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1480 King Boulevard (Cross Roads) - RETIRED


1480 King Boulevard


1480 King Boulevard is a five-story apartment building, a blocky cube dressed in pale gray stone a few blocks north-northeast of Freedom City University. It was built in the 1950s as off-campus student housing, with thirty-one rail car style units per floor. In 1973 it was sold to the current owners, who converted it into a regular apartment building and combined every two units into one, by the simple expedient of knocking down some interior walls and bricking up some doorways. The 'extra' unit on every floor was converted into a communal sitting room, encouraging the tenants to mingle more than in some other buildings.

The basement is fully finished; when the building was originally constructed, it was thought this would become a common area for the student tenants. When the structure was remodeled, this became yet another vacant room that could be rented by the half-day. For the last few months, though, it's been the physical location of Cross' Roads.

Notable Tenants

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