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Who are you? Sum yourself up in one sentence.

“Shouldn't you know? I'm Darren Stelzer, millionaire, and also the exceedingly handsome junior superhero Adamas. Google me.â€

Do you have any nicknames, street names, titles, or nom de plume?

“Well, there's Adamas, which means unbreakable, by the way, but that's pretty obvious. J-and-A used to call me Dare, but not in a long time. A few other nicknames from them, too, but I'd rather not have those ones getting all over the net.â€

What is your full birth name?

“Darren Laurent Stelzer.â€

Where do you live?

“I'm actually living at a hotel my father owns, got the presidential suite rented out for the next, like, five years or something like that. I considered the Claremont dormitories, but they lack certain amenities.â€

How old are you? What year were you born (if applicable)?

“Sixteen, born June 14th, 1996.â€

Physical Traits

What is your gender? If not applicable, please explain.

“I'm a boy.â€

How would you describe your heritage?

“Well, my father's family came over from Germany in, like, 1808, I guess it would have been Prussia back then or something, right? And my mother's side is all these old French blue bloods with charts and trees linking them to the House of Bourbon and other royals. But me, personally, I'm just a city-born American.â€

How tall are you?

“Five feet, nine and a half inches tall. About 176 centimeters.â€

What is your body type?

“Even when it's not organic diamonds, I'd say it's pretty okay. I've got some shoulders and good arms and these killer hips, finding good pants can be a chore. I could stand to do some filling out still, but I've got a nice frame as is.â€

Do you have any particular weaknesses, such as allergies or physical disabilities?

“The one time I had sea cucumber, my face swelled up like crazy, ended up going to the hospital.â€

How do you carry yourself? Are you graceful, or heavy on your feet? Can you be stealthy, do you walk with confidence?

“I always walk with confidence, it's, like, the key to success. You've got to move with purpose and presence, like a runway model. Naomi Campbell it up. Use a little swagger, too.â€

Describe your skin, eye, and hair color.

“Is 'flawless' enough of a description? Silky, smooth, and soft would work, too. I try to exfo- oh, you said color. My skin is sort of a light peach, my eyes are turquoise, even have the little flecks of yellow like the stones do, and my hair is black. Technically, it's a very dark brown, but that's hard to see without full sun.â€

How do you wear your hair, if applicable? Do you have facial hair?

“Up, kind of faux-messy, it's in right now. I can only grow a little facial hair and it looks really weird when it goes all diamondized, so I'm stuck shaving, like, everyday.â€

Do you consider yourself attractive? Do others?

“I think everyone should consider themselves attractive, it's part of healthy self-esteem. And I'm pretty sure I have a fanclub, so someone must think so.â€

Do you have any scars, tattoos, piercings, or birthmarks?

“I have a scar here on my finger where I slipped with a knife once, and another here from the stove or whatever, but nothing big. I had some piercings, but they don't handle the diamond skin too well. No ink, no birthmarks.â€

Do you resemble anyone famous?

“Myself mostly. If you squint, I could pass for my brother, but smaller.â€

Do you have a dominant hand?

“Lefties unite! We shall rise again!â€

What kind of clothing do you wear?

“To, like, go outside? Jeans, shirt, jacket. I try to keep it to a more subdued palette, I like a lot of green, blue, and purple. I've got some Stunnas for when it's bright out and a couple of those, like, silly scarf things. When I'm just staying in, I get comfy.â€

Do you wear makeup?

“Not more than some cover-up on bad days.â€

What is your vocal range? Is your voice distinctive in some way?

“Baritone. I've been told I'm pretty easy on the ears, but I don't have much of a singing voice.â€

Do you have any distinctive habits, nervous tics, or mannerisms? Where did they come from, and what causes them? Do other people notice and remark on these habits? Do they annoy you or other people?

“I tap my foot, like, a lot. Restless leg syndrome or whatever. I wouldn't say it's a nervous thing per se, it just happens on its own.â€


Where do you come from?

