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Powers and Social Interaction


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Hey all, Vorik here. How does the site handle powers that affect a character's ability to be social. The reason I ask is because I've been wanting to do a speedster of sorts but the thing with him is only his senses are heightened. To him everything is in slow motion. His body isnt faster, it's just as slow as everything else making every movement slow for him. I would think his social skill would be hampered since you cant really understand words or speak properly in super slow motion. The power is always on as its part of his backstory so how would you handle the idea of powers that hamper social skills? My guy could understand body language and take a complication where if he cant read their facial and body expressions he is basically deaf to them and carry around a phone where he writes out what he says or some such. I don't plan for him being a mute just hampered.

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