.

  • Salt:

Pure salt will affect him, but saltwater will not, nor will food with a high salt content.

  • Silver:

The presence of silver won’t bar him from entering an area, but it will interfere with his mobility in the other ways listed below.
He doesn't fear silver enough to flee from it, but its presence can leave him Shaken.
He can be incapacitated if he is impaled through the heart with a silver object, such as a blade or a bullet.

  • Sunlight:

Sunlight damages him and suppresses most of his powers, but that is already covered with drawbacks, so it is not a complication. However, he has an instinctual fear of sunlight, as described below. Any amount of sunlight will affect him, even if the exposure is not direct, even if the sky is overcast. If there is enough sunlight to see by, then he is powerless and burning. However, "U.V. light" which does not come from the Sun does not affect him.
Even if he is underground or otherwise completely protected from exposure to sunlight, his instinct is still to sleep while the sun is in the sky. Unless he is being actively harmed or threatened, it takes effort for him to stay awake. If he tries to stay awake during the day, the GM can force him to make some sort of check or saving throw.

  • Wolf’s Bane:

See “Garlic,” above. Everything described there applies to wolf’s bane as well.

  • Wooden Stakes:

He can be incapacitated if his heart is impaled with a piece of wood. It doesn't matter if the “stake” is made entirely of wood or not, so long as the part lodged in his heart is composed of pure, whole wood. An arrow or spear with a steel head and a wooden shaft would work, but a piece of compressed particle board would not.
Wood and wooden implements do not cause him any of the fear, discomfort, or damage described below, and staking his heart is the only circumstance under which a wooden weapon will overcome his resilience or regeneration. Wood does not limit his movements, and touching it does not harm him.


Some of his powers already have flaws and drawbacks, such as Limited and Power Loss, to account for how these items can suppress his powers, penetrate his defenses, and inflict wounds which are slow to heal. Since those effects have already provided a power point discount, they do not count as complications.

However, these items can have other effects which can count as complications:

  • As soon as he sees these items, the GM can force him to make a Will save against an Emotion Control (Fear) effect, which may cause him to flee the scene entirely. If he is forced to flee, and another character appears to be trying to hinder his flight, that could trigger his Involuntary Transformation (Berserk Rage) complication, causing him to brutally assault them.
  • He cannot knowingly or willingly attempt to touch any of these items, or even to advance to within touch-range of them. He must stay at least 10 feet away. (If the item is hidden from him, then he can unknowingly approach it or touch it.)
  • The GM can force him to save against Damage and/or some other attack effect if he touches any of these items, or their shadows. The GM can also force such a save if he ingests the blood of another character who has recently ingested any of these items.
  • If another character wears or wields any of these items, then he cannot attempt to attack them or anyone behind them with a touch attack or with his mind control powers. He also cannot attempt to directly remove or destroy the items. Another character who wields these items can advance toward him, forcing him to withdraw.
  • If another character wears any of these items around their neck, then he cannot attempt to bite them or drink their blood.
  • If he is bound with these items, or with bonds infused or plated with these materials, then he cannot untie or break those bonds, no matter how objectively flimsy they may be. He may not even be able to lift them. Such bonds will also suppress his powers, and cause him intense physical discomfort.
  • If these items are mounted on, above, or around a door, window, or other portal, then he cannot pass through that portal.
  • If these items are placed on top of the lid to a container, or tie or wrapped around it, then he cannot open that container.
  • If these items are arranged in a circle, then he cannot cross that circle. A circle around another character can protect that character from him, while a circle around him can trap him.

He can attempt to overcome these limitations, forcing his way past these items, or even forcing himself to touch them, with a focused act of will. The GM can force him to make some sort of save or check. If these items are being wielded by another character, then the GM can force him and that other character to make some sort of opposed check. If his act of will is successful, then he can temporarily overcome the limits to his freedom of movement, and these items may be damaged, or even destroyed. They may bend or crack. They may also shatter, melt, or burst into flame. He will still suffer harm if he touches the offending item, and he may suffer harm from the act of forcing his way past it.


