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  1. Yeah, sorry. I'm still here mostly, but just having problems with work being extra stressful.
  2. Do I have some sort of toughness save going on with Capricia? Also, the only reason I suggested that was because I forgot if Ghost has gotten past all the parts that need codes. And if he couldn't get into the vault at all, then what's the point? :D
  3. Well, that does make things a little harder now. Hmm. Well, I'm kinda sick right now, so I'll think this over. Anyone wanna think about changing things? Have Whisper not show up and just have everyone pull back?
  4. Capricia looked up at the man, startled by the effect of the man's look. This was so not what I was expecting. Oh, well. Gotta work through this. Come on, now.. You can do it. Capricia points back towards the rest of the casino, holding her hands over her head a bit overdramatically. "Nice try! But don't think your little trick is going to get to me. Now, you may not care about one person, but do you think your boss will appreciate a very heavy loss in customers?" A very strong arctic chill sweeps over the entire room, affecting everyone who isn't on her side of this conflict. [DC 10 saves from Environmental Control if she can keep this up.]
  5. Just a quick warning, the next few days I'm switching from day shift to night shift in a brand new job, so I don't know how much posting I'll get in until Friday, when I'm home free.
  6. "Hey! Hey! Cowboy, you got any money on you or the horse you rode in on?" Capricia seems relaxed, chilled even, despite the fact that there's a demon right next to her. She thinks about getting in the cowboy's face, but looks at the rest of the room. "Hey, how you think we're doing here?"
  7. Alright, here's the initiative at least. Initiative: 1d20 + 2 = 5
  8. Yeah, I was going to worry about this tomorrow but since we're talking about it.. I guess you guys can figure it out yourselves, if you guys just wanna split the work among each other. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm cool either way. :)
  9. Capricia smirked as Whisper showed herself in the corner of the room. "Well, that's taken care of. Let's get down there, take care of all of this. Just wait for my signal before starting, just to make sure we don't have to worry about any of you guys getting seen before things are supposed to get moving. Not that one of you will have problems with that.." She trails off, then points towards the door. She waits for everyone to leave, bringing up the tail end of the line of people. She wasn't planning on turning her back on any of them, but she didn't really trust them either. ------- About half an hour later, the group all went to their positions from the badly-drawn plan. This meant Capricia and the thugs had just grouped themselves outside. She gave the signal, and the six of them marched up to the front of the building, most of the thugs carrying some sort of gun. Capricia grinned, firing a quick ice-spark into some of the lighting fixtures, making quite a bit of noise. She followed this up with some shouting at the stunned and confused crowd. "Listen up! My name is Capricia Chill, this is my crew and this is a robbery! Everyone get down on the ground, and drop any weapons you might have! We don't want to hurt you, but we're here for your money! Don't stand in our way, don't be a hero! We will shoot you!" She watches the security people, to see if any of them try anything stupid like fighting this group of thugs.
  10. Capricia smiles, pointing down to her light blue symbol standing behind the thugs. "I'm here to get most of the attention. I do more than just chill drinks. I can make the place a giant ice storm, mess with the guards or take them down as needed. While standing here, I can see most of the room, good enough for me. I mean, that was the plan I remember. You got a problem with me being the center of attention here?"
  11. I don't care at all. Capricia's powers should still put her out in front, and hopefully, it will end up being mild in confrontations anyways. Hopefully, I'll have a post up tomorrow sometime, things get randomly busy around here right now.
  12. "Of course they know what they're doing. I've been going over it for the last half hour. Plus, they know better than to screw around here. You seen Whisper? It's nearly getting dark here, we gotta be ready for all this before the big rush. Plus, we gotta make sure these guys see who they aren't supposed to shoot. Not that they'll be shooting first, but in case things get crazy, they know who not to shoot at." Capricia smiled back, pointing a few more times at her diagram. The diagram shows who the real players are here, all the mooks being drawn about the same, with the three villains actually color-coded.
  13. Yeah, sure. As long as he didn't suddenly shoot up to PL14 or anything, I'm good for all that.
  14. -Day of the Crime- Capricia stands in the middle of her room, five nameless mooks standing around her and her rough sketch of what the place looks like. Very, very rough sketch. She's dressed in that same suit as before, everything in the same aqua blue. The mooks are generally dressed in tank tops and slacks, and look like mostly muscle and no brains. The front door is closed, but unlocked. She taps her foot, looking over at her watch again. "Damnit, where are these guys? They better not have bailed on me." She scribbles a few more marks on the diagram, muttering the entire time. There's a few more arrows drawn, mainly for her two missing thieves.
  15. Sorry for wandering off like that, been busy since the end of June. Between the 4th and my friend's marriage (and me being their chauffeur while they were in town), I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So, yeah. Hopefully, I'll get something up in the next few days.
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