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A Murder in Southside Palace (OOC)


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This will be the Terror's first real case in Freedom City, involving investigations of Mafia corruption in the area. Anyone is welcome to join at any time, since I'd like to get to know my fellow players, and since the Terror doesn't know any other heroes yet :D .

The rolls made so far are as follows:

Ben Investigates the corpse of the cocktail waitress for what killed her.

As the Terror, keeps to the shadows as he leaps up the side of the casino.

Just barely makes a Notice check to keep his wits about him as Strongarm attempts to sucker-punch him from the dark of the office.

Strongarm tosses a punch, but misses due to BT still keeping his Defense total high.

Target nails the Terror in the shoulder, and good.

But Terror manages to largely shrug off the damage done to him.

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