Addiction (Blood):

He doesn't just need blood. He wants it. He loves it. It is as much his drug as it is his sustenance. The GM can give him penalties on other checks to represent how difficult it is for him to focus on other tasks when he’d rather be drinking blood. When blood is available, the GM can force him to make some sort of check or saving throw to resist the urge to lap it up or suck it down.

He can also cause Addiction complications for other characters. They can become addicted to the euphoria of being fed upon by him, or they can become addicted to consuming his supernatural blood.


Chill of Undeath:

His flesh always cold to the touch. Living creatures who view him through Infra-Vision will always see him as colder than his surrounding environment, no matter what that environment may be. In his presence or passing, living creatures will often feel a chill, and see their own breath (but not his), while windows can fog up, and water can spontaneously freeze. Even if he cannot be perceived directly, a sudden drop in the local temperature can alert careful and prepared observers to his presence.


Electromagnetic Ghosts:

Although he has Permanent Total Concealment against most machine senses, his presence may cause brief electromagnetic interference, such as burst of auditory or visual static, or video tearing. While he won’t be perceived directly, these anomalies may alert careful and prepared observers to his presence.



  • Archnemesis Dad:

His father is a capo in the Scarpia family syndicate. His surviving brother works with him, as does his sister's husband. When he was alive, he refused to participate in his father’s criminal activities, but he didn't interfere with them either. When he died, so did his ambivalence. Now he’s determined to dismantle everything his family helped build.

  • Burn The Witch!:

The secret monster-hunting arm of the Catholic Church knows that his brother killed a vampire, and that soon after, he and his brother were both killed in circumstances which sounded suspiciously like retaliatory vampire attacks. It’s been a few years since then, but if they hear about anything that sounds like a vampire in Bedlam, they will follow up.

  • I Hate You, Vampire Dad!:

“Enemy” isn't quite the right word. His sire, "Johann" (real name unknown), is working toward a long-term goal of making him part of Johann's "family." To Johann, that means an unholy combination of child, friend, and lover. Unfortunately for him, Johann doesn't think he’ll realize his potential as a vampire until his human spirit is broken and stripped away from him by a conga line of trauma and disappointment, a process Johann expects to take at least a hundred years. Johann shows up once a year like clockwork to beat him within an inch of his life as a celebration of his "birthday" as a vampire. In addition, Johann will, seemingly at random, send various minions, pawns, or even other “children,” to torment him in some way. They might attack him directly, provide aid to his enemies, or harm something or someone he cares about (including Bedlam City itself).


Enemy To All Living Things:

While machines seem to simply ignore him, nature seems to actively resent him. Animals universally hate and fear him, unless they have consumed his blood, or are under the effect of some sort of mind control power. They will flee from him, attempt to scare him away, and/or attack him. He automatically fails any Handle Animal or Ride skill checks. (See, also, “Walking Wasteland,” below.)


Glamour Failure:

He has quirks which either explicitly reveal him to be a supernatural creature, or at least create a subconscious “Uncanny Valley” effect, making humans deeply uncomfortable in his presence. The air is unnaturally quiet around him because of all the normal sounds his body doesn't make, and he lacks several signs of life that most observers would take for granted. The GM may give him penalties to checks involving social interaction, or declare such checks to be impossible. Indifferent or even Friendly NPCs could turn Hostile, attacking or fleeing. Many of those features are already mentioned in "Description," above, and others are described in other Complication entries.

  • He never casts a shadow, regardless of the level or angle of light in the surrounding area.
  • His hands and fingers appear to have normal friction ridges, yet his touch never leaves prints.
  • His footsteps never leave tracks or make a sound.
  • He does not breathe, cough, sneeze, or yawn. (This is particularly noticeable in winter.)
  • His heart does not beat. He has no pulse of any kind.
  • He does not sweat.
  • If he cries, the tears are blood.
  • When he is wounded, his skin does not bruise, and his cuts do not bleed.
  • He does not age.
  • Most machines seem to ignore him. He has no reflection in mirrors, or any other reflective surface. He does not show up in photographs or on video cameras, film or digital. His voice cannot be heard in auditory recordings, or through microphones, telephones (cellular or land-line), or radios. He doesn't show up as a blip on any kind of radar or sonar. He can walk freely through the laser, infra-red, and microwave beams used by motion detectors without them registering his presence. Automatic doors won’t even open for him. A gas chromatograph mass spectrometer can at least attempt to analyze samples of his tissues, and mechanical components like buttons which detect physical pressure will recognize the force his touch exerts upon them, but that seems to be the extent to which machines recognize or acknowledge him. Note: Aside from his lack of reflection, this last effect is the result of the Permanent flaw on his Concealment against machine senses, so he should not receive any Hero Points for it. However, it may be a complication for other characters. For example, a robot or cyborg ally, whose eyes are mechanical cameras and whose ears are mechanical microphones, may receive a Hero Point in exchange for not being able to see or hear him.