“New York, New York. Manhattan, specifically.â€

Have you made any major moves, or do you live in your hometown?

“My parents travel a lot, so I've been all over, but I did most of my growing up in New York or LA. Now I'm living Freedom.â€

Do you feel loyal to your country of citizenship? Do you consider yourself patriotic? How do you feel about the government of your country?

“Of course! I mean, I'm as patriotic as most people are. I'm not too big on flag worship, but it's a pretty great country.â€

How do you feel about the place you come from?

“Bright lights. Crowded streets. Stars and slums. New York is the quintessential modern city for a reason. Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I'm glad to be out. Miss the food, though.â€

Where is your home town? What was/is it like?

“Where? Didn't I say Manhattan? It's pretty incredible, but in a different way from Freedom.â€

Growing up, were most of the people you knew similar to you, or were you somehow a minority? How did that affect you?

“Yeah, most of my friends in school were like me. I mean, like, they were children from good families. If you mean were any of them were also mutants, I have no idea, but I'm sure one or two must have been.â€

Is there something you've always been really good at or really bad at? How has that affected your life?

“I'm good with words, you know, with languages and things like that. I've picked up a few without a lot of trouble. For things I'm bad at, I'm not much of an athlete. We went rock climbing once when I was maybe eleven and I think I cried the whole time.â€

Were there any traumatic experiences in your early years (death of a family member, abandonment, orphaned at an early age)?

“There were a couple abduction scares before the one that got me into the whole metahuman lifestyle. Other than that, just dumb sibling prank stuff, like when James used to talk through the vent under my bed and pretend to be a monster. Well, he is a monster, but I mean like a kid-eating troll.â€

Briefly describe a defining moment in your childhood and how it influenced your life.

“When I was in elementary school, I had a friend. Let's call him Sam. We shared everything and were always together, the way little kids do. I told him I liked this girl, let's call her Chloe. One day, Chloe comes into the classroom crying about how someone had stolen something hers, a bracelet I think. And here comes Sam saying he'd seen me take it and then they go and find it in my backpack. Chloe was so happy she gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek. I got detention.â€

“So, yeah, it was very educational.â€

What stupid things did you do when you were younger?

“A lot of things. There was the time I broke my leg skiing and then tried to lie to my parents and say that I hadn't gone down the run they told me not to. Or catching frogs and trying to keep them in the bathroom no one used, which totally would have worked if the maids hadn't gone in to clean. I had like ten frogs in this old clawfoot and then I had to toss them all back outside.â€

Where did you go to school? How much school did you have, and did you enjoy it?

“Little private schools with uniforms. And I'm still going to Claremont, which is definitely the most fun of the lot.â€

Do you have any mementos of your childhood? What are they, and why did you keep them? If you have none, why not?

“Nothing here. I've got a, like, chest with some photos and this watch my grandpa gave me, somethings that would be hard to replace.â€

When did you decide to become a hero? Why? Did anyone influence you one way or another in the decision?

“I like attention. Maybe it's a little egotistic, but having people know what I can do and thanking me for helping, it feels good.â€

Is the reason you give people for becoming a hero different than your real reason? If so, why?

“Most people are much happier hearing something like...'I just want to do the right thing with the gift I've been given' than thinking I'm just in it for the glory. Which isn't my sole reason, anyway, just the primary one.â€

Do you have any deep, dark secrets in the past that may come back to haunt you?

“There used to be a lot more emphasis on the devil part of being a handsome devil. I went through a phase of being definitely not a nice guy and I'm sure stories about that could explode the tweetosphere.â€

Do you represent yourself as being different from who you really are? Why?

“Not more than most people. I lie, but usually just to be polite, I've pretty much gotten over doing it to be mean. And sometimes you just gotta fake it 'til you make it.â€

If you do have these secrets, what do you fear would happen if the truth became known? How far would you go to protect those secrets?

“Notoriety is like fame, right? As long as people know who I am and strangers on the street aren't, like, throwing things at me, I think it's fine. Nothing worth burying too deep.â€

Do you have any sort of criminal record? If so, is it public knowledge?

