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Panda girl


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Fill this out completely and your character will be accepted.
All characters must have a bio filled out before becoming active.
(The first three lines are optional and everything else is mandatory. All 
mandatory info is about your character)


Yahoo ID: SaiyakaPanda.


Players Name:

Characters Full Name: Jianbua Saiyaka.

Alias: Panda Girl.

Nicknames: None, yet.

Powers: Strength: She can carry up to 500 lbs on her back without too much 
difficulty, and 200 lbs effortlessly. She can lift over 2,000 lbs.
Size: She's 8 feet 6 inches tall and 739 lbs, giving her a height and weight 
advantage in most fights.
Tough hide: Due to her thick skin and denser muscles, she's resistant to 
damage. Unskilled punches she can normally shrug off, as well as most small 
weapons in unskilled hands. Though skilled martial artists and armed 
opponents still do damage, it's greatly reduced. Killing damage is also 
reduced, though toba lesser extent.
Strong will: She's unwaveringly loyal to her friends and as fearless in 
battle as she is gentle out of combat.
Healthy: She has an abnormally high amount of endurance and stamina.
Martial arts: She practices a style emphasizing defense. It consists chiefly 
of blocking, disarming and grappling (block, disarm, throw, grab, crush).

Limitation of Powers: None. Her abilities are all natural.

Weaknesses/Fears/Strengths: Naive: Easily fooled, conned, deceived, cheated. 
Not stupid, just trusting and innocent.
Claustrophobic: Mild claustrophobia. Really hates enclosed spaces or rooms 
she can't stretch out in.
Huge appetite: She requires at least 3 times as much food and drink as an 
average human to survive. She can and often does eat considerably more than 
that, and is almost always hungry.
Appearance: Okay, so she's pretty and bouncy and cuddly. But while some 
would like a big woman with muscles to spare, some would be intimidated by 
her size and brawn. And although some would find her soft, warm fuzzy layer 
of fur pleasing, others would be weirded out by it. Beauty is in the eye of 
the beholder, after all. =p
Loneliness: Saiyaka is prone to sink into depression when she's left by 
Uneducated: Saiyaka is illiterate and not good with math.
Doesn't lie: Deception is a foreign concept to her.

She's also skilled at the art of massage and has some skill in cooking and 
farming, having been taught by her adoptive parents.
In addition to these skills she has a natural, instinctive talent for 

Age: 18.

Enemies/Rivals/Lovers: None currently.

Eye Color: Deep blue.

Hair color: Black.

Height: 8 and a half feet.

Weight: 739 lbs.

Garments: See pic.

Description: APPEARANCE.
Saiyaka appears to be mostly human, but has panda-like features to her face 
and a soft layer of black and white fur covering her entire body. She's 
rather pretty and generously proportoned, but very big, very strong
and muscular with broad shoulders and arms bigger than most peoples legs.
She has big, deep blue eyes and straight black hair
that goes down almost to her knees.

Personality: Well she's basically a big teddy bear with a protective 
instinct. She loves getting and giving hugs and is usually in a cheerful 
mood, but gets lonely and depressed easily when she's by herself. She tends 
to be laid back and seldom in a rush, but is far from lazy. She's a hard 
worker, she just likes to go at her own pace.
She's very helpful by nature and won't hesitate to lend her strength to 
someone in need. She's also very protective of those she cares for, and 
never lies. Deception is simply a foreign concept to her.
Also while she's very brave and determined in battle, she doesn't like 
hurting people and tries to avoid fighting when possible.

