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  • Beginners Guide to the Cities of FCPBP

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    Tiffany Korta

    Whilst character can up anywhere in the world to help Players and Gamemasters we have a number of Hub cities where characters gather. These are generally the places where adventures will happen and we encourage player to at least start in one of theses cities, though some are more encouraged than others.


    Freedom City, New Jersey

    Since the arrival of Centurion in a single bound, Freedom City has been the home of supers both good and bad. Home of the Freedom League and the Atoms among others. Whilst the other cities has a singular focus Freedom City has a healthy mix, from the Gothic Horror of the West End, through the High Tech shenanigans of Downtown, to the more Street level antics of Southside and Lincoln.


    The closest comic equivalent is Astro City a glorious mix inspirations of Marvel and DC characters and location. Being the default setting of 2nd edition M&M its the backbone of the site with the most development and change over time, and we recommend the Freedom City book for 2nd though the 3rd is fine though the book goes in a different direction that our site on several things.


    This is the default setting and we recommend it, along with Claremont Academy (see below) as a starting location for new players. The only limit on PL is that imposed on the site as a whole of PL 15, though many players choose to cap their characters at PL 12.



    Claremont Academy, Freedom City, New Jersey

    Claremont Academy looks like a high status teaching academy on Freedom City, but it is actually a school teaching teenagers how to handle there super powers, as well as the more challenging task of growing up into adults. As well as occasional adventures or danger room practising the teen heroes will often gather to interact, making friend and rivals and even falling in love…


    This the place for classic teen heroes be it New Mutants (or whenever X-men remember to be a school for young mutants), Teen Titans and Young Justice. Again we use the 2nd edition version in the FC book and Hero High, though little has changed between this and 3rd edition. Though we have made a few changes of staff, including Calliope Summers taking over as headmistress from her father.


    An easy way for character to interact with each other we strongly recommend the Academy for new players. New characters cannot be younger than sixteen and cannot start with a PL higher than 8, and until they graduate they cannot go above PL 10.


    Emerald Cities, Washington and Oregon

    A sparking high tech city on the Pacific Emerald City is a beacon for tech companies drawn by the example of Mars Tech. Until as recently as 2016 the city has seen few super heroes and even fewer villains until the arrival of the cities own Emerald Spider open the flood gates to other heroes, and now many wonder why it didn’t have any heroes before…


    A futuristic high tech city in the mould of Metropolis or Marvels New York of Stark or the Richards, with a touch of the setup of The Runaways (both comic and TV show). Like all the cities here magic coexists with the technological and the forests of the Pacific North west contain more cryptids than just the famous Big Foots. The city is based on the Emerald City guide but again a few changes have been made, including the Silver Storm happening much later and having less of an impact on the city.


    Not as active as the other two cities; it’s probably best to establish a character before starting one in Emerald City. Character are again only limited by the PL cap of the site.




    Bedlam City, Wisconsin

    A forgotten cesspool of a city where daily life is a struggle to those that choose to stay in Bedlam. Violence is common to the poor and downtrodden, the Rich living safe in there own gated areas, and few seem to care about them or the city. Some say that the city may even be cursed in some way, though few are curious enough to find out if this is a thing.


    A dark Gothic urban wasteland, in the mold of the worse parts of Gotham or Bludhaven, with a very strong mix of Cyberpunk and White Wolf's World of Darkness. Bedlam is based on a series of RPG book by Plain-Brown-Wrapper-Games, though again we’ve added a few changes of our own over time.


    Due to the dark tone and pushing the general PG-13 rating of the site we don’t recommend Bedlam as a starting location for new player characters. Characters are cap at PL 10; this is not a place for high powered heroes.




    Vibora City, Florida

    Sitting at the top of the Florida, Vibora mixes the modern southern hospitality with an old world Gothic styling, magic swirls around the city along with more mundane secrets and challenges. The city in general is a friendly open city and with this they have adopted a different approach to superheroes, with all of them offered the chance to Municipal Defenders of the city.


    Dripping in Southern Gothic Vibora is similar to occult mysteries of Swamp Thing or Sandman, with a splash of Vampire Lestat and the Voodoo Loa. Vibora Bay is a transplant from the Champions setting of the same name by Hero Game, with the timeline of the book moved forward fifteen years to the current day.


    Still new and whilst a good for any players it may be better for new players to establish themselves somewhere else before traveling here. Whilst characters tend towards the occult there are no restrictions on PL’s beyond those normally established by the site.




    Space, The Milky Way

    Beyond Earth atmosphere humanity is watched by sometimes exasperated multiple alien species, wether it’s the human like Lor (though they insist humans are like them) with there shiny Utopic Federation, the duplicitous machinations of the shapeshifting Grue Union, or the cunning violence of the anarchic but still dangerous Khanate. Many heroic rogues travel the space-lanes reluctantly protecting innocents alongside the Praetorians protections and guardians of a long lost empire.


    After a failed invasion by a (more) alien menace a wormhole at the edge of the Solar System allows Terran heroes access to the wider universe via CoVic station, home to the Praetorians.


    A healthy mix of the clashing empire of the Kree, Shi'ar and Skrulls, home of the ragtag Guardians of the Galaxy of both comics and movies, with a healthy dose of the Federation of DC’s Legionaries. Mixed into all this is influences from most well know Sci-fi properties most obviously Star Trek, Mass Effect and Star Wars. We draw mostly from what has been defined in the 2nd edition Freedom City, with very like from the 3rd edition Cosmic Handbook, though space is still reeling from an invasion a few years ago by the Borg like Communion. Among the damage done was the destruction of Lor-Van, the Lor’s homeworld, and the fragmentation of the Khanate into several competing territories.


    Mostly home to the Praetorians, with a light smattering of dashing rogues, it can difficult to find others to enjoy the swashbuckling adventures of space. That said those that venture out aren’t restricted by PL beyond those of the site.


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