“I stole a street sign on a dare once, but I think that's sealed.â€


What are your biological parents' names?

“Harold Arthur Stelzer and Marguerite Emilie Stelzer.â€

Were you raised by them? If not, please explain and describe who raised you.

“Yes and no. They were there, but not all the time, so I was raised a lot by nannies.â€

What was their standing in the community? What did/do they do for a living?

“My father owns most of this big conglomerate that's mostly focused in travel and hotels and stuff. My mother has a fair bit of money of her own, but it's tied up in investments. Both upstanding members of the community.â€

Where are your parents now?

“Right now? Let's see, I think he's in Hong Kong for some meeting and I'm pretty sure she's at the house in the Hills, probably hosting some charity function.â€

Did your family stay in one area or move around a lot?

“They move a lot, usually for business. With James out of the house and Anna and me here, they've basically been jet-setting nonstop. It's getting a little confusing keeping up with them.â€

How did you get along with their parents? How do you get along with them now (if applicable).

“We get along okay. I never really talked to them that much, I think by the time I was born they were pretty done with the having kids thing. I don't hate them or anything, we just have kind of a non-relationship.â€

How do your parents view you now, or how would they?

“About the same as ever, except now when they call they ask 'how your diamond thing is going' in addition to the usual obligatories.â€

Do you have any siblings? If so how many and what are their names? Describe your relationship with them.

“James and Anna. I'm pretty close to them, but they're both difficult. I love them, definitely, but sometimes I don't particularly like them all that much. We do better in short bursts. Oh, and they're also mutants, I should probably mention that.â€

What was your birth order in the family?

“James is...twenty, Anna is seventeen, and I'm sixteen, so like that.â€

Where are your siblings now (if applicable)? Do they have families of their own? What do they do?

“After the whole kidnapping fiasco, James went back to school like nothing had happened. Last I heard, he was studying music or something, but a couple months before that it was chemistry. He's a flake.

“Anna goes to Claremont, too, a junior. She's, like, hardcore into the superhero training thing, so I'm sure once she graduates she'll start showing up on the news ripping burning buses in half to save children or something.â€

Do you stay in touch with them or have you become estranged?

“I talk to James a few times a month. I usually see Anna at least every other day, but we don't hang out often. Maybe once a week we get sibling bonding time.â€

Do you love or hate one member of the family in particular?

“I was really close to my grandpa when he was alive. Otherwise, it's more on a day to day basis.â€

Is any member of the family special to you in any way (perhaps, as a confidant, mentor, or arch-rival)?

“Since transferring to Claremont, Anna and I have gotten really competitive. We've always been like that, compared grades, clothes, life choices, things like that, but now it's got this whole super-powered mutant edge. If I had to pick a confidant, she'd probably be that, too.â€

Are there any black (or white) sheep in the family (including you)? If so, please explain.

“Not really. In any other family, maybe being a mutant would do that, but J-and-A stole my thunder there.â€

Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor? If so, please explain, including how it has affected your life.

“Not that I know of, no.â€

Do you have a partner and children currently? If so, please describe them.


If you do not have a partner or children, do you want them someday? How firm are you in your opinion on this, and what might change your mind?

“I'm not big on kids, but a partner, sure. Dating is fun.â€

What type of person would be your ideal mate?

“Someone able to enjoy the finer things in life, and preferably not too serious or sensitive.â€


Do you have any close friends? If so, please describe them, and how you came to be close to them.

“I had some at my old school, but that's kind of fallen apart. Since I came to Claremont, I haven't gotten too close to anyone. I know a lot of the other students, but that's, like, acquaintances.â€

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did they become your best friend? How close are you to your best friend?

“I don't really do the best friend thing. That's a lot to invest in one person.â€

If you were to go missing, who would worry about you?

“My family. I'm sure some people at Claremont would notice. If I don't tweet at least once a day, my followers start going crazy.â€

Have you lost any loves? If so, how did it happen, and what did you do?

