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A Thread Full of Something?

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So, hi! I guess I'll make this my character planning thread, and I'll be gladly taking suggestions!


Possible Characters:



Demetria Dixon - Born and raised by a single mother in Lincoln, Demetria always had an uncanny knack for  predictions of future events, although they tended to veer to the mundane. Now five years out of college, she's working as a paralegal in a fairly small law firm, but she's also trying to make that superhero thing work, but she isn't quite there yet. She tends to work as a for-hire superhero, because that's always a way to pay the bills, lending her skills of mild clairvoyance, as well as an array of somewhat-effective gadgets, including snares, weaponized glue guns, and cake. Because who doesn't love a good cake in the face?

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