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Once Upon a Time

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An old lady enters into a dark room before she lights a candle as it brings meager light into the room the only sound heard is the sound of her footsteps dragging across the floor. "Once upon a time there were heroes in a city" she croaked in an old voice speaking to no one in particular. "And one day the heroes came upon a great mystery" she says before a big evil grin comes across the old ladies face.


Meanwhile at the Wharton State Forest a ranger is doing his morning rounds, as he goes over forested hill and pass yonder creeks he comes upon a part of the park he's never seen before "odd" is the only word that escapes his lips as he notices a number of purple tree's "HQ can you check with the last person who checked this area and see if he noted anything about purple bark" says the park Ranger as he moves in for a closer look. As he brings a hand up and touches the bark when he pulls it away the purple color has grafted on to his fingers "weird" he says before he tears off the bark it gives away easily like rotted wood. "Oh no" is the last thing that escapes his lips before he notices something he's seen before. "HQ we got a ...ungh problem, seems the trees have a contagious disease... and" Says the Ranger before the sounds of grunting can be heard over the radio. "Why won't this come off" he utters as he wipes furiously at his hands that are covered in a purple shade. "We need to call some specialist to come up here, and have the first aid kit ready for me when I arrive


 3 hours later what seemed at first as a problem for forest goers and rangers gets worse as a news woman on the scene begins to describe in detail the slowly spreading disease that seems to be incurable any attempts to try have ended in, 5 cases of people being turned purple. I can confirm the 5 people are in totally good health but they seem to be quarantined and any contact with them seems to result in turning purple as well. This is Nancy Tucker and I plan to stay on this story until all the answers are your's freedom city.  says Nancy as a small crowd of 20 people that are hikers and concerned citizen's begin to gather at one of the forest ranger outposts

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