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A world apart


Utopia Isle is a landmass and area of seawater, concealed by dimensional folding from the inhabitants of Earth. It is located roughly in the vicinity of the famous Bermuda Triangle, the dimensional manipulation a major cause of technological failures, vanished craft and persons over the ages.


It and most its people are a remnant of the ancient Atlantean civilization, refugees who survived the Cataclysm that sank their home continent and Lemuria, stronghold of the remorseless Serpent People. Isolated from the rest of the world, they have had over a hundred millennia to develop and refine their understanding of science, becoming one and all masters of physics, biology, philosophy, mathematics and technological development. After the drowning of Atlantis thanks to mystical overreach the Utopians have foresworn magic and the imperialism of their ancestors, devoting themselves to the peaceful study and contemplation of life and the universe.


Thanks to this, every Utopian is a pinnacle of humanity. Strong, wise, unaging after maturity and unaffected by decay or disease.


A history of mystery


Because of their strict policy of isolation from the outside world, Utopia Isle is largely unknown outside the supers community. Its most famous child, the Envoy who ventured to the United States during the Second World War, claimed to be from a nebulous foriegn country and volunteering no information about his home, though he freely gave some of the wisdom the Utopians had learned in an attempt to end the global suffering. Unsurprisingly, he failed, and after the war the Envoy returned to Utopia Isle, his stories about the Earth he had seen strengthening the resolve of the Utopians not to emerge. Other, more secretive Utopians had gone out to explore the world like Envoy, but all were recalled after his return.


Nevertheless, there has been occasional traffic with Utopia. Sailors, aircraft passengers, shipwreck survivors and more have washed up on their shores, some preferring to stay and join the calm and peace of the Utopians rather than return. Others go back, though only after swearing not to reveal the location of the island. Even the sole known wicked Utopian, Karai, father of the peerless assassin Keira, never betrayed his people.


Some encounters between regular humans and Utopians beget children, though thanks to Utopian science only by choice. Of those children the highest in Earth's hierarchies is Chalcedony Jones, born in love by the Utopian explorer Auriana and head of covert operations for the United Nations International Superhuman Oversight Network. While she isn't a native of the island and her heritage is unknown to others, Jones has championed its values of harmony and compassion even while leading the fight against international villainy.


A little world of wonders


Utopia Isle is home to untold miracles of science, with technology powerful enough to easily provide for the needs of the inhabitants. Futuristic, soaring architecture and humble structures older than modern humanity festoon the tropical island, blending thousands of years of development in a seamless, fantastical whole. 


While its horizons are small, and every blade of grass has been counted, it's a world where greed and hate are unknown and a well-honed mind is counted the most valuable possession. 


Though lacking the powers of their northern cousins, the Ultima of Thule, the Utopians can replicate practically any power through science and are practically immortal, letting generations of learning and wisdom raise Utopia Isle to paradisiacal heights.  


A ticking clock


Utopia Isle's one true flaw is the Utopians' belief that they can evade detection forever. The longer they avoid it, the greater the risk that the people who find them won't care about their philosophy, seeing only treasures and skilled slaves for the taking. With the kinds of villains that haunt the world of Freedom, this is only a matter of time.

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