History: "Wake up!"
"Hmmm?" A pair of eyes open slightly, then close again as an old mans voice 
mumbles unintelligibly, followed by snoring.
"I said wake UP! Jianbua Chia-Liang you get up right this minute!"
The eyes pop open as a wrinkled hand grips the old mans shoulder and shakes 
it vigorously.
"I heard something!"
"Leave me alone woman!" The old man muttered as he rolled over. "You're 
probably just dreaming again."
"I most certainly am not dreaming! The old woman whispered harshly. "I heard 
someone at the door!"
"It's just the wind." The old man said as he pulled the blanket up over his 
head. "Go back to sleep."
The old woman stared at him for a moment, then at the door. But hearing 
nothing else she gave up, laid back down and closed her eyes.
A moment later she opened them again, as a muffled wailing came from 
outside. "And since when does the wind sound like that?" She said as she 
slapped the back of the old mans head.
"OW! What's the matter with you Qing? It's probably just some animal! Now 
leeave me alone and let me..."
"Chia-Liang...if you don't get up and see what's making that noise, you can 
just fix your own breakfast!"
The old man frowned. He certainly didn't want to choke down his own cooking! 
"Fine, fine." he mumbled as he got out of bed, wincing as his feet touched 
the cold wood floor.
The old man muttered and mumbled unintelligibly the whole time as he put his 
robe on, lit a candle from the fireplace and went over to stick his ear to 
the door. Sure enough, a whining noise could be heard from the other side. 
One unlike any animal he remembered hearing.
"Hmph!" He grumped as he slowly opened the door and peeked through the 
"Well i'll be...now who would leave something like that here?"
"What is it? Move aside you old goat!" The woman said as she grabbed the 
door from behind him and started pulling it open.
"Consarn it woman, if you were going to look whydidya get me out of..."
"Oooohhh..."The old woman exclaimed, cutting him off as the door swung open 
and she looked down at the source of the wailing. There in front of the 
weather beaten old door, wrapped up from head to toe in a thin, threadbare 
blanket lay a baby. A rather large baby, weighing at least 10 pounds. What 
could be seen of it's face was covered in soft downy white fur with black 
rings around its large blue eyes.
"A baby." The old woman said. Oh Chia-Liang, our prayers have finally been 
answered! We've been given a child!"
"What? Now you just wait a minute Qing. We don't know where that thing came 
from but it aint from around here and it aint our baby! I'll take it into 
town in the morning if it's still here." The old man started closing the 
door, only to have his wife grab it and wrench it out of his hands.
"How can you be so heartless? She sobbed. "It's just a baby! It'll freeze to 
death by morning, if some beast doesn't come by and drag it off! Couldn't we 
at least bring it in out of the cold?"
"Nothing doing!" The old man snapped. "It's not our baby and it's not our 
problem! Just look at the thing." He said as he pointed at the babys face. 
"It's not even human!"
As he pointed at the infant, a little hand covered with soft white fur poked 
up out of the blanket and grabbed the old mans finger. He looked down at the 
child, surprised by the strength in the toddlers grip and saw it smiling up 
at him. And as he looked into the childs big blue eyes the gentleness and 
innocence he saw in their depths made him smile back, in spite of himself.
Jianbua Chia-Liang shivered as the cold wind blew through the door. How 
could he be so heartless as to leave a child out in the cold like this, he 
asked himself.
He picked the child up, grunting at the weight and turned to take it inside. 
"Well we can't just let it freeze, can we" he snapped at his wife as he took 
the baby in.
Qing just smiled wistfully as she closed the door. Finally there would be a 
child under this old roof...

"One at a time, dammit! One at a time!"
The old man turned away from his plow to glare at the young panda-like girl 
who had been following him, dropping seeds in his wake. "How many times do I 
have to tell you?"
"Yes Papa. I'm sorry." The young girl said as she bent down to fish out the 
extra seed.
"Sorry? You're SORRY? Sorry doesn't put food on the table young lady! If you 
can't do a job right..."
But the old mans words caught in his throat, suddenly ashamed as he saw the 
tears well up in his adopted daughters throat. This was her first day 
helping him plant the crops, and in spite of how big she'd grown over the 
past 6 years she was still only a child. "Well just be more careful." He 
said as he turned back towards the plow, whistling for the mule on the other 
end to start pulling again.
"Yes Papa. I'll try." The young girl said as she followed him, carefully 
picking another seed out of the bag hanging from her shoulder. They 
continued working in silence for several minutes, the old man staring at his 
plow as the fur-coated girl followed mutely behind, carefully dropping her 
"It's going to be a hard winter Saiyaka." The old man said quietly, finally 
breaking the silence. "We just can't afford to waste any seeds. I'm sorry I 
yelled, but we're going to have to work very hard and be very careful if 
we're going to make it through the winter."
"I understand Papa." The girl said mutely. "I will work very hard."
"I don't think you do." The old man whispered, almost to himself.
"The weather hasn't been kind this year Saiyaka. The crops are going to be 
poor. And the mule...well let's just say she's not as strong as she used to 
be. And we don't have the means to get a new one."
"She is tired Papa." Saiyaka said, looking at the worn out old nag sadly. 
"She works very hard pulling your plow. Maybe all she needs is a rest?"
"A rest indeed." He muttered in response, shaking his head sadly. "She'll 
have a very long rest soon. I just hope she stays with us until the 
plantings finished."
"Papa?" Saiyaka stopped, staring at the mule in confusion. "Is the mule 
going away? Why can't she just rest in the barn?"
Chia-Liang stopped the plow again, and turned to kneel in front of his 
adopted daughter, looking into her eyes sadly as he spoke. "Saiyaka, listen 
to me. Do you remember last year when you caught that squirrel?"
The girl stared at the ground, her eyes starting to water up again. "I 
didn't mean to Papa. I just wanted to hug it, and I...and-and it..."
"I know child. It was an accident. But what happened to the squirrel after 
that, well something like that's going to happen to the mule very soon."
Her eyes widened and she stared at the mule, horrified. "But...I didn't hug 
her very hard Papa! I didn't even..."
"No, no Saiyaka. It's nothing you did. Now quit interrupting and listen!"
Sorry Papa." She said meekly, lowering her gaze again only to have him grab 
her chin and gently but firmly lift her head up again to meet his gaze.
"Now listen to me Saiyaka. That mule's very old. We've had her for 2 years 
longer than most mules live. But her times almost up. She's dying. It's not 
anything you did. It's just her time."
"But I don't want her to die!" The girl wailed, sobbing. "I like her Papa. 
Can't you make her stay?"
"No child. No one can. That's just the way it works." He said, his tone 
unusually gentle. "Everything that lives, must die eventually. We only get 
so many years in this world, and then we must make room for someone else. 
And all we can hope to do about it is to die with dignity, and no regrets."
"Saiyaka stared at her father, her eyes wide with horror as tears started to 
fall. You're..you're going to die too Papa?"
"Yes. I am going to die eventually Saiyaka. He said, smiling as he brushed 
her tears away. But not for a few years yet, i'm sure. Now let's get back to 
work. We've wasted enough time."
"Yes P-papa." Saiyaka said, trying to fight the tears as she started 
following the plow again.
But as she watched the mule she got more and more worried about what her 
adopted father had said. Their mule was going to be gone. Soon. And there 
wasn't anything she could do to stop it, and she looked so tired and worn 
out as she strained against the harness...
Saiyaka suddenly stopped dropping seeds and slipped the bags strap off her 
shoulder, then walked past her father, leaving the bag on the handle of his 
"Have you taken leave of your senses girl?" He asked as she walked up to the 
mule and grabbed the harness in both hands. "What are you doing? We don't 
have time for this!"
"She's tired, Papa." Saiyaka said as she started to pull. "If I can't keep 
her from dying I can at least make the work easier for her."
Chia-Liang opened his mouth to protest, but the plow actually started going 
a little faster, even with him having to use a hand for the seed bag every 
few steps. .oO(Maybe, just maybe she can help me get the crops planted 
faster.) He thought. .oO(Maybe we'll have enough after all...)

