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Jadon Grove Jr. – Index of a Hero –

August 13 2009: I Arrived at Claremont Academy for my first day of the rest of my life. In an event I like to call First Impressions: Jadon’s First day!

August 28 2009: After a few week’s at school I decided my dorm room needed some ‘homely’ touches. So I headed off to the Bank were a Villain named Shatter Point attacked it. I really learnt a lot from my first Hero gig I call Back to Basics.

September 1 2009:First Class – New Teacher… Wow who would have guest on the first day of classes we’d have Dark Star as out teacher! What’s more is he took us into space! It was so awesome; I hope all his classes are as good as that one!

September 2 2009: I managed to get hold of Eddie after I saw he was looking for band members. We met up with this dude Alexis, he’s an awesome drummer, and I showed off my new holographic Keyboard to Eddie. Eddie’s jaw just about hit the floor when I showed him. He said I was definitely in. I’m so gonna be that Juke Box Hero thing!

September 4 2009: So after missing each other for a few days, Eddie and me get together to gang up on James to get him to join the band. After a slight bit of haggling we finally managed to get him to join! We are so going to be awesome! I also met another band member, Zoe, I think she and Eddie must be going out?? But now we can all say “I’m with the Band!â€Â

September 5 2009: What a day… So I finally got time to go to the mall to finish getting the gear for my dorm room right… and you wouldn’t believe what happened… I was attacked by a gremlin! I mean short, ugly little blighters with chainsaw teeth, bad tempers, and billion’s of the little Buggers. So me and a few other hero’s had to save the mall from this Y2K Bug, I think I’m getting use to this hero thing…

September 20 2009: Finally the day of the House Party I’ve been waiting for this all month! It’s going to be totally awesome. The Bands gonna play a few things, It’s going to be my first real party! Without parental supervision!! This is soo gonna be awesome… if only I could shake this mild dizziness…

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