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Optional Rules For Space Combat (Brainstorming)


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Zero-Gravity environment conditions apply.

Normal, double, and all-out moves work normally. (Extra distance for Flight and Leaping due to a lack of gravity or atmospheric drag?) Unless you're hanging onto, attached to, or inside of another object or person, remaining stationary requires a move action. Without Flight, remaining stationary or changing direction once movement has begun requires another object or person to grab onto or push off of. If you take no move action to move or remain stationary, and you moved on your previous turn, then you keep moving, at the same speed and in the same direction as your previous move, losing your dodge bonus to Defense but gaining a Defense bonus relative to your speed, as with moving all-out.

All Ranged powers have an infinite number of range increments, with no "maximum range," just ever-increasing penalties. Any Progression (Range) feats are converted into Improved Range feats on a 1-for-1 basis. Ranged powers gain +X ranks of Improved Range by default?

Inherent increase to the size of Areas? +X ranks of free Progression (Area)?

If an attack inflicts Knockback, the distance is calculated as if the attack was +X ranks higher?

If a character is knocked back or thrown, they keep flying in that same direction, at that same speed, until they hit something or they stop or change direction or speed under their own power somehow.

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