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Codex Alera (Home Brew)


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Alright, just some throwing around stuff. I'm thinking a skill based system with additional modifiers for certain skills based on how strong you are with the element you furycraft. Natural caps in the skills apply in situations except ones that involve Furycraft which can push it much further as well as has other combat based effects


First Off, Races!


Advantages: Access to all Furycraft

Disadvantages: Otherwise squishy Humans.


Ice Men

Advantages: Large in Size, Resistant to Cold, Bonus and Access to Water Furycraft, Intimidating

Disadvantages: Additional Weakness to Fire, Scary as Hell



Advantages: Takes on traits of whatever bonded too, Bonus to Strengh, Agility and Constitution, Can See in the Dark

Disadvantages: No Access to Furycraft



Advantages: Large, long life span, fuzzy, claws and teeth, Bonus to Strength, Agility, and Constitution, Advantages to Smell, Advantages to Hearing, Access to Blood Magic

Disadvantages: No Access to Furycraft, Sensitive to Hearing and Smell based Attacks













Okay, I'm not sure what the scale for these will be, but basically your stat in each of these skills will determine your stat for any furycraft you have (And you have to roll the ability stat for Furycraft) Any stat you have to roll for certain furycraft will apply for the skills the furycraft is able to influence.





Fire Skills (Presence)





Water Skills (Wis)






Earth Skills (Str)






Air Skills (Spd)





Metal (Con)





Wood (Agl)

Handle Animal




Other (Int)





Sleight of Hand






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Scale of Attributes

1: Weak

2: Average

3: Above Average

4: Naturally Skilled

5: Unusually Skilled

6: Academy Trained

7: Military Trained

8: Professionally Trained

9: Best of Your Generation

10: Best in Alera


Base Attributes Start At 2

Each Rank In Attribute Costs the Number of the Rank (Rank 3 costs 3, rank 4 costs 4)

Starting Points 25

Able to Get Additional Points If you Lower an Attribute to 1

Attributes cannot go Below 1

Starting cap is 5.


Points Given To Skills Is Attribute for that Skill x 3

Rank In Skill Increase Same Cost as Increase in Attributes.

Cap Is Same as Attributes

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Furies are elemental creatures that bond and obey Alerans. There are six elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal. Furies are gained in two way, inheriting through family lines, or taming wild furies.


Cap for Furycraft is 5, creation cap is 4.


1 Minimum Craft, Able to Do 1 Subtle Crafting (Gain One Bonus to Skills)

2 Decent Crafting, Able to Do 3 Subtle Crafting

3 Manifest Fury (Able to Call Upon Fury as Seperate Entity), Access to Standard Abilities

4 Access to one elements special ability

5 Access to All the elements special abilities


Base Stats for Furycraft is 0 per element.

Starting Level Furycraft Points is 15

Each Increasing Rank costs an extra point (1=1, 2=2, 3=3)

Any unused Furycraft points can be put into Attribute Points instead.


Manifesting A Fury

A fury that can manifest can act independantly from it's Aleran, in practice, you use your turn to rely a command the fury acts the command in your stead, and can do so from a reasonable distance if you are otherwise occupied. This cannot work if you are restrained by the furies direct opposite. In this case, Air is Earth, Earth is not being in direct contact with the ground, wood is steal, steal is wood, water is fire, fire is water.


Fury Abilities

Subtle Crafting: Enhanced Speed, Improved Iniative, Ability to Listen to Conversations From Afar, Seeing Things From Afar

Standard/Manifest Abilities: Creating Windstreams, Veils

Special Abilities: Flying, Weathercrafting



Subtle Crafting: Enhanced Intimidation, Enhanced Deceit, Enhanced Diplomacy, Ability to make Fire Stones

Standard/Manifest Abilities: Firecrafting, Increased Area for Subtle Crafting

Special Abilities: Fire Sword, Large Fires



Subtle Crafting: Enhanced Might, Enhanced Seduction, Enhanced Survival, Use of Causeways, Calm Animals

Standard/Manifest Abilities: Earthcrafting, Earth Rafting (Riding a Fury on an Earthraft)

Special Abilities: Large Earthcrafting



Subtle: Enhanced Empathy, Enhanced Disguise, Enhanced Notice

Standard: Enhanced Medicine (Healing), Watercraft, More Youthful Appearance

Special Abilities: Mass Empathy, Contact Ethropy (really Mess peoples up on the inside)

Note: Enhanced Empathy CANNOT be turned off, as such, it's usually paired with Metalcraft which allows for the numbing of the impact of others emotions.


Subtle: Enhanced Concentration, Enhanced Toughness, Embuing Metal Furies(Smithing)

Standard: Enhanced Weapons, Enhanced Strengh and Sharpness (when Weilding Metal Objects)

Special Abilities: Metal Skin, Can Cut Throw Stone

(Special Note, Metal doesn't Manifest Furies most of the time, the furies are imbued into the weapon being weilded by the user)


Wood: Enhanced Stealth, Enhanced Bows, Enhanced Survival

Standard: Manipulation of Trees, Wood and Plantlife, Instant Tools

Special Abilities: Deadly Accuracy (Can Shoot Through Stone)



Notes: All Alerans have some furycraft and usually gain it early teens, late childhood. More powerful crafters can gain it earlier.

Also, all subtle craft becomes more effective with each level past their base requirement.

It is unusual for most common people to use more then three furies. The furycraft used generally says a lot about the person that uses them because of how the power effects their approach to problems. Earthcrafters and Woodcrafters are usually very closely associated with woodsmen and nature, Aircraftings are generally nonlinear thinkers, Firecrafters are usually very charismatic or have very pushing personalities, Watercrafters are naturally better at reading people in general and manipulating their feelings, for better or worse, Metalcrafters are almost always associated with weaponsmasters and swordsmiths.

Using certain items in Alera require a minimum amount of Furycraft, usually one, but depending on the item it can be more.

It is not uncommon for someone to focus on one particular craft to a degree, and have lesser abilities in other crafts, or none at all.

Naming a fury and giving it a distinct personality from the owner generally makes manifestation easier.

You can combine several abilities to create different effects (At the GMs Discression).

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