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Kai Wren's Fevered Dreaming Thread

Kai Wren

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As people might have noticed I come up with a lot of weird ideas. Some of these actually make it all the way to the sheet phase! Here's the only one to thus far earn a complete history and sheet.


Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0 
Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / ±
2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness


In Brief: Nerd Mage.

Catchphrase: “Whilst eye of newt and wing of bat are traditional, you can actually get much the same effect with a can of store-bought catfood and a silver penny, let me show you.”

Theme: They Might Be Giants – Am I Awake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrrCZNfvbDo


Alternate Identity: Tamery Rune (Public)
Birthplace: Freedom City

Residence: Freedom City
Occupation: Weird Student
Affiliations: Claremont Academy
Family: Ophelia Rune (Mother), Richard Rune (Father, Deceased), Deuteronomy Rune (Maternal Grandfather), Cordelia Baker (Paternal Grandmother), Rupert Baker (Paternal Grandfather)


Age: 16 (DoB: January 1st 2002)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’0
Weight: 95 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dyed Platinum Blonde


Tamery is a rather scrawny girl with a penchant for incredibly bright clothing. She is always very animated, rarely stopping or pausing and if she’s not talking she in motion. This constant energy can make her seem bigger than she actually is.


Basically, this:




As the name suggests, the Rune family have been involved in the mystic arts for a very long time. Generations of Runes have assisted in the defence of Earth from those dark and magical forces which would imperil humanity, working – traditionally – from the shadows so that their privacy was maintained.

The Rune Family were unusual in the mystic community for maintaining a very strict division between the magic arts and their normal lives. The Runes considered magic something that they were obligated to do, but which should not prevent them from living rich and fulfilling mortal lives. As Deuteronomy Rune, Tamery’s Grandfather, is fond of saying – ‘You can’t defend people if you don’t understand them!’

Ophelia Rune was the first to begin to break with this tradition, and stepped forth onto the world stage in the 90s in order to assist with defending Freedom City, and the Earth, from many threats. She met and fell in love with Richard Baker, AKA Codex, a fellow magical superhero, and the pair got married in the early 00s, with Richard adopting the Rune family name.

Tamery didn’t know her father for very long. When she was eight years old, Richard died – not to any of the mystical threats that he had faced, but to the all-too-mundane scourge of cancer. It was a difficult time for them all, and Ophelia officially retired from the superheroic community in order to concentrate on her family.

It had the exact opposite effect on Tamery. She was horrified by the death of her father, and became obsessed with understanding why the world works in such a way. Such obsession can be dangerous, and Deuteronomy took an active hand in his Granddaughter’s studies – guiding her away from necromancy and the dark arts of immortality, and towards an understanding of the mystic laws and principles which shape the world.

Tamery was also guided by her father’s diaries, in which he laid out his entire life and many thesis and theorems, most of which he had annotated with the clear intention of one day tutoring his daughter. Codex was a master in the arts of alchemy, and his daughter picked up the baton he had left.

Unlike most alchemists, Richard Baker believed that the Philosopher’s Stone was not just an allegorical search for perfection; it was a substance which could theoretically exist, which would ‘purify’ a human being and remove their imperfections in the same way that various alchemical and metallurgical processes remove impurities in other substances.

He was right.

The process of completing his work was difficult and dangerous. One particularly nasty lab accident cost the Runes their house in an alchemical blaze which almost killed Tamery, but she protected the diaries and would not be dissuaded from completing her father’s work. Ophelia wouldn’t have had it any other way, ever the proud mother.

And eventually, she succeeded. Tamery crafted the Philosopher’s Stone, and used it as the basis of a potion which healed the scars of the fire, rendered her immune to aging, and opened her mind to vast new horizons.

Ophelia was very proud, and Tamery understood immediately that – having created this awesome substance – she had a responsibility to ensure that it never fell into the wrong hands. Whole new rafts of implications and ramifications she hadn’t even considered before were now clear as day to her.

She also understood that her Grandfather was right; she couldn’t allow this new intellect to set her apart from the rest of humanity. So, she won entrance to Claremont Academy, where she fully intends to see out the rest of her schooling at the standard pace. She’s just also going to be putting these talents to use, as… THEURGE! PARAGON OF THE PRETURNATURAL! … okay, so the titles might need some work.


Personality & Motivation:

Tamery is an incredibly happy and cheerful person; she never lets anything get her down and truly believes that the world is, in general terms, a pretty fantastic place even if there are elements of it that she would like to see improved. She is idealistic, tends to believe that people are capable of change, and that given the choice most people would do good.

She is also a magician of no small talent. Whilst she is particularly gifted with alchemy – and this is where the majority of her attention has been focused – she knows a great deal about the inner workings of the supernatural in all its forms. This is in fact something of an obsession for her, and there is nothing she loves more than learning about new aspects of the mystical world.

