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Nichtüberall ("Not Anywhere")

Dr Archeville

     When Doktor Archeville (or the malevolent Other within him) really needed to get away, he went here.  It was his ultimate refuge, a place where he could concentrate on projects without any interruptions, where nothing would disturb him and no one could find him.  Nichtüberall, a secret base known only to him, was completed in April of 2010.

     In January 2011, Doktor Archeville revealed the existence of this facility to Blueshift, Push, Supercape, and Victory, after they stopped a planet-killer asteroid from impacting Earth.  During the ArchEvil event (20011 June), BlueshiftPush, and Victory fought Meta-Ceptors on Nichrüberall.  What remained of the satellite was given to given to the Freedom League.  Nichtüberall was used by members of The Lab as a secure place to study Gorgon nanites in Fall 2011.  It is currently mothballed, but may be used as a long-range early-warninng system to warn of extrasolar threats.



     Inside a large (house-sized) asteroid in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.



     Nichtüberall is entirely contained within the asteroid; there are no external indications that it is anything other than just one of the 2,000,000 other space rocks in the belt.



     Nichtüberall features luxurious quarters, a well-stocked library, an automated kitchen, and enough labs for him to do most of his work; there isn't enough room for extensive testing of devices, so the labs mainly focus on theoretical work and computer modeling of prototypes.  (He can save the data to the memory systems in his Electromagnetic Screwdriver and download it into one of his Earth-based computers at the first opportunity.)



     Only Doktor Archeville knows about Nichtüberall: no humans were involved in its constructions, all robots involved in the construction were ultimately recycled into components of the HQ itself, and all information related to it was erased from his Earth-based computers (and his Electromagnetic Screwdriver) after it was completed.  The only way to track it down (other than reading Archeville's mind) would be an intense analysis of the coordinate system used by the Micro-Wormhole Generator in his Gravimetric Belt, which is how he usually gets there (it takes several "jumps").

     It can receive transmissions from Earth, but he never communicates back since that could reveal its location.  Additionally, its distance from Earth -- 3 AU from the Sun, so 2 to 4 AU (185,911,614 - 371,823,228 miles) from Earth depending on their relative positions -- means standard transmissions would not reach Nichtüberall for 16.6 to 33.3 minutes.

     At its closest, it would require Teleport 13 to reach it in one hop from the Earth.  At its most distant, it would require Teleport 14 to reach in one go.

     Its distant location is its best protection, but Archeville does not rely on that alone.  A stealth field damps out any electromagnetic "noise" the equipment inside makes, and a "mental stealth field" built into the walls makes it so anyone scanning for him psionically "sees" nothing unusual about the asteroid.  A variable phasic shield keeps nosy/wandering energy beings & incorporeal entities out.

     See here for stats.

     The name is a pun: Nichtüberall is close to Nacht überall, “Night Everywhere.”


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