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Blue Diamond [Archived]


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Excerpts of research notes from Doctor Slyvia Rockfell:

4.18.08 Today begins my new job here in freedom city. I moved here with hopes of starting a new life. My employer W.I.T. enterprises has set me up with quite a cutting edge lab. I sometimes wonder what a computer based company would want with a cold fusion generator. I know my research would greatly benefit mankind, but still feel trepidation. This will be the first time I've done a full scale experiment since the accident.

The lab and my apartment are on the ground level, I can only imagine the expense that has gone to building the specialized structures. Being nearly 700 lbs. in my current diamond state, reinforcement is necessary. Even the pickup I drive now has had to be refitted. I'm trying to fit in best I can. I did stop by the Freedom League's training center. That had a open day. The place filled up quickly though. I really do need to get some help adjusting to my new powers. That maybe the place to go, but I'm afraid my long hours in the lab prevented me from getting there early enough. Sunday I think I'll walk around and try to get aquatinted with the city.

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