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  • Extra Effort and Drawbacks

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    When using Extra Effort, you can gain two of the listed benefits, even stacking two of the same type of benefit. However, when using this Extraordinary Effort, you also double the cost of the effort; you're Exhausted starting the turn after your extraordinary effort. If you are already Fatigued, you are Unconscious. If you are already Exhausted, then you cannot use extraordinary effort. Spending a Hero Point at the start of your next turn reduces the cost of your extraordinary effort to merely Fatigued, the same as a regular extra effort.


    Holding Back: This drawback from Hero High is banned.

    Nagging Injury: These drawbacks from Agents of Freedom are allowed on a case-by-case basis, although most of them are considered Uncommon, Minor drawbacks worth 1PP.

    Nightmares: This drawback from Mecha & Manga is explicitly allowed. A character with this drawback must roll the Fatigue check at the start of every thread, and again every time the character sleeps and wakes up within the same thread.

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