Chia-Liang looked out the door for the 3rd time in as many minutes, then 
went back to pacing around the room and grumbling. "How long does it take to 
gather wood! That stews not going to cook itself!"
"Calm yourself dear." Qing said as she continued sowing yet another patch on 
their old blanket. "She's a big girl now. I'm sure she's fine."
"That's not the point!" He snapped, slamming his fist down on the table and 
immediately regretting it, shaking his hand and wincing from the pain.
"I told her hundreds of times!" He yelled angrily. "Time and again i've told 
her! Don't be out after dark! How long does it take to gather wood? She's 
never been gone this long before!"
"You shouldn't worry so dear. Saiyaka's a big girl." Quin said, not looking 
up from her work. "I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason she's late."
"Worry? ME? BAH! You should worry about her backside by the time i'm through 
with her! When she gets back i'll give her such a lashing...."
The old mans words trailed off, silenced by a gentle touch on his shoulder. 
"Perhaps you should go look for her my husband." Qing said softly. "She 
might have trouble finding the trail this late."
The old farmer stood there quietly for a moment, then went grab his cloak as 
he muttered about the chores she'd be too tired to do properly come morning. 
Quin just sat back down with a slight smile and went back to her sowing. She 
knew he was crankiest when he was worried.
But just after he put his cloak on they heard heavy footsteps approaching 
the door. The old man rushed over and threw the door open, yelling "IT'S 
But the old mans words trailed off again as he saw his adopted daughter 
standing in front of the doorway, carrying not sticks and twigs in her arms 
but the limp and seemingly lifeless forms of 2 young girls.
"They're hurt Papa." Saiyaka said wearily. "They need help".

The fire crackled and hissed noisily as steam rose from the damp wood, 
surrounding the stew pot with vapors that played eerily with the shadows on 
the old cabin walls.
"I found them by the river." Saiyaka explained as her mother tended to the 
girls wounds. "They were lying there on the rocks. I thought they were dead 
but they still breathed. I couldn't leave them."
"Of course you couldn't dear."Quin said as she pulled the blanket over the 2 
girls. They looked to be no more than 15, 16 at the oldest. They would have 
froze to death if the wolves hadn't gotten to them first. You were right to 
bring them here."
"Bah! It aint none of our business!" The old man grumbled. "And what did you 
have to go and get the wood wet for? What little you did manage to get! How 
is that supposed to last the week? You know you'll just have to get more and 
you have chores to do!"
"Jianbua Chia-Liang...." Qing started sternly, a hard edge in her voice.
"Well she does." he muttered.
"They will be all right won't they Mama? You can help them can't you?"
"I don't know child. I've done all I can for them." Qing said as she went 
back to tending her stew.
"All we can do now is keep them warm and wait for them to wake up."

