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  • Modifiers and Power Structures

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    Affects Objects: If a Construct is hit by a Fortitude effect with Extra: Affects Objects, it gains a Reflex save in place of the Fortitude save.


    Autofire: Autofire is limited to one rank; the second and third are not permitted.


    Insidious: This modifier is a 1PP Power Feat, not a +1PP/rank extra.


    No Saving Throw: This Extra is not permitted on player characters.


    Progression (Save DC): Powers which are not normally Attack effects, but which become so through the application of Extra: Attack or Flaw: Saving Throw, such as Concealment or Luck Control, can have the DC of their saving throws increased by +1 per rank with the Progression feat.


    Restricted: A Device may have up to three ranks of Restricted, granting one of the following effects:

    • Restricted 1 [Only Group Can Use] : Only a defined group can use your Device, for everyone else it has no Powers at all.
    • Restricted 2 [Only Character Can Use]: Only you - and no one else - can use your Device. It can be taken away, but not used against you.
    • Restricted 2 [Only Group Can Lift]: Your Device can only be lifted by a defined group. If they can lift the Device hey have full access to its Powers.
    • Restricted 3 [Only Group Can Lift]: Your Device can only be lifted by a defined group and only you may use its Powers.


    The defined group can be anything from 'only women' to 'only members of an organization' to 'only characters with Datalink' but must be broad enough to reasonably come up in play. Similar to a Complication, when this clause creates a disadvantage for the Device's owner that character is awarded an HP. In this way there is both a mechanical and storytelling advantage to choosing a restriction which will come up more frequently.


    If the defined group involves a personal quality rather than a defined attribute - ie. 'only the worthy' - the specific requirements must be made clear. Is worthiness defined by selflessness, martial prowess, humility? Remember that the GM will ultimately use their own best judgement as to whether another character meets those requirements, albeit with input from the player.


    Subtle: Subtle for the Communication and the ESP powers works as stated in ULTIMATE POWER. For all other effects, Subtle works as follows:

    • Subtle 1 requires a DC 20 Notice check to be detected by normal senses, but is noticed automatically by an appropriate [Descriptor] Awareness power.
    • Effects with Subtle 2 cannot be detected by normal senses, but can be noticed by an appropriate [Descriptor] Awareness power if the observer makes a DC 20 Notice check.



    New Modifiers


    Multiple Weapons [Ranked]: The character has two or more hand-held weapons or pieces of equipment represented by an Easy-to-Lose Device. Being disarmed while holding one of these weapons does not prevent the character from using the other weapons unless they are also removed from their possession. Each rank of Multiple Weapons adds another weapon beyond the first. These can be identical copies or unique items represented by an Array.



    Device 2 (10PP Container; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose; Power Feats: Multiple Weapons 1) [7PP] (twin magic pistols)

    Damage 4 (Extras: Ranged, Power Feats: Accurate 1, Improved Critical 1) [10DP] (fire, magic)


    Device 3 (15PP Container; Flaws: Easy-to-Lose; Power Feats: Alternate Power 2, Multiple Weapons 2) [13PP] (high-tech arsenal)

    Base: Damage 5 (Extras: Penetrating; Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 2, Mighty) [15DP] (lightning sword; electricity, tech)

    AP: Move Object 7 (Power Feats: Precise) [15DP] (gravity gun; gravimetric, tech)

    AP: Stun 5 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Ranged) [15DP] (mind scrambler; psionic, tech)



    Power Structures (Arrays, Containers, Variables)


    Increasing the Action required to activate or reconfigure an Array or Container is a Drawback, not a Flaw. Modifying the Action required to reconfigure a Variable Power is still a Flaw.


    Fortune Feats (feats which require the use of a Hero Point) cannot be folded into Arrays or acquired with Variable Powers. They must be purchased as stand-alone, always-active traits, whether they are normal feats or power feats.


    Skills and Feats in general are not explicitly forbidden from being acquired with VPs or folded into arrays as Enhanced Trait APs, but this sort of thing is not encouraged and will be watched closely by the Moderators.


    Variable Power: Powers built upon the Variable Power structure, such as Shapeshift or Mimic, cannot be Alternate Powers in an Array. The versatility of a Variable Power is balanced by its high overhead cost; placing it in an Array would negate that by allowing the character to switch to another Alternate Power and convert that overhead cost into another, higher-ranked power.


    Skills and Feats acquired through a Variable Power are limited to a number of allocated power points equal to the rank of the Variable Power. Therefore a character with Mimic 3 (15PP Variable Power, All Target's Traits, Multiple Traits at Once) [15PP] can acquire +12 Intimidate and Attack Focus [Melee] 3 but not +20 Intimidate or Attack Focus [Melee] 6. As with spending a Hero Point for a Heroic Feat, Fortune Feats may not be acquired through a Variable Power.


    When submitting a character with a Variable Power, you must list a few sample configurations on the character sheet, to give the Moderators (and any potential GMs) a general idea of how you intend to use it.

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