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    Comic Book Day (IC)

    "Why?", ask BlodStryke at the sight of the bystander cheering his rival, "why do they love you while my teammates and I only get scorn and derision? It's unfair!" With a frustrated shout, BlodStryke target his rival chin with a quick jab, hoping to break his jaw. However, distracted by dark thought, he doesn't notice that Scion is leaning back a little, still trying to shake off the blindness, and misfire the punch, missing again. With a quick curse, he switches his stance around a little and shakes his fist in anger. Managing to regain his bearing in time, Scion fires back with a wild and violent uppercut but miscalculates the distance to BlodStryke and merely glance the face-plate with absolutely no effect on his adversary. Unfazed, he still mocks BlodStryke, hoping to force his opponent into making a mistake that would end the duel, "They love me, because I'm charming! They don't like the Wolfpac because they are thuggish, mean and violent! And there is no real Wolfpac, you're just some nuts in a suit!"
  3. Doleth

    Comic Book Day (IC)

    "Is that the best you can do, puny man!?", shout BlodStryke, increasingly mad at Scion's taunting, "I'll wipe that smirk out of your face!!". With that threat, he throws his fist toward the hero's nose, but Scion, experienced in the way of battle, swiftly shift his stance and deflect the punch with his left arm, causing his opponent to miss again. Under them, the people on the street cheer for the hero when it's become clear that he's still uninjured while around them people open their windows and get on their roof to watch the fight more closely, clutching blankets and winter coats. "This is not a easy opponent, where did he get that suit?", thinks Scion while preparing his counterattack. Having witness BlodStryke resilience, Desmond decides to try a different tactic and put his left hand on his right fist before turning to his side. "You're a tough nut to crack!", he mockingly says before sending his right elbow at high speed towards the power-armored fighter, putting all his weight on the attack. However, one of his nearby admirer chose this moment to take a picture, not thinking to deactivate the flash, momentarily blinding the meta-human and causing his attack to fail.
  4. Turn 3 Once again, BlodStryke attack and miss Scion. Scion attack and miss as well....this is getting silly. Turn 4 You know the deal. A miss. Again. Scion misses too. Turn 5 Here we go again. Wow, a hit! Scion try to save¸and fail, resulting in him being bruised, stunned and crashing on the ground. He needs to save again. He succeed this time.
  5. Doleth

    Comic Book Day (IC)

    Shaking with rage, Blodstryke takes to the air too and blast at high speed after the green and gold super-hero while two patrons help Jerry to his feet, another one calls the police and the rest are sending text message about the upcoming battle of metahumans. As the jetpack's roar draws out the attention of a few curious bystanders toward the cold winter's sky, Scion brace himself for the armored fist coming towards his nose at great speed. "That look like it will hurts...", he thinks to himself as his foe launch his punch, but the hits fails to connect with the rapidly moving hero. "Or not." "Is that all you can do, Mr big bad battlesuit?" taunt Scion, still laughing, "Let me show you how it's done!" Calling upon his Ultiman heritage, he calls forth an aura of cosmic energy around himself, making the barrier at the shop disappear as he redistribute his vrill and sends a powerful uppercut to BlodStryke lower jaw. However, Scion miscalculated his swing and the fist harmlessly pass in front of his foe, who gives a little disapproving sigh before Scion suddenly send his fist downward in a wide arc, hitting him straight on the head. While the hit took BlodStryke by surprise, resonating to the human pilot by the force of it's impact, the battlesuit manage to shake it off as if it was nothing more than a mosquito bites. "Why can't I ever wrap these thing up in one punch?", ask the hybrid, dejected at his apparent failure at denting his opponent armor.
  6. BlodStryke attack Scion and miss again. The Dice God does not look favorably on the power armor wearing weirdo. Scion attack BlodStryke with just as little success as his foe, so I'm going to use a hero point to reroll. BlodStryke easily makes the save. Did his luck turned around?
  7. I'm currently working on an evil counterpart for Scion and I'm thinking of giving her a sidekick. Here's the question, should I give her the sidekick feat, create the character as a secondary NPC in the same thread as the main villain, or should I just create both NPC in their own thread and link them in their background?
  8. Surprise Round, Scion use create object to create a barrier around the civilian. Initiative roll BlodStryke initiative is 18 Scion initiative is 5 Turn one BlodStryke attack, critical miss Scion use create object to extend the barrier over the weapon and Webster.
  9. Doleth

    Comic Book Day (IC)