Heavy Sleeper:

When the sun is in the sky, it is almost impossible for him to stay awake, and once he falls asleep, he stays asleep. Instead of suffering the usual -10 Notice penalty while asleep, he automatically fails Notice checks. Other characters can even lift or manipulate his body without waking him up. Nothing less than a direct attack on his body will disturb his daytime slumber.


I Do Not Drink…Wine:

His Immunity to Fortitude effects includes Immunity to Starvation and Thirst, but not only does he not need to eat or drink, he physically cannot. If he tries to consume food, or if he tries to drink any liquid other than blood, then he will quickly vomit it back up, along with some of his own stored blood, and the GM can also force him to save against an attack effect, like Nauseate, or even Damage.


Involuntary Transformation (Berserk Rage):

His undead body has instincts for predation and self-preservation more powerful than those of any living creature, and more powerful than his moral compass. When he attempts to resist those instincts, the GM can force him to make a Will save, or some other sort of check. Failure can result in a complication for him and/or for others.

  • Starvation can cause him to be overcome with bloodlust, to the point of mindlessly attacking the next human he encounters, without caring if his prey survives the encounter or not. Potential causes of “starvation” include simply going too long without drinking blood, trying to subsist for too long on blood of low quality (animal blood, refrigerated blood bags, etc.), or depleting the blood stored in his body by using it to fuel his powers.
  • When exposed to one of his weaknesses, especially fire or sunlight, he feels a powerful primal urge to flee from it. If he is unable to summon the willpower to endure its presence, then during his flight, he may brutally attack anyone who gets in his way, whether they meant to or not. Once he is out of danger, he may then be overcome with bloodlust, as if he were starving, as his scared inner animal seeks to re-assert control over its surroundings.


Made of Evil:

He is that which should not be, but is. He is a monster, an abomination, a dead thing preserved and animated with the life-consuming darkness of the Schattenwelt. Any powers which “Detect Evil” will show him as such, and any powers which “Protect From Evil” or “Smite Evil” will affect him as if he were applicably “Evil,” regardless of his actual conduct or inner sense of morality. Any power such as “Aura Vision” which can detect the presence or state of a “soul” will show his to be present, but shredded, hanging in tatters, and stained by shadows and blood.


Mainlining The Monster:

Some view him as a monster to be destroyed, but others see him as a resource to be exploited. His blood and body could be used as a component for countless magical spells, rituals, potions, or other items. When ingested or injected by a living creature, his blood can act as a powerful and potentially addictive drug. The specific effects vary depending on the person, the amount consumed, and the GM’s whims. It can act as a stimulant or a narcotic. It can cause euphoria, hallucinations, and/or uncharacteristically aggressive or deviant behavior. It can even heal wounds, cure diseases, or grant temporary powers, such as Enhanced physical abilities, or Immunities like Aging and Disease. It can also create a temporary psychic link, and a temporary stain or “taint” on the user’s “soul” or “aura” with a "negative resonance."



If someone does learn that he is a vampire, or that his family is part of the Bedlam Mafia, it could cause them to mistrust him (and they might not be wrong). Conversely, if he learns that another character is also a vampire, or some other sort of undead or supernatural creature, then this can be a complication for them, because his default reaction will be homicidal violence.