“Lost, no. A few exes, but you get a new phone and there goes that problem.â€

Do you have any bitter enemies? If so, please describe them and their history with you.

“The thugs I dealt with when I first got my powers are locked up nice and tight. I'm not sure if they're bitter or not considering we didn't, like, beat them up too bad.â€

If you have enemies, how do you think they might attempt to work against you in the future?

“This is where most superkids might worry about their families, but my siblings have powers and my parents could buy Freedom Hall a hundred times over. I wouldn't be surprised if they invested in some metas for security. Anyone's real best bet would to come after me directly.â€

What is the worst thing someone has done to you?

“Actually done? Kidnapping. Threatened? A lot worse than that.â€

Where do your loyalties lie? In what order?

“I have loyalties to my family, to Freedom, to Claremont, to abstracts, but mostly I have loyalty to myself first and foremost. If I'm not loyal to myself, I can't be true to myself either.â€

Who or what do you trust the most? Why?

“I don't really...James and Anna, I guess. They've always tried to look out for me.â€

Who or what do you despise? Why?

“Tyrants. Wanting respect is fine, but using fear is different.â€

What qualities do you admire most in other people? Are these qualities you possess?

“I admire hard work, you know, people with grit and tenacity. I'm strong-willed, but I'm not always so sure I have determination.â€

What qualities do you hate most in other people? Do you have any of those qualities?

“I hate foolishness. And fanaticism. If you can't see past what's in front of you, you might as well be blind. I'm beyond that.â€

Do you have a secret identity? If so, who knows it? Do you hide it from people who are close to you? Why?

“No, I'm 'out', as it were. Not that I ever a chance of keeping it secret.â€

Do you work well on teams and in groups? Are you a leader or a follower?

“Everyone can benefit from a little more me in their lives. I like to lead, but I don't mind following now and then.â€

Are you on a super team? If so, how do you get along with your comrades? Do you trust them, or do you have secrets from them?

“Not yet. I'd like to graduate first, I think.â€

Are you a member of any church, fraternal organization, club, committee, political party, or other group? How much time do you spend on that?

“I've done some work for charities, but I wouldn't consider myself a member of any of them.â€

Personality & Beliefs

Who are your heroes?

“He's not my hero, but I admire Bowman. He went through all this teen super stuff and now his on, like, a real team! I want to do that.â€

Did you ever become disillusioned with former heroes or idols? If so, why and what were the circumstances?

“I just grew out of them. Kids look up to rock stars or athletes and then they get older and stop being cool.â€

Do you like being a hero? If so, what is the most rewarding part? If not, what makes you keep doing it?

“I like parts of it. I'm not a big fan on the risking life and limb part, but it keeps me relevant. Nothing worse than being some unknown.â€

Is there anything that would make you give up hero work, or even switch sides?

“Maybe a movie deal, that would probably deserve at least a break. Not switching sides, though. There's always going to be tabloids, but villains basically live off negative attention and that's kind of pathetic.â€

What are your short term goals (what would you like to be doing within a year)?

“Keeping up my grades. Everything else has really eaten up my time and just about the worst thing I could do is be a mutant and flunk out of super school.â€

What are your long term goals (what would you like to be doing twenty years from now)?

“Twenty years, that's, what, thirty-six? I don't know, retire maybe? I could fly around the world on permanent vacation.â€

What is your greatest fear? Why? What do you do when something triggers this fear?

“Usual stuff. Death. Obscurity. Getting stuck in diamond mode. I'm claustrophobic, that's probably the worst. I get really nervous in small spaces, used to get panic attacks about it.â€

Is there anything you would give you life for?

“No. Maybe J-and-A.â€

How do you feel about money and material wealth? Do you desire it or disdain it? Are you miserly with what you have, or do you like to share? Is it a mark of success, or a means to an end?

“Money makes the world go round. I don't desire it, but I already have more than I could ever possibly need, and that's just my allowance. I don't mind sharing, but you have to watch out for leeches. Money is the mark of someone's success, but not always of who has it. Not like I did anything for mine, it's just a nice bonus of being born.â€

How do you generally treat others?