Tamery’s primary motivation in life is to uncover all the inner mysteries and secrets of the universe. She has heard it said many times that there are Things Mankind Was Not Meant to Know, and she thinks that is total hokum. To her, the entire point of being a living, thinking, breathing being is to understand everything out there. Whilst her studies to date have focused on the mystical arts due to her heritage, it is likely that in future she will apply that voracious desire to learn to all other aspects of the world.

Secondary to her drive to learn, though not by much, is her desire to protect. Ultimately, she believes that it is her duty – as one of the few people in the world with the ability to wield these forces with great proficiency – to do so in the service of her fellow people. She has seen worlds where magic is abused (albeit briefly, and usually from a distance) and the idea of a Dark Lord rising up to take Earth is horrifying to her. Nor does she believe that such things are a possibility only with magic; she sees echoes of a Dark Lord in Omega and in the desires of any other who would crush freedom and individuality under their own ego.

As with many self-confessed nerds, where Tamery has problems is in dealing with other people. She feels alienated from most of her peer group, because her intellect and experiences immediately put up a barriers to true understanding. Thankfully, her grandfather – and her own awesome capacity for self-reflection – help her to stay grounded and to understand that these very factors are a danger she needs to be aware of. If she were to lose herself completely, well, that would be the first step in the path to becoming a Dark Lord herself – and she doesn’t want that.


Powers & Tactics:

Theurge tends to lean heavily on magic to solve her problems. Where she differs from many mages is in the fact that she prefers to avoid using direct force; fireballs and lightning bolts are just not her style.

To this end she has developed a wide range of abilities to help incapacitate enemies without risking lasting harm. The most potent – and iconic – ability of hers is the Trap Jar. This requires a full minute of preparation, which usually means that she has to rely on her allies to keep the target busy, or else to use it after the target has already been temporarily incapacitated in some way. The Trap Jar puts a living being – any living being – inside a specially designed magical jar which they cannot breach themselves. These jars are then usually handed over to the authorities, or kept somewhere else safe.

She also has a wide range of other alchemical concoctions designed to be thrown around in breakable jars – these are described in more detail below!


Power Descriptions:

Enhanced Attributes / Immunity Aging: Whilst there is no visual indicator of these powers to standard senses, to those with magical senses her body and soul are suffused with powerful magical energy. The fact that she will be physically 16 for the rest of time will also eventually become apparent.

Protection: Theurge’s Mystic Warding is relatively subtle, until she’s attacked. Any attack which calls for a toughness save automatically causes counter-warding sigils to spread out from the point of impact to provide an equal and opposite force.

Trap Jar: this is a ritual which requires one full round of preparation as Theurge prepares a jar with the exact specifications of the target. Upon completion, bands of silver light shoot from the jar to grab the target and suck them into it. If successful, the jar is then sealed with a mystical warding. If the jar is opened, the target is immediately freed back to its prior state.

Sleep Hex: One of the few spells that Theurge has learned to cast by rote, the Sleep Hex is a droning lullaby which – as it sounds – can render the target into a deep slumber.

Curing Brew: This is actually a ‘lesser’ version of the Philosopher’s Stone – a dose can be flung at a target and the brew will attempt to restore the target back to full health. It smells like the colour blue and tastes like cherries.

Disgusting Mixture: Not just an actual, mundane disgusting mixture but a foul concoction made from the runoff of various other mystical processes. This can be flung at a target and induce some truly horrifying physiological reactions.

Deep Meditation: By entering a deep state of meditation, Theurge can shed her astral form from her physical body. Her astral form looks much like her regular body, but is suffused with a brilliant silver light. Her astral body can cross dimensions (but as she cannot use much other magic in that form it is rare that she will do so)

Dimension Door: By sketching out a few brief runes with a trail of silver light Theurge can open a portal to any space she can see within 800 feet. By inscribing the runes in a more complex pattern she can open a portal to anywhere within 2000 miles that she can see or that she is familiar with. The portal is silver and forms a rough ten foot disc in the air.

Magic Missile: Loathe as she is to admit it, there are times when you just need to shoot something! Magic Missile is Theurge’s answer to that problem – a simple spell, a bolt of bright blue light shoots from her outstretched hand with incredible force. If it doesn’t immediately hit the target it will circle back to try again the next round.

Finally, Theurge has two magical items of her own devising!

Bag of Holding – A plain leather pouch usually worn at her waist, Theurge carries this everywhere she goes. It can hold up to 2500lbs of various things, and it is where she keeps her concoctions, magical trinkets, supplies and so forth.

Magic Monocle – A silver monocle with a pink lens, Theurge can use this to see and analyse magical phenomena, and to immediately see through any visual illusion.




BUT MOOOOM, I HAVE TO SAVE THE WOOOOOORLD: Theurge’s mother is Ophelia the Occultist, a once-contender for Master Mage and powerful mystic in her own right (rite?) who does not at all believe that Theurge’s newfound calling is an excuse for slacking on her chores, falling behind in her homework, or failing to eat right.


Evil in a Can: Theurge’s basic approach to something she can’t deal with right now is to put it in a jar. There are a lot of jars. Sometimes she forgets where she put them, or what she left in them. Sometimes this can be a real problem.

