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August 12th 2011:Following up on Steelshank and Targeter


September 7th 2011:Visiting the Renaissance fair!


October 7th 2011:Welcome Back

October 15th 2011:Fall-ing into change

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September 2011

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September 11th 2011:Meeting Fleur de joie and going to Sanctuary

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Gwen sat in the computers lab and looked at the screen, the dull flicker of fluorescent lights around her skewed the colors to appear more blue than they were. 'Year one-Self evaluation' titled the page she was staring at. Sighing she pushed her bangs away from her eyes and set her fingers to the keys. The first question popped up: 'Where are you from?' Everywhere crossed her mind. "Lakewood, Colorado" she spoke into the microphone and pressed the enter key. 'How would you describe yourself physically?' Gwen let out a deep breath as she mused over the thought. "Short and curvy." she answered but before she could push the button a small green tendril reached out from her shoulder and tickled her ear. "Unique" She added.

'Is this different from how others would?' Gwen's mind began to drift for a moment. A blur on her vision snapped her back to reality. An iridescent red and pink flower floated in front of her. I'm fine, really. “Other people would describe me as withdrawn, more involved with my plants than with other humans.†The vine moved and the flower set itself on Gwen's hair as she pushed the button. 'Do you have distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms?' “No.†The button clicked again. 'What is your motivation?' That is a really good question. Gwen began to run her fingers across the green vine that flowed across her skin, it leaped off her flesh there and played through her fingers like a snake. “I want to leave a good impression on the earth.†Click.

A lifeless mechanical voice emitted from the speakers. “The next few questions will be two part, be sure to answer both.†'What are your greatest strengths'?' Gwen began to answer “My fam--†her voice cut off and she rubbed the corner of her eyes. “I'm blessed with an ability to help others.†Click. 'and weaknesses?' Gwen choked again. “My family. I'm not stupid, I know they can be a liability when it comes to getting involved in adventuring.†The vine at her ear brushed her hair back and the flower in her hair pulled back into the vine to vanish. The words We are liability? played through her mind. No, not you. You are a strength. she felt a rush of happiness vibrate through her body and smiled. 'What do you love?' The question was too much and Gwen giggled as the vines tickled at her neck “Nature, plants, green things, sunlight, rain, good bugs...†she slowed her excitement and reined herself in. Me, not you! she giggled, she was channeling the vines again. Click. 'What do you hate?' this time Gwen caught the rush of thoughts and images before they could verbalize from her mouth. “I hate when life is lost.â€

'How would you describe your mental and emotional state?' “Well enough--.†Another tendril clouded her vision. “It's weird, being settled in one place again. I miss the open jungles and valleys.†'What do you fear the most?' Images of knives, swords and other bladed weapons flashed in her mind but was fast replaced by images of fire and she felt like she was choking. “B-Being trapped-and-alone†she stammered out. Vine at her ear nuzzled to her neck, extended out and pushed the button for her. Click.'What is your greatest ambition?' “To do good for the world.†Click. 'How do you feel about the state of the world and your place in it?' “Wow, that is a huge question.†Gwen thought about it, the tendrils at her fingertips playing back and forth again. “I think that there is a lot of wrong in the world, and most of it we can't do anything about, but people like me-- us, we have to do what we can to make it better.â€

'Do you have any prejudices? How do you get along with others' “I've traveled the world, lived among many different cultures and types of people, supers and mutants, I'd even bet a few aliens. I believe I get along with people well enough, but honestly I'll stick to the garden.†A happy feeling pierced her and she smiled at the vines again. Click. 'Where do your loyalties lie? And in what order?' Flowers bloomed down her arms and rose from her skin. “What is right, with my family-- I don't know what I'd do if they weren't one in the same.†Click. 'Do you have a lover or partner? If so how do they feel about you now?' Gwen blushed seven shades of red and it showed in her vines that all sprouted small red flowers. The vines retreated back into her skin and hid under her clothes. “Wh-what business is that of yours!†Gwen attempted to click but the page stayed “Please answer the question Miss. Barr.†that dull mechanical voice came again. “I... I do not currently have a lover, nor am I actively in any relationship.†Click.

'Do you have a family? If so, what is the relationship there like?' The vines crept down her arms and flowered under her skin again. “My parents are amazing, wonderful people who have no idea who or what I really am.†Click. 'How would the people closest to you describe you?' “I think I should let someone else take the front on this one.†Some vines twined up through her skin. “Delightful, Healing, Kind, Super, WONDERFUL!†Gwen cut them off as she clicked. 'Are you a role model?' “I don't who for, I don't have any siblings." Click. 'How spiritual are you? Do you follow a religious tradition?' Images of green things eclipsed her mind. “I am spiritual but not religious.†Click.

'Are you part of a team, if not would you like to be?' “Not currently, but I would like to.†Click. 'Why?' “What an awkward question, why not? Why work alone when I could work with like minded individuals?†'How do you feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth?' aliens? the vines showed her images of plants growing outside their native region. Similar, but not the same. “I think that as long as we're here to peruse the greater good, working together to make every world better what is the problem?†Click. 'If you could give one piece of advice to your self, what would it be?' Gwen honestly thought about it so hard she stopped breathing for just a moment. “I'd tell past me to keep running.†her face softened. “And future me to get us a good job.â€

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Gather Information:

DC10:Gwendolyn Barr is new to Freedom City

DC15:Gwendolyn Barr is a junior botanist who has traveled the world extensively for the past nine years.

DC20:Gwendolyn Barr is the daughter of two world famous botanists and the grand daughter of former Venezuelan UN Representative Jose Raoul Rivera.


DC10:Gwen's hands are very calloused

DC15:Gwen's sun bleached hair and sun tanned skin suggest a long time outdoors

Knowledge: Life Science

DC10:Gwen's muscle tone suggests a long time of manual labor, maybe farm work.


Gather Information

DC10:Flora's first appearance in Freedom City was during the attack on the Green Freedom initiative.

DC15:Flora's influence over plants seems to be her main power

Knowledge: Life Science

DC10: The vines appearance and flowers are that of real life plants, often tropical in nature.

DC15: The vines are stronger than normal plant life

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