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    Skill Challenges from the Masterminds Manual are allowed, for the most part. However, if there is any discrepency between the penalties given in the core book and in the MaMa (such as Accelerated Stealth), the core book numbers take precedence (a Stealth check to hide immediately after moving all-out or attacking suffers a -20 penalty, not -5).

    Acrobat: This skill automatically adds to attempts to resist being Overrun or Tripped.

    Bluff/Knowledge/Sense Motive: Characters using the Bluff skill for covertly passing along messages (see "Innuendo" under the Bluff skill, M&M2E, page 42) who have at least 5 ranks in a Knowledge skill can gain a +2 synergy bonus on the Bluff check by using jargon and terms specific to that Knowledge. Characters with at least 5 ranks in the same Knowledge skill get a +2 synergy bonus on the Sense Motive check to notice the message. (This is a variant of the "Arcane Innuendo" option from The Book of Magic.)

    Drive/Pilot: A skill check can be used to improve a vehicle's Defense score. See "Vehicle Combat" under Combat, below.

    Knowledge (Tactics): The additional/expanded uses for Knowledge (Tactics) offered in the Masterminds Manual - using Knowledge (Tactics) in place of Stealth to set up a surprise attack, or in the place of Notice or Sense Motive to detect an ambush or avoid a feint in combat - are available here, but are not inherent. Each application requires a separate Benefit feat. Thus, to be able to use Knowledge (Tactics) in both ways described above, you would need Benefit 2; if you just wanted one, such as the ability to use a Knowledge (Tactics) check in place of an Intelligence check for the Master Plan feat, you would jut need Benefit 1. Use of Knowledge (Tactics) with Master Plan is covered by a second rank of the Master Plan feat, as noted in the Feats section of the House Rules.

    New Skills
    FC PbP uses the following two new Knowledge skills:

    Knowledge (Cosmology): Covers knowledge of extradimensional matters: the Cosmic Coil, the Terminus, parallel dimensions/realities, and so on. Roughly speaking, it's the Knowledge skill for places (and beings from places) you'd need Super-Movement (Dimensional) to reach.

    Knowledge (Galactic Lore): Covers knowledge of extraterrestrial matters: the Grue, the Lor, the Stellar Khanate, entities such as the Curator and the Gorgon, hazards (natural and sapient-made) to space navigation, and so on. Roughly speaking, it's the Knowledge skill for beings & places you'd need Space Travel and/or a high ranked Teleport to reach.

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