Mystic Nerd: Theurge is a total nerd for the occult, magic, and all the various and varied supernatural elements in the world. She absolutely adores these things, and will go to extreme lengths to learn more than she already does. She will also expound on the intricacies of these things. At length. Whether people want her to or not.


Philosopher’s Stone: Theurge has uncovered the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone, which has granted her great mental and spiritual power, as well as rendered her immortal. There are many in the world who would kill to learn this secret.


Pyrophobia: A lab accident left Theurge badly burned and it took her a long time to recover from that; she has a deep fear of uncontrolled flame.

Vital Component: Theurge needs esoteric components for most of her Magic array; she can run out at inopportune moments and be unable to access a power when she needs it most. This does not apply to ‘Sleeping Hex’, ‘Deep Meditation’ or ‘Dimension Door’

Abilities: -2 + 2 + 0 + 6 + 4 + 2 = 10PP
Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 10 (+0)
Intelligence: 16 (30) (+10)
Wisdom: 14 (34) (+12)
Charisma: 12 (+1)

Combat: 6 (2PP / Base Attack) + 6 (2PP / Base Defense) = 12PP
Initiative: +1
Attack: +3 Melee, +8 Ranged 
Defense: +8 (+3 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +3
Knockback: -6

Saving Throws: 5 (1PP / Fortitude) + 0 (1PP / Reflex) + 0 (1PP / Will) = 6PP
Toughness: +12 (+0 Con, +12 Protection)
Fortitude: +6 (+0 Con, +6)
Reflex: +1 (+1 Dex)
Will: +12 (+12 Wis)

Skills: 52R = 13PP 

Bluff 4 (+5)
Concentration 2 (+14)
Craft: Artistic 5 (+15)
Craft: Chemical 11 (+21)
Knowledge: Cosmology 10 (+20)
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 11 (+21)
Knowledge: Philosophy and Theology 2 (+12)
Knowledge: Popular Culture 2 (+12)
Notice 4 (+16)
Sense Motive: 1 (+13)

Feats: 14PP
Attack Focus: Ranged 6
Dodge Focus: 6

Precise Shot

Powers: 1 + 14 + 20 + 12 + 42 +3 +3 = 95PP

Immunity 1 (Philosopher’s Stone; Aging)] [1PP] (Magic, Alchemy)

Enhanced Intelligence 14 (Philosopher’s Stone) [14PP] (Magic, Alchemy)


Enhanced Wisdom 20 (Philosopher’s Stone) [20PP] (Magic, Alchemy)

Protection 12 (Mystical Warding) [12PP] (Magic)


Magic 18 (36PP Array; Alternate Power 6)[42PP] (Magic)

  • Base PowerTransform 12 (Trap Jar; Turns Living Beings into Jars 4/rank, up to 50 tons Extras: Duration: Continuous +1, Flaws: Limited (Power ends when jar is opened or broken) -1, Action -1 (Full Round Action) {36/36}
  • Alternate PowerStun 12 (Sleep Hex; Extras: Alternate Save: Will +0; Sleep +0, Range +1 Feats: Sedation; Drawbacks: Reduced Range -1 [60ft Max]) {36/36}
  • Alternate PowerHealing 9 (Curing Brew; Extras: Ranged +1, Total +1) {36/36}
  • Alternate PowerNauseate 12 (Disgusting Mixture; Extras: Ranged +1) {36/36}
  • Alternate PowerAstral Form 6 (Deep Meditation; 20 miles Feats: Dimensional 3 [All Dimensions]) {33/36}
  • Alternate PowerTeleport 8 (Dimension Door; 800ft range / 2000 miles Extras: Portal +2: Feats: Change Velocity, Easy, Change Direction, Progression [10ft Portal]) {36/36}
  • Alternate Power: Blast 12 (Magic Missile; Feats: Homing, Drawbacks: Full Power, Extras: Penetrating) (Force) {36/36}

Device 1 (Bag of Holding; 5PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [3PP]

·        Dimensional Pocket 1 (Feats: Progression 4; 2500lbs of capacity) [5PP]


Device 2 (Magic Monocle; 5PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [3PP]

·        Super Senses 5 (Visual Detect Magic; May make notice checks to detect magic at -1 per 10ft [Visual], Analytical 2, Counters Illusion 2) [5PP]

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 14 Toughness                Damage

Trap Jar            Ranged     DC 22 Fortitude                Transform
Sleeping Hex        Ranged     DC 22 Willpower                Stun

Disgusting Mixture  Ranged     DC 22 Fortitude                Nauseate

Magic Missile       Ranged     DC 27 Toughness                Damage



Totals: Abilities (10) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (6) + Skills (13) + Feats (14) + Powers (95) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points



The original build for this had the Transform down as 5/rank (anything into jars) with the drawback that it took a full minute; I was persuaded to change this to full round so that it might actually be of use in combat, as it is meant to be her signature trick!

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