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CoVic Station Nameless District (Bugtown)


Nameless District ('Bugtown')


Location:  Coalition Victory Station, Kesteven 79 


After the Nameless were exposed during the Incursion three Terran years ago, the enigmatic cyborgs had to face the reality that no one trusted them, even after several of them aided the fledgling Coalition during the fighting. But it soon became clear that, due to the insidious way they'd wormed their way into the very fabric of the Republic, it would be far easier to come to some sort of terms with them than try to root them out. One of the terms that was negotiated was that the Nameless had to turn over all the illegally obtained goods they'd acquired over the years, including any property held on any Lor worlds. Not every agent did this, of course, or they only turned over some and kept others hidden. But overall, the effect left nearly a thousand sentient creatures effectively homeless.


When the Communion mothership was being converted into Coalition Victory Station, it was decided that an area should be set aside for their use, and so a large section was chosen near the waste treatment facilities. It was chosen for two reasons: one, the presence of so much decaying matter created large quantities of methane, the natural atmosphere of the Nameless pilots, and two, no one really liked or trusted the enigmatic creatures, so metaphorically sticking them in the ship's posterior seemed very appropriate. However, the Nameless don't really mind; as a hive species, they have no issues with cramped quarters, and being tucked out of sight and out of mind in a way gave them a lot of freedom.


'Bugtown', as this enclave is often called, is divided between three decks, locally referred to as 'the Market', 'the Lower Berths' and 'the Hives'; each area serves a specific function, and feels very different from the others.


The Market is a maze-like area set aside for the Nameless shells to both stretch their legs and interact with other races; it features small nightclubs, restaurants, several legitimate businesses, and tucked away in the darker corners, a few 'specialty shops' with no names that offer illegal services. The Republic officially denounces this 'warren of vice and crime', while its elected officials often come here in secret.


The Lower Berths are where the Nameless shells go during their downtime; each agent is provided a small individual berth, not unlike the Japanese capsule hotels, typically 2m x 1.25m x 1m, though the larger Tac shells often require special accommodation. While row upon row of 'cells' might seem confining to most Lor or humans, the Nameless do not find them so, especially since they spend most of their time in their berths either recharging in rest cycle or connecting with each other via telepathy or ShellNet, a powerful, private wireless network. Storage space for changes of clothing is provided in each berth, while shell cleaning and maintenance are done in large public sanitary stations.


The Hives are kept far from the sight of other races; it is here that the Nameless pilots may come out of their shells to mingle freely among their hivemates in large, deep chambers full of methane gas. There are three sets of chambers here, but one currently goes unused, because the Third Hive went into hiding after the Nameless were exposed during the Incursion, though it still awaits them if they ever chose to claim it. The Tertians and their queen are currently in parts unknown somewhere within the Republic, posing a constant threat. The Hives are also used for reproduction and the rearing of the young prior to them receiving their first shell. The two queens who are currently in residence are under constant monitoring and protection for their own safety.


Note: Nameless shells are not produced anywhere on CoVic Station; they are assembled at a remote facility somewhere in Lor space, the location of which is one of the most tightly guarded secrets in the galaxy.

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