It had been 3 weeks since then now, and the girls were finally regaining 
their strength. After 2 days of unconsciousness they had finally been able 
to explain what had happened to them. They were travelling with their uncle 
to visit his family whn they were attacked by bandits. An arrow appearing in 
the back of their uncles skull was the only warning they got, and after he 
died they rushed out of the woods to attack the girls, thinking to take them 
alive for sport or slavery. But the girls fought back, using the skills 
ttheir uncle had tought them.
After 3 of the bandits were crippled their leader changed his mind and drew 
his sword, ordering the others to follow suit.
After a brief fight the girls were overwhelmed and fell. Their bodies were 
thrown into the river along with their uncles, stripped of all but their 
dirty and bloodied garments.
Now 3 weeks later they were finally getting their strength back. And 
although they were surprised to see someone like Saiyaka at first, once 
they'd gotten used to her they insisted on helping her with her chores. They 
stayed for the rest of the season, doing what work they could and teaching 
Saiyaka some of their fighting skills in gratitude for saving them.

It hadn't taken her long to pack. There wasn't much for her to pack, really. 
A clean change of clothes, a few dozen pounds of vegetables, and what little 
dried meat there was is all that went in the big burlap bag. But she wasn't 
in a rush anyway. She didn't even know where she was going, she just knew 
she couldn't stay here any longer.
There was nothing left for her here.
As she packed her mind wandered back over the past few years, wondering for 
the thousandth time if there's something, anything she could have done to 
help them. But she knew in her heart there wasn't. Everything dies, her Papa 
had told her once, so many years ago. Everything that lives, dies 
eventually. It was just his time.
The mule died when it was her time, before the winter had even come. When 
the last of the plowing had been done and the plow was unhitched for the 
eason, she simply laid down, closed her eyes with a sigh and quietly passed 
away. It was as if she knew her job had finally been done and she knew she 
could rest, her Papa said.
Saiyaka had grown stronger helping pull the plow, and had grown another foot 
by Winters end, so she had started pulling the plow herself the next spring. 
She was sad that the mule had died, but was happy to be able to help Papa 
when he needed it. But as she grew ever stronger, so too did her Papa grow 
weaker. Mama gave him massages for his aches and pains more and more 
frequently, but her health was in decline as well, and her joints were 
growing stiff with age. Saiyaka had to learn the art of massage from her 
mother, so she could make both of them more comfortable.
That is all she could do for them during the past year. Papa was the first 
to go. The night before he died he had called Saiyaka to his bed.
"My time has come." He said. "I've had a long and happy life. Do not grieve. 
I may die with dignity, and that is all I can ask."
He died that night, in his sleep. The next morning Saiyaka found her Mother 
holding him in her arms and crying. She placed a hand on her shoulder and 
they hugged, and held each other until no more tears could fall.
Two weeks later her Mother had passed away as she was putting flowers on her 
Fathers grave.
Saiyaka buried her Mother next to her Father, and spent the rest of the 
night kneeling at their graves, crying as she hugged herself.
That was 2 days ago. She hasn't slept since.
The house was small. It had always been small. But it seemed so big and 
empty now, and so very lonely. She couldn't sleep here again. She couldn't 
stay here by herself.
As she ducked under the door to leave the tears started welling up again in 
her big blue bloodshot eyes. She had to find a place she wouldn't be alone. 
It hurt not having anyone to hug...

Reason for joining Phoenix Force: She had nowhere else to go.

Sample of Writing (Leading up to joining Phoenix Force):
Completely, totally lost.
And it smelled. And it was noisy.
Saiyaka had been wandering around for hours now and was still completely 
confused by this chaotic maelstrom of noise and smell and color. She thought 
her poppa mentioned places like this before. Was this a city she was lost 
The enormous black and white fur-covered girl with knee length black hair 
and big, blue, bloodshot eyes stood on the street corner (she thought they 
were called streets) somewhere in this big, crowded place, wondering for 
what seemed like the hundredth time if she should have just ignored the 
lights she saw on the horison last night and just kept following the sun, 
but with no food and hardly any water or sleep for days she had to take a 
chance there might be something there for her. But all she saw when she 
followed the lights was a cave, and the moment she saw it the lights 
disappeared without a hint as to their source.
No matter. She was too weary and too hungry to care anymore. The tree bark 
she tried to eat yesterday was still making her sick, and she was so very 
lonely. She crawled into the cave and closed her eyes, praying she would 
finally be able to sleep.
The next thing she knew she was being surrounded by strange lights. Then it 
was daytime, and she was on a darker colored rock between 2 large stone 
structures and a foul smelling man yelling gibberish at her. She'd been 
wandering around ever since, hopelessly lost and confused, parched of 
thirst, and so very hungry and tired.
At least there were people here. People who ran from her, people who ignored 
her or avoided her when she tried to ask for help, but anything was better 
than being alone for another day.


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