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The Shadow Zone and The Attometer


The Shadow Zone and The Attometer
Speedsters can wind up a lot of different places when they pass the speed of light. They might travel in time, space, or dimensions. The Shadow Zone is all of these. It is one place where a speedster may be if they exceed the speed of light. It exists as a roiling plane of kinetic energy and darkness. It seems like a swirling red and black desert that occasionally crackles with dry red lightning in the sky. 


These are the places where light isn't fast enough to reach. The place rolls and moves, everything here is bathed in shadows and the latent heat of super luminal things. Time and distance are inexact here, time mostly flows forward, albeit at a far slower pace in general. Distances might be shorter or longer or plain different. It isn't a true alternate plane rather it is a location at least on prime that is highly difficult to reach. 


The Speedster Hyperactive has found that his super luminal travel will get him here. He has also built a base here known as the Attometer. 


Location and Appearance

The whole Shadow Zone is like a desert. Dunes and a prevailing howling wind buffet any traveler. The Shadow Zone's black skies are often filled with red lightning that originates and dissipates without a clear origin or end point. Rarely these bolts strike the ground. 


Anyone with true sight or who can see the connections between dimensions may realize the shadowy dunes are places and times. Diving into one and slowing down enough would get the person to the location in the dune. 


The Attometer is a large complex that is in the same black and green as Hyperactive's costume, a glowing beacon of life and hope in the shadows. It is his personal retreat and recovery zone. It includes places for living and housing multiple heroes. It is also a place to run tests and experiment. 


The Attometer when viewed from above looks like a massive letter H. The West Wing of the compound is the more public side. It houses the gyms, infirmary, laboratories along with meeting rooms. The northernmost corner also houses the transporter units that take people across the multiverse. The East Wing houses living spaces, the kitchen, as well as meeting places and living rooms. The center is a bridge which curves up and over the sands of the Shadow Zone. A large circular room is above this bridge and rotates, (in Hyperactive's words, "why not?") this serves as the main command center for the Attometer. This houses the computer and communications system of the base. 



The Attometer is a hub of inter-dimensional transit for Hyperactive. 

It is also a stable place for running a variety of physics experiments involving superluminal particles. As such Hyperactive often leases lab space to Archetech or other research groups. The Shadow Zone also is harsh enough that some people use it to test high speed vehicles or intense environment suits. 



Hyperactive is really the only person who consistently goes into the Shadow Zone. His girlfriend Emily Masters aka fellow Waco Warrior Triple Threat also lives in the Shadow Zone.

Some of the Waco Warriors use the base, but not all of them. Doctor Orion uses it if he needs to traverse the multiverse, and Druid tends to hang out there. 




April 1, 2017: the Attometer becomes operational.

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