Revive Kills Zombie:

According to the game rules, he is an animated object, not a living creature, so, by default, Healing effects don’t work on him, unless they have the “Affects Objects” extra. However, in his case, by default, Healing powers, especially those with descriptors such as “Light,” “Cure,” or “Blessed/Celestial/Holy,” automatically fail to remove any damage conditions from him, even if they have the “Affects Objects” extra. In addition, such powers inflict Incurable Penetrating Damage upon him, with a Damage power rank equal to the rank of the Healing effect. A Healing power will only remove damage conditions from him if it has descriptors like “Demonic” or “Unholy,” or descriptors which otherwise indicate a beneficial effect for the undead in general, or for vampires specifically.



  • His wife thinks he’s dead. She’s remarried. She has children with her new husband. But he still cares about her, and by extension, her new family.
  • He still cares about his family too, even the mobsters. He keeps tabs on all of them, and he will leap to their aid if they are in danger.
  • Father Cesare Messina, the retired priest, is the only friend he's made since his death. He will drop everything to help Messina. But the priest’s secret association with him could cause problems for both of them.



It is not public knowledge that Gaetano Giordano is Mister Strix, or that either of them is a vampire. As far as most people know, Gaetano Giordano is still buried in his grave.



Even though he has no Constitution score and Immunity to Fortitude effects, he still needs to sleep, and he still needs “food” in the form of blood.


He only gets restful sleep if he has complete shelter from sunlight, and if his resting place includes soil from his homeland. He does not need to be buried; a thin layer of dirt spread out under him is sufficient. He does not strictly need to sleep in a coffin or a casket, but such items are well-suited to his needs.

When he drinks blood, his undead body stores that blood in his heart. His body consumes a small amount of that stored blood every night to preserve his corpse, and a greater amount to heal his wounds and fuel his powers.

After a day without sleep and/or three days without blood, the GM can inflict negative conditions upon him, like Fatigued or Exhausted, cumulative penalties on certain checks, and/or temporary ability damage. The GM may allow him some sort of check to delay or lessen these effects, akin to the Constitution checks and Fortitude saves mortals can make to resist the damage caused by neglecting their physical needs.

He will not be destroyed by starvation or lack of sleep, but the supernatural preservation of his body will be disrupted. At first, he will start to look sick. Then, he will begin to age. Finally, he will start to decay. Eventually, his flesh will wither away and slough off completely, leaving little more than a fanged skeleton. Eventually, he won’t have eyes or a tongue, but he will still be able to see and speak. Once he finally gets the blood and restful sleep he needs, the decay will gradually reverse. If his soft tissues have rotted away, then his bones will absorb the blood he “drinks" directly. The decay will reverse at roughly the same rate at which a mortal would recover from starvation and/or sleep deprivation.

His ideal sustenance is the blood of a living human (or humanoid alien with genetic similarity sufficient to produce viable offspring with a human), taken directly from that human’s veins. The further his feeding deviates from that ideal, the less nourishment and satisfaction he derives. He can consume blood from cold storage, so long as that stored blood would be safe to transfuse back into a living human. He cannot feed on necrotic or coagulated blood, and attempting to do so will cause him to vomit as if it were human food (see “I Do Not Drink…Wine,” above). He can feed from vertebrate animals and aliens which have “blood” (the ichor of arthropods, for example, would not work), but it is not as satisfying, or as efficient; it would take multiple units of animal blood to equal the same “nutritional content” as one unit of human blood. The blood of living supernatural creatures, such as faeries, werewolves, or dragons, on the other hand, tastes better than human blood, provides more efficient nourishment, and may also have side-effects at the GM’s discretion. Potential side-effects include addiction, inebriation, temporary insanity (hallucinations, berserk rage, etc.), and temporary Boosts to his existing powers, and temporarily gaining new powers. Depending on the individual, the blood of human mutants and mutates, powerful aliens, and, depending on their descriptors, even other vampires, may have the same effects.


Walking Wasteland:

Since he is infused with the life-consuming dark energy of the Schattenwelt, his very presence can be hostile to life. At his touch, or even in his passing, non-animate plants (except for garlic or wolf’s bane) may wither, or even melt or crumble into ash, while food and drink such as bread, milk, cheese, or wine (but never salt) may spoil or rot. Animals which happen to be pregnant may spontaneously miscarry. The GM can treat him as having something like a Limited, Uncontrolled, Unreliable, Reaction Area Corrosion effect.