“Alright. Other people can be entertaining or useful, so no reason to treat them too badly if they don't deserve it.â€

Are you a trusting person? Has your trust ever been abused?

“No. Gossip will do that..â€

Are you introverted (shy and withdrawn) or extroverted (outgoing)? Do you have a lot of self-confidence?

“An extrovert for sure. I like talking to people, even if they don't talk back, and I have enough self-confidence to power a small country.â€

How do you act around attractive, available members of your preferred sex?

“Can you define 'attractive'? And maybe 'available', too? I try to act the same way I do around everyone, but individual cases get more tricky. The show must go on, but sometimes the show has to change.â€

What are your most annoying habits?

“I've been told to shut up a lot. And to stop trying to steal the spotlight. Sometimes I diamondize things without realizing it if I'm distracted or thinking about something else. That's gotten me yelled at a few times, too.â€

Do you feel contempt for any general category of people? Who are they, and why?

“Do birds count as people? No? Then, like, I'm not big on authority figures, at least not the ones I don't have a reason to respect. Just being the boss isn't a reason.â€

What is your favorite food? Do you prefer any particular type of food? Do you take the time to enjoy your food, or do you eat as fast as you can?

“Curry, green curry especially. I like spicy food as a category and enjoy food in general, so I try to take my time when I can, and usually go for seconds or thirds.â€

What is your favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?

“Black teas.â€

What is your favorite treat (dessert)?


Are there any specific foodstuffs that you find disgusting or refuse to eat?

“There's that sea cucumber allergy I mentioned. I'm also not big on flan or any gelatinous food for that matter.â€

What is your favorite color? Are there any colors you dislike?

“Blue. Orange is too loud, even for me.â€

What sort of music do you like? Is there any that you hate?

“I'm a Top 40 kind of guy.â€

If you have a favorite scent, what is it?

“Baking gingerbread.â€

Do you have a favorite animal?

“The tapir. They're so goofy and dumpy.â€

What is your most treasured possession? Why?

“Grandpa's pocket watch. And my smartphone.â€

Do you enjoy "roughing it", or do you prefer your creature comforts?

“If I didn't have to leave my suite, I probably wouldn't.â€

Is there a job or a task you would absolutely refuse to do?

“I don't do my own cleaning. Or, you know, murder.â€

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? If so, how do your beliefs affect your life?How important is it to you?

“Not really.â€

Was your faith influenced or molded by anyone special?


If you belong to a religious organization, how often do you attend? Do you have a specific place of worship, or friends within the organization? How much do you agree with the beliefs of your organization?

“I don't. My parents are ostensibly Protestant or something, but I don't think they go to service and I never got involved.â€

Could you kill? Have you killed?

“I haven't, but I suppose I could under the right circumstances. Or the wrong ones, I guess.â€

What circumstances led to you forming that conviction, or taking that action?

“I can't say I won't do something ever, no matter what. It's not realistic. There's no room for judgment there.â€

Are there circumstances under which you believe it is permissible to kill? What are they?

“Yes. Like, rules of engagement, minimum force should be used, but someone could be so dangerous that minimum force becomes lethal. Maybe a rampaging alien psycho murder machine.â€

How would you react to watching someone kill another person? Would your reaction be different if the killer was a friend or an enemy of yours?

“Scared either way, it's not something I'm used to. I think that'd be a pretty normal reaction.â€

How would you react if something important was stolen from you?

“I'd want to get it back, of course. Truly important things can't be replaced with just money.â€

How would you react to public humiliation?

“I try not to think about that.â€

How would you react if a good friend or relative were purposely or accidentally killed? Has it happened to you?

“I'd want some justice for its own sake.â€

What do you consider to be the worst crime someone could commit and why?

“Murder. Not manslaughter or killed in action or something like that. Planning to kill someone and then doing it, just ending their life because you want to, that's its own level of crazy.â€

If your life were to end in 24 hours, what five things would you do in those remaining hours?

