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Lullabies Backstory: Born in England, Zallaro was a beautiful baby with sweet intentions. However, she was born to a Devil family. Her mother was a lap dancer; her father was a drug dealer. She was treated poorly, until finally abandoned on the gutters and streets of London. However, then an Angel found her…

A young maid of the queen found her. She picked her up and took her to the castle. In her down time, she stole food and fed the baby. Soon, she had to abandoned once again, for the maid feared she would be discovered. Zallaro was given over to some Americans; oddly enough one was related to Lady Zanora, the world’s greatest stage performer and magician. She had never had an apprentice, but her friend working for the queen highly recommended her.

Zanora taught Zallaro everything she would need, but it was mostly singing. One night, Zanora called Zallaro into her private chamber and opened a parcel. Their lied a suit she wore. She smiled as she proudly threw away Zallaro old clothes and helped her done her new suit. It made her look pretty, and she is eternally grateful. Zanora then released her with a kiss into Freedom city.

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Lullabies Dress

Nobody, not even Lullaby, knows that her Dress contains a creature that is beyond amazing. This creature is known as a Lofker, the name of the creature is Gabriellor. This creature possess the magical Dress for reasons unknown aside from her.

This will be updated as Gabriellor reveals more about her heritgae. All that is known is that she can take control of Lullabies body, changing her body to suit the need. However, Gabriellors powers are limited at the moment.

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Wednesday 14th January


Why me?

I am....I don't even know what I am. Gabriellor tells me I am part of a fantastic legacy and I...I believe her. Dear gods, I love her. She gave me a life, a chance to set things right, a chance to perfect the imperfected, to free the people suffering from poverty. Such a life I only dreamed off, and such a life others dream off and can never reach. I still have a chance at making things in Freedom city happy for all.

But is it an easy task, no. I did not ever think a simple song could solve the problems of a metropolis such as Freedom, and I know singing along won't heal the city.

As much as I hate the thought. I have no choice. To make this city a happy place, I might have to resort to violence. No! NO! NO! I will never fall that far! Never ever ever! I hate the brutality! I hate the savage, I hate everything about fighting. I hate guns, I hate swords, I hate bows. Used as instruments of peace is, well, painful but fine, but such a force to take another mans life is so unbearably common, it hurts me to think that the place is inhabited still.

All those poor people, at yet Gabriellor is insisting we go to Egypt. The missing archaeologists are important to her, but how, and why?

Time will tell, dearest diary, time will tell.


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