Strength: 26/14 (+8/+2), 31/14 Lifting (Heavy Load: 1,840 lbs. [0.92 tons] / 175 lbs.)

Dexterity: 26/14 (+8/+2)

Constitution: -

Intelligence: 16 (+3)

Wisdom: 14 (+2)

Charisma: 18 (+4)



Initiative: +8/+2 (+8/+2 Dex)

Attack: +4, +8 Melee, +6 Claws/Fangs

Grapple: +17/+10

Defense: +8, +4 Flat-Footed

Knockback Resistance: 8


ATTACK                RANGE          SAVE                     EFFECT

Unarmed               Touch          DC23 Toughness (Staged)  Damage (Physical)

Claws/Fangs           Touch          DC25 Toughness (Staged)  Damage (Physical, Lethal)

Blood Drain           Touch/Grapple  DC18 Fortitude (Staged)  Sickened/Nauseated/Helpless

Blood Divination      Touch/Grapple  DC18 Will                Mind Reading

Hypnotic Eyes         Perception*    DC18 Will                Mind Control or Transform

Nightmare-Face        Touch/Area**   DC18 Reflex              **

                                     DC18 Will (Staged)       Shaken/Frightened/Panicked

Psychic Invisibility  Personal       DC18 Will                Total Concealment


*Sense-Dependent (Visual)

**Perception-shaped (Visual) Area effect. If the victim makes the Reflex save, they ignore the effect, but he has Concealment from their Visual-type senses.



Toughness: +8 (Impervious)

Fortitude: -

Reflex: +8/+2 (+8/+2 Dex, +0PP)

Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6PP)


SKILLS 40/40R = 10PP

Craft (Cooking) 1 (+4)

Handle Animal 0 (-)

Intimidation 4 (+8)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 1 (+4)

Knowledge (History) 1 (+4)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 5 (+8)

Knowledge (Pop Culture) 1 (+4)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 1 (+4)

Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) 1 (+4)

Languages 4 (English [Native], French, Italian, Latin, Spanish)

Medicine 6 (+8)

Notice 3 (+5)

Ride 0 (-)

Search 2 (+5)

Sense Motive 3 (+5)

Stealth 7 (+15)



Attack Focus (Melee) 4

Benefit (Legally Deceased)

Equipment 1 (5EP)Veteran Reward

Hide In Plain Sight


Luck 2

Takedown Attack 2




Casket (Masterwork) [2EP] (Stainless steel)


Abandoned House (PL12 Headquarters) [2EP]

A small two-story house on Ash Street in Bedlam City.

Size: Small [0EP]

Toughness: 5 [0EP]

Features: [2EP]

Concealed (There are no visible signs of habitation)

Sealed (All entrances are boarded up, and heavy debris blocks entry to the basement)


He has no legal claim or ownership over the property.

The house stood abandoned for several years before he moved his casket into the basement.

The house is not fit for human habitation. It has been years since the house had any maintenance or active utilities.

All of the old plants on the lot died within days of him taking residence, and no new ones have grown since he arrived.


2 + 2 = 4EP



Descriptors: Blood, Darkness/Shadow, Magic, Undead


Concealment 8 (All Auditory, Radio, and Visual type senses, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Limited [Machines], Permanent) [8PP]


Enhanced Dexterity 12 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [11PP]


Enhanced Strength 12 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [11PP]


Features 2 (Touch does not leave prints, Wounds do not bleed) [2PP]


Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects) [30PP]


Impervious Toughness 8 (Flaws: Limited [Weaknesses inflict Penetrating damage]) [4PP] (Regeneration, Super-Toughness)


His Toughness is not Impervious against any of the following attacks:

  • Acid.
  • Attempts to decapitate him.
  • Attempts to impale him through the heart with a wooden stake.
  • Blessed/Celestial/Holy powers and weapons, associated with deities whose portfolios include concepts such as “Good,” “Healing,” “Life,” “Light,” and “The Sun.”
  • Fire.
  • Natural Weapons (Claws, Teeth, Horns, etc.) of other Supernatural Creatures, such as Demons, Dragons, Faeries, Vampires, or Werewolves.
  • Rock-salt shotgun rounds.
  • Silver weapons.
  • Weapons which have been coated with Garlic, Salt, or Wolf’s Bane.