“I try to live everyday like that. At least, I wouldn't want to treat my last day as any different from the one before.â€

Career & Training

Do you have any special training in your hero skills? If so, where and how did you get it?

“I'm learning all the heroing at Claremont. Actually controlling my powers is pretty easy, though.â€

Who taught you the most about your heroing abilities? What was your relationship with that person?

“Teachers at Claremont. They're pretty okay.â€

Do you have any particularly unusual skills? How did you acquire them?

“I'm fluent in four languages, I think I mentioned that already. I've started learning to sculpt since it's supposed to help with creating complicated shapes with my powers.â€

Do you do something besides hero work for a living? Have you ever done anything else, or do you plan to?

“I don't work. Before the mutant thing, I thought about doing some modeling, which I could still do if I got bored.â€

What is your preferred combat style?

“I try to stay back. My powers work best when there's some space between me and what I want to hit.â€

Have you ever received any awards or honors?

“Not yet.â€

What skill areas would you like most to improve in? Is there anything you can't do that you wish desperately you could?

“I need to get a bit more academic, like, knowing how to research on my own. It's not desperate, but it does make me feel a little dumb.â€

How do you act around people who are more skilled than you in areas you'd like to improve? Are you jealous, or do you try and learn?

“Of course I get jealous, I just try not to let it show too much. And I know how to ask for help when I really need it.â€

Lifestyle & Hobbies

What is a normal day for you? How do you feel when something interrupts this routine?

“Get up, eat, school school school, come home and do some homework. I break up my schedule with some shopping, like, as a reward for doing school stuff. Usually, I only get interrupted to be a hero, so that's cool.â€

Do you have any hobbies, or interests outside hero work? What are they, and where did you pick them up?

“Shopping, movies, music, normal things. I like games, but I'm horrible at them. I'm a bit of a gourmet, too, I love going out to eat all fancy. Picked up some of it from my sibs, some is just trying things on my own.â€

What do you do for fun?

“When I really go all out, it usually involves international airfare. During the school year, I just entertain myself like anyone else.â€

Do you have a costume? What does it look like?

“Yes! It's all white and the top is like a vest with the sides cut out with a cape attached. There's some gloves and boots, not that I really need either, and briefs so nothing falls out. I don't need a tough super suit or anything since I can just turn into crystal, but the costume's made out of this stretchy stuff so it doesn't get torn up when I move.â€

How do you normally dress when not in costume?

“A little more Hollywood than most people. I talked about clothes already.â€

What do you wear to bed most nights?

“Would it be too much information if I said nothing?â€

Do you wear any special jewelry? What is it, and what does it look like?

“I have some watches and bracelets, but I don't wear anything special, no.â€

Do you have a special place where you keep your valuables?

“There's an old chest at my parent's Manhattan place where I keep things I didn't want to risk having here in Freedom. The hotel I'm staying at has a safe for everything I need close at hand, but out of sight.â€

What's your preferred means of local travel? How about long distance?

“I usually fly to and from school, easier than getting through city traffic. I have a blue Lamborghini Mercy parked in the underground, I drive that sometimes. For really long distances, I can ask for the family jet without too much trouble.â€


Have you ever made a will, or tried to make arrangements for your death? What provisions did you make?

“No, I haven't had to.â€

If your features were to be destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?

“Any of it being diamond would be a good clue.â€

What would you like to be remembered for after your death?

“As long as I'm remembered, that's what matters.â€

Do you believe you pose a threat to the public? Why or why not?

“I could overpower a single person, sure, but I'm not really a threat to the public. I'm not that strong or that dumb.â€

What do you perceive as your greatest strength?

“I'm pretty clever. And I usually know what to say.â€

What do you perceive as your greatest weakness?

“I don't have weaknesses.â€

As a player, if you could, what advice would you give your character? Speak as if he/she were sitting right here in front of you. Use proper tone so they might heed your advice...

“Being unbreakable doesn't mean being untouchable.â€

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