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  • Equipment, Vehicles, and Constructs

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    If an object's Toughness is reduced below -5 by a Drain Toughness effect, then that object is Destroyed.


    Most Vehicle and Headquarters Features from Agents of Freedom and The Book of Magic are allowed.


    Communicators: A character of average or greater Wealth may have a normal consumer cellphone as part of their implied possessions without paying Equipment Points. This phone is not practical for use in combat, requires a compatible network and is subject to interference at the GM's discretion as befits the plot. This may be flavoured as a basic 'communicator' with the same mechanical limitations.


    Communication bought as Equipment requires a Move Action when used during combat and is subject to the same GM fiat as all Equipment. It may not be Subtle or Selective.



    Communication 5 (Radio, 5 miles; Extra: Area; Flaw: Limited [Other X-Phones]) [5EP] (X-Phone)


    Communication bought as a Power or Device can be used as a Free Action during combat and may be Subtle and/or Selective. GM fiat against it is worth a Hero Point.


    Temporal Limbo: This HQ Feature from The Book of Magic is explicitly banned.





    See "Vehicle Combat" on the Combat page of the Guidebook.





    Any character without a Constitution score is considered a Construct. Constructs are by definition objects and not living creatures.


    All Constructs must purchase the 30PP Immunity to Fortitude Effects at character creation. Otherwise, their lack of a CON score would kill them.


    Constructs do not suffer nonlethal damage conditions, such as Bruised or Staggered. Any nonlethal damage suffered by a Construct (or an inanimate object) is automatically converted to lethal damage (so a Construct who suffers a Bruise from nonlethal combat damage would suffer an Injury instead).

    However, if an attack is incapable of inflicting lethal damage, as the result of a drawback, then it is incapable of harming a Construct (since the attacker cannot choose to inflict lethal damage).


    Constructs can be Dazed by combat damage, just like living creatures.


    If a Construct is hit by a Fortitude effect with the +Affects Objects extra (which overrides their Fortitude Immunity), it gains a Reflex save in place of the Fortitude save. Inanimate objects, on the other hand, get no saving throw and suffer the maximum possible effect (with the exception of Devices, whose wearers/wielders can make saves on their behalf, as detailed in the Combat chapter).

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