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  • How to Submit a Character

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    Step One: Join the Site

    Probably self-explanatory. Creating a username and password gives you posting access to all public forums except the Heroes, Villains and NPC sections of the Character Bank. 


    Step Two: Create a Character Concept

    It is not necessary to run potential concepts by anybody on the site, in chat or on the Character Building forum, but doing so is often helpful in refining your ideas and avoiding overlap. More detailed information on creating characters is available in the How-To article on Building a Character: Concept and Fluff.


    Step Three: Build Your Character

    Once you have an idea firmly in mind, you should build your character's stats according to their starting PL Level. You can build from scratch, or feel free to use any of the prebuilds available. More information on building your character is available in the How-To article on Building a Character: Statistics and Crunch.


    Step Four: Write Your Character Sheet

    Using the Character Sheet Template, assemble all your crunch and all your fluff into one easy-to-read sheet. While you are putting together the sheet, you may post the work in progress in the Character Building forum for comments and suggestions, but this is not required. 


    Step Five: Post Your Sheet in the Character Bank

    The Character Bank forum is where the refs will review your sheet. Do not post to the Heroes subforum; that is for approved characters only. Simply create a new topic in the main Character Bank and use your character's name and PL, followed by your player name as the title. While the sheet is in the Bank, you may continue to edit it, but you should post a note if you do to let the refs know what has changed. 


    Step Six: Get Two Ref Approvals

    A finished sheet needs a stamp of approval from two refs before it's ready for play. Unless there are a lot of sheets in the bank, a ref should attach their name to your sheet within a day or two. Once a ref is looking at your sheet, another ref will usually not begin evaluating it until they are done. It's common for the first response to a sheet to be a set of comments on things that should be changed, or questions the ref has about parts of the build. Once you and the ref have ironed out any problems, they will stamp approval, and the process begins again. The approval process can take anywhere from a few hours to a week or more, depending on the complexity of the build and how many changes need to be made.  During this time, when a sheet is in the approval phase, please document all changes made to the sheet with a changelog post to the thread.


    Step Seven: Begin Play

    Once your sheet is approved, your character sheet will be moved from the main Character Bank to the Heroes subforum. Once it is in the Heroes subforum, you are no longer allowed to edit it for any reason. Requests to edit must be made in the Character Edits thread in the Character Bank forum. As soon as you have your two approvals, you are ready to play and may begin putting your character into threads. Have fun! 



    Character Resubmission & PL Slots

    When you begin play you can create two Power Level 10 characters & one Power Level 7 character. These are three separate character slots, with three separate Power Level and Power Point budgets with which to build the character sheet; as you continue to play, you may earn more character slots of varying size. Details on how this works can be found in the House Rules on Character Advancement and Rewards.


    If after creating a character and having them approved you find that you would rather rebuild them at a different, higher Power Level using a different, higher-PL character slot (e.g., you built the character as a PL7, but later find that you would rather rebuild them using a PL10 character slot), you may do so - however, this effectively retires the old character and creates a new one. The new and higher-PL character must be submitted as a new sheet, and will not inherit any PP earned by the lower-PL, lower-PP version.


    This, naturally, only applies to characters being effectively 'promoted' by changing character slots. A character that earns enough PP over the course of normal play to go from PL7 to PL10 is unaffected, and loses nothing, as that character continues to occupy the same character slot throughout its time on this site.

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