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Ned Ludd


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The Channel Five News logo appears on the screens of televisions across Freedom City, alongside dramatic music, and is soon replaced by the visage of a well-dressed man with greying hair and an aura of respectability. He looks up from the papers in front of him and begins to speak, his rich voice flowing from carefully-placed microphones into electronic speakers and to his audience.

"Good evening, and welcome to the Channel Five News. In the headlines: Majestic Industries' announcement of their intent to outsource the production of thousands of hydraulic power packs to their new facilities in India has sparked outrage among American workers, many of whom risk losing their jobs in favor of cheaper labor overseas. Vast crowds of these men and women gathered outside Majestic's downtown offices, their anger whipped into frenzy by the impassioned words of anti-technology activist Lazarus Swain.

Swain, who refused all attempts to secure a televised interview on the grounds of his hatred of machines and electronics, told reporters that he hoped the people of Freedom City would look not only at the "consequences for the locals" but also at the "plight of those forced into thankless servitude" in Majestic's new facility. Majestic's CEO, Hieronymus King, was unavailable for comment; it is unknown what effect, if any, the protests will have on the trial of his so-called right hand man, Jacob Wilning, a trial rumored to be "blocked at every turn by systematic destruction of evidence". No concrete proof of this rumor exists as of yet, though inside sources claim that a heavily-guarded database within the lower levels of Majestic's offices contains records of "their dirty dealings". Majestic has denied these allegations.

The mob is, at the time of this reporting, relatively nonviolent; police are on the scene, but little intervention has been necessary, as the protesters have mostly shouted slogans, wielded signs, and (on a few swiftly dealt-with occasions) harassed employees attempting to enter the building. Swain has reputedly encouraged the protesters to block all access in or out of the building, bringing many corporate processes to a complete halt, but did not resist with force when the police cleared a path for the employees, though he did call them "puppets of the corporate menace". It is advised, however, that those traveling through downtown avoid the area, as traffic has worsened due to the rapidly swelling crowd, and there are rumors that vandals are using the time away from the watchful eye of the law to slash car tires and smash windows. In other news..."

But nothing else proved quite as significant...

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