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Galor System


Stellar Classification: G1 (main-sequence)
Number of Planets: 5 

An inhabited system along the unclaimed expanse between the Lor Republic and the Stellar Khanate.  The native species has friendly relations and trade agreements with the Lor Republic.  Only the third planet is in habited, although mining outposts have been established on the second and fourth planets, as well as a number of moons within the system. 

Notable Places:  Galor III: the only inhabited planet in the system, it is a little larger than Earth, and has a much closer orbit to its bright yellow sun.  The planet is a barren desert and rocky planet, with sentient reptilian species that developed in various connected ravines and canyons that provided shelter from the intense sun and access to cave systems connected with underground aquifers. 

Yollon City:  One of the major cities on Galor III, built along the walls of a series of connected ravines and canyons.  The low buildings blend well with the natural surroundings and are often covered on the outside with plants to help keep them cooler.   

Status Following Incursion: The system was just outside the main path of the Communion advance into the Lor Republic, and thus avoided any major damage during the Incursion.  However, its near the section of the Khanate taken over by Sovereign, who has begun looking to expand his new "empire" in its direction. 

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