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Syl'n System


Stellar Classification: G2 (main-sequence)
Number of Planets: 8 

An uninhabited system inside the Lor Republic close to the border with the Grue Unity.  Half the system's planets orbit close to the system's bright yellow star, making conditions on them harsh for most forms of organic life. 

Notable Places:  Syl'n V is located within the system's "Goldilocks" zone, developing conditions very similar to Earth.  Just a bit smaller than Earth, the planet is covered in bright blue oceans, with several large island continents primarily situated along its equator.  Much of the planet hosts a tropical climate, with more temperate climates toward the poles.  The planet has a wide range of flora and fauna that has developed, all non-sentient. 

The Lor corporation Kazzack Biogenetics has a small outpost on the coast of one of Syl'n V's continents.  The outpost is involved in harvesting clear blue tinted liquid from a rare plant which contains remarkable medicinal properties and is used in several advanced healing treatments.  

Status Following Incursion: Unknown (Syl'n was located on the side of the Republic opposite the Communion's main advance, and likely emerged unscathed from the conflict) 

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