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The Parrin System


Stellar Classification: M3 (Red Giant)
Number of Planets: 7

An inhabited system along the unclaimed expanse between the Lor Republic and the Stellar Khanate, the natives of the Parrin System are an advanced race that has long maintained neutrality between the two space powers.  This neutrality allowed the Parrinians to trade and maintain diplomatic relations with powers.  The system contains a number of shipyards and other services for passing ships from both the Republic and the Khanate. 

The system possesses nine planets that orbit a large red sun three times the size of Sol.  The native Parrinians developed on the system's third planet.  After developing spaceflight they went on to fully colonize the system's second and fourth planet as well as two moons orbiting the second planet.  Smaller mining outposts exist on the first, sixth and seventh planets, as well as several of the moons throughout the system. 

Notable Places:  The Solar Dawn, a casino located on a large space station positioned at the edge of an inner system asteroid belt that rings the system's large red sun. 

Status following Incursion:  Unknown 

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