Leaping 3 (x10 [Running Long Jump: 180ft], Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [2PP] (Super-Strength)


Protection 8 [8PP] (Super-Toughness)


Regeneration 5 (Recovery 5 [+0, Recovers over time like a living creature], Feats: Regrowth) [6PP]


Regeneration 12 (Recovery Rate: Injured 6 [No rest], Disabled 6 [1 round], Flaws: Limited [Weaknesses inflict Incurable damage]) [6PP]


His accelerated healing does not work on wounds made with the following attacks. It takes him as long to recover from them as it would for a mortal.

  • Acid.
  • Blessed/Celestial/Holy powers and weapons, associated with deities whose portfolios include concepts such as “Good,” “Healing,” “Life,” “Light,” and “The Sun.” This includes burns from touching or ingesting "blessed/holy" items, such as holy water or Communion wafers.
  • Disintegration.
  • Fire.
  • Natural Weapons (Claws, Teeth, Horns, etc.) of other Supernatural Creatures, such as Demons, Dragons, Faeries, Vampires, and Werewolves.
  • Silver weapons.
  • Weapons which have been coated with Garlic, Salt, or Wolf’s Bane.


Resurrection 2 (Resurrection 2 [1 day], Flaws: Limited [Does not resurrect while decapitated or staked through the heart; Requires extra time and outside aid to resurrect from being completely burned or dissolved]) [1PP]


He will not Resurrect if he is Destroyed by an attack with any of the following descriptors, or if damage with any of the following descriptors is applied to his corpse after he is Destroyed:

  • Burned with Fire
  • Burned with Sunlight
  • Disintegrated
  • Dissolved/Melted in Acid
  • Dissolved/Melted in Holy Water

However, if the resulting ashes or sludge are gathered, mixed with blood, and exposed to the light of a full moon, then he will Resurrect. After the initial exposure to moonlight, the slurry of blood and ashes must, of course, be sheltered from sunlight during the resurrection process. He will rise again on the next full moon.


He should be considered to have the Disabled condition if he is decapitated or staked through the heart. He will not Regenerate while his head is separate from his body, or while his heart is staked.


If he is staked or decapitated, then his heart or the stump of his neck will bleed profusely. All his stored blood will quickly leak out. His body (and his head, if decapitated) will begin to decay like a normal corpse. If left alone long enough, he will be reduced to little more than a fanged skeleton.


If his head is reunited with his body, or if the stake is ever removed from his heart, then he will begin to Resurrect and recover. Once he is conscious and mobile again, he will be very thirsty. Drinking blood will gradually reverse any decay he has suffered. If his flesh is gone, then any blood he "drinks" will be absorbed directly into his bones until the flesh returns.


What Is A "Stake?"

If a “wooden stake” is used, then the part lodged in his heart must be wood and only wood, but other parts of the object can be made from other materials. An arrow or spear with a metal tip and a wooden shaft would work. But the wood must be one continuous solid piece. A sheet of compressed particle board would not work.

If a silver “stake” is used, then the part lodged in his heart must be silver, but it can be silver plating over a core of a different material, and other parts of the object can be made from other materials.

A silver bullet lodged in his heart will have the same effect as a “stake.”

At the GM’s discretion, other objects may also qualify as a "stake," such as a holy relic, or a blade which has been coated in garlic, salt, or wolf’s bane.


Suggested Mechanics:

The GM can declare that he has been decapitated or staked if he fails a Toughness save against a coup-de-grace, a critical hit, or a 5-point Power Attack, with the appropriate descriptors, by a wide enough margin (10+) to be Disabled. At the GM's discretion, failing by a narrower margin may also result in staking or decapitation.


If the foe does not have superhuman strength, then the descriptors for decapitation should include a power or weapon which inflicts slashing damage, and which is at least as large as his neck, such as a sword, an axe, or a chainsaw.

A foe with superhuman strength should be able to “pull,” “tear,” or “knock” his head off, with a blunt weapon or with their bare hands.