    Quickly, Desmond opened his artist bag to pull out his gloves, belt, boots and goggle hidden under his drawing gears. He then start to fiddle with the control of his Morphic Molecules suit hidden into his left jeans pocket, revealing his green Scion's costume before putting on the rest of the accessory. Once that was done, Scion gently opened the window and double-backed around the building with his high-speed flight as he tried to arrange his hair in the official Scion's hairdo. When he got to the front, he saw that the power-armored stranger was pointing his gun at the crowd in a threatening manner while holding Jerry Webster by the throat. "I don't want to kill anybody if I can help it, but you must bring back the Wulfpac, and you geeks should buy it! Don't you know how hard it is to watch you treat us like dirt?", said BlodStryke in a calmer, yet still aggressive tone. Acting fast before the situation degenerate farther, Scion called upon his cosmic power to form a bulletproof glass between the villain and the civilians. What used to be a draining, long process that took all his concentration was now as natural for him as walking for normal human. "Let the man go, Tin Can, it's not his fault no one buys your lame comic!", said the super-hero while striking a pose for the benefit of his audience. Hearing this taunt, BlodStryke violently turn toward the insulting hero, immediately dropping the civilian and pointing his huge weapon menacingly at Scion. "No one call us lame!", shout the man in armor before trying to shoot, but his gun, appropriately enough, jam, causing him to throw it to the ground in rage, "Useless Weapon! I'll destroy you with these hand!" In retaliation, Scion laugh while expending the bulletproof glass over Webster and the gun then fly back farther from the shop so they could fight without danger to civilians. "Come catch me if you're that mad, Tin Can!"
  10. Not exactly open, since I don't want too much people jumping in and getting me confused, but anyone who want to participate just have to ask here first and I'll probably let them in. So, if you want Push to help Scion fight BlodStryke and his mysterious master, you're welcome to post in the IC thread. I should add that anyone joining in can make a Knowledge (Pop culture) against DC 15 to learn that BlodStryke is a character from a unpopular self-published 90's style team comic book called Wolfpac and is not supposed to be based on any real person. DC 20 reveal that Millennium Comics recently stopped carrying the series because it didn't sold well enough and the owner didn't like it very much. DC 25 lets you know that Wolfpac's author is Bill Rossenfeld, a local man who rarely leaves his house.
  11. OOC thread for here. I intended this as a solo thread, but if you want to jump in, you're welcome to. Blodstryke uses the Battlesuit template from Instant Superheroes without the normal identity drawback and reducing his int from 20 to 16. He pretty much look like the picture with city camouflage paint instead of a brownish color.
  12. February 9 2011, 4:30 pm It was a cold winter day in Freedom City, the kind of day where spandex wearing meta-human would rather stay inside than wander the street looking for crime to fight and/or cause, but for the comic book fans of the city, no amount of freezing weather would stop them on this special day. Not only was it new comic book day, but Millennium Comics's main store in Midtown had also announced that Desmond Faulkner, author of the bestselling Scion's comic was going to spend the afternoon in the shop, signing comic and chatting with fans to celebrate his moving to Freedom City so he would be more familiar with his character new home. The owner, Jerry Webster, had brought in a coffee machine and was offering customers free hot cocoa, creating a welcoming atmosphere for anyone entering the store. Desmond, sitting at a table next to the counter creating a quick sketch at the request of a fan, while discussing about Scion with another. "With the element of surprise, I'd say he would win," he said, "but as everyone knows, The Raven always win if she has the time to prepare for the battle." The fan was about to retort when the building shook as something ripped off the door, letting the cold wind fill the shop as everyone stood up looking toward the hole with incredulity in their eyes. A heavy muscular and oddly-shaped figure in power armor was standing in the entrance, holding the largest, most ridiculous gun most of the customer had ever saw. Taking advantage of the confusion, Desmond jumped into the bathroom with his artist bag, locking the door behind him as the figure spoke, "You should not have shun my master, now BlodStryke will make you pay!"
  13. Doleth

    Returning player

    Hello everyone, you probably don't remember me, but I created a character a while ago and ended never actually playing for various personal reasons, least of which was changing to a night shift at work and being too tired for a while to even log-in and write anything. However, things have settled in for me and I'd like to come back and actually start playing this awesome game in this awesome setting on this awesome forum, if you'll have me. My character is Scion over here, so if possible could someone unretired him, that would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance, hope to see see you guys in freedom soon. By the way, this seemed like the best section to post that message, if it wasn't, I'm really sorry.
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