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Recruiting OOC


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It will be happening very much outside. The first post was just a setup to explain how and what was to happen. I'm assuming that the LYC has some grounds and they would have notified the police to block off the street. I haven't written that part yet, but just wanted the thread up... first steps and all.

Anyone who wants to know about it, can, since there will be fliers around town.

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Yeah, assume pop, Gatorade, burgers, brats, hot dogs, potato salad, slaw, beans, chips, cookies, ice cream, and likely some kind of decorative cake. No on the steak, I can't see that getting through anyone's event expense report.

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Ok sorry if you didn't see it... I'm at Gen Con this weekend, so it will be slow going until Monday when I get back.

However, damage is done...

1d20+15 = 30, failed by 4.

Results Bruised 1.

(Note: When I originally started this post I got the account working and was going to stunt to a blast. However, after four hours of talking games while driving to Indy, I decided to change the stunt to Nullify since blasts are really not his thing. Since I hadn't posted anything yet, I'll keep the rolls as they are, which results in a miss, but some of the mods referenced are not right. The feats will remain the same, but the +to hit mod changes to +10 since it's melee instead of ranged and I would have a -1 for bruised. However, 1 misses automatically, right? Sorry for the mixup, but I was going to attack so regardless of the attack, the 1 was fine.)

Standard Action: Coils Attack DC25 1d20+10-1=10

Free Action: Extra Effort (Power Stunt): Electrical Aura gains a power feat of AP: Nullify 10 (Synapse Scramble: Nullifies Impervious Toughness: Extras; Aura, Duration 2 - sustained: Flaws; Range Touch)

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Three things. First, Bruise only affects your toughness saves, you take a -1 penalty to saves against my attacks now, but nothing else is affected. Second, yes, a 1 is a definite miss. Third, what does it mean by "Coils Attack DC 25"? Anyways, Guardian's turn.


Free Action: All-Out Attack (+5 attack, -5 defense)

Free Action: Power Attack (+5 Damage, -5 Attack)

Standard Action: Attack Powerhouse (16+6=22)

Save vs. Nullify 10: (7+7=14) Failed

Move Action: 200 feet, to the other end of the stage.

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