If a foe with normal strength is using a stake or spike, then they should also have to use a hammer or similar tool to drive that stake through his ribs, which should only be possible with a coup-de-grace, not with a standard attack.

A foe with superhuman strength should be able to drive a stake or spike into his heart with their bare hands, as part of a standard attack.

If the “stake” takes the form of an actual weapon, such as a spear, a dagger with a silver blade, an arrow fired from a bow, or a silver bullet fired from a gun, then anyone should be able to use it with a standard attack, whether they have superhuman strength or not.


Speed 3 (50MPH / 500ft per Move Action, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [2PP] (Super-Speed)


Super-Movement 1 (Trackless) [2PP]


Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [1PP]


Super-Senses 7 (Blood Awareness, Descriptor Frequency: Very Common, Sense Type: Olfactory, Default: Radius, Ranged, Extras: Acute, Analytical, Extended, Tracking, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [6PP]


Super-Senses 2 (Darkvision) [2PP]


Super-Strength 1 (Lifting Strength 31, Heavy Load: 1,840 lbs. [0.92 tons], Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [1PP]


Vampiric Power 9 (18PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 6, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Sunlight]) [23PP] (Blood, Darkness/Shadow, Magic, Undead)


Base Power: [18PP]

Drain 8 (All Abilities at once, Extras: Linked [Nauseate], Flaws: Limited [Can only drain 1 rank per round], Limited [Physical Abilities], Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Slow Fade 4 [1 hour], Subtle) [10PP] (Blood Drain)

Nauseate 8 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Linked [Drain], Flaws: Requires Grapple) [8PP] (Euphoria)


Alternate Power: [16PP]


Mind Reading 8 (Extras: Action [Standard], Linked [Nauseate], Flaws: Duration [Instant, Lasting], Range 2 [Touch], Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Subtle) [4PP] (Blood Divination)

Nauseate 8 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Linked [Mind Reading], Flaws: Requires Grapple) [8PP] (Euphoria)


Super-Senses 4 (Postcognition, Extras: Simultaneous, Flaws: Source [Blood]) [4PP] (Blood Divination)


Alternate Power: [17PP]


Autofire Strength 8 [8PP] (Super-Speed)


Damage 2 (Extras: Autofire, Penetrating, Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Mighty, Variable Descriptor [Claws and/or Fangs, Piercing and/or Slashing], Drawbacks: Inaccurate, Lethal) [9PP] (Claws/Fangs)


Alternate Power: [12PP]


Concealment 10 (All Non-Mental and Non-Tactile Senses, Flaws: Phantasm, Drawbacks: Progression 2 [-2 Counter Rank / Save DC = Rank 8 / DC18]) [8PP] (Hypnosis, Mind Control, Psychic Invisibility)


Emotion Control 8 (Extras: Area [Perception, Visual], Flaws: Limited [Fear], Range 2 [Touch]) [4PP] (Glimpse of The Abyss, Nightmare-Face)


Alternate Power: [17PP] (Mist Form)

Flight 3 (50MPH / 500ft per Move Action, Extras: Linked [Insubstantial], Feats: Subtle) [7PP]

Insubstantial 2 (Gas, Extras: Linked [Flight]) [10PP]


Alternate Power: [17PP] (Hypnotic Eyes, Psychic)

Mind Control 8 (Extras: Conscious, Duration [Sustained, Lasting], Mental, Flaws: Distracting, Sense-Dependent [Visual], Feats: Subtle) [17PP]


Alternate Power: [17PP] (Hypnotic Eyes, Mind Control, Psychic)

Transform 8 (Memory Alteration, Extras: Alternate Save [+0, Will], Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Mental, Range [Perception], Flaws: Distracting, Sense-Dependent [Visual], Feats: Subtle) [17PP]




Vulnerability (Blessed/Celestial/Consecrated/Holy, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-1PP]


Vulnerability (Fire, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-2PP]


Vulnerability (Silver, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [+1 DC]) [-1PP]


Weakness (Sunlight, Time: 1/round, Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate [Cumulative -1 Drain on Toughness, Destroyed when Toughness reaches -6]) [-8PP]


Abilities (16) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (6) + Skills (10) + Feats (11) + Powers (126) – Drawbacks (12) = 181/181 Power Points

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