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Tiffany Korta

The Kingdom of Dakana


Dakana is a small Sub-Saharan African country* that has throughout its history managed to remain both isolated and independent. Thanks to a limited trade in Daka crystal and other exotic materials, from its extensive mines, it is a wealthy country that has invested in its populous education and high technology.


Relatively unknown until the 1960's and the appearance of the White Lion, Defender of Dakana, as part of the Freedom League. After he left the league M'Zale took on the mantle of King and reformed the Kingdom opening up limited access to the outside world.



Dakana is divided into Ukoo (clans) who by traditions named after the ancestral animal that embodies and protects them. Unlike some places ownership in a clan isn't a static thing people can move between clans and there is a taboo against people marrying with members of the same Ukoo. Each Ukoo gets to choose a leader who gets's to sit on Dakana's ruling council (see below).


The most powerful clans are the White Lions, traditional defenders of Dakana, and the Red Hyenas and Ghost Dogs feared warriors and scholars.



Before M'Zale's reforms, the White Lion was the uncontested leaders of Dakana the King or Queen word was lore, though they were advised by the council. Now the King or Queen is tasked with the defence of the kingdom, both physical and spiritual. Now those who take on the mantle of the White Lion are banned from taking a seat on the council, though they will confer with them in times of great crisis.


The council now decides the policies of the entire nation, though for those that affect the entire nation everyone gets to vote. Before the reform, only the Major Ukoo go a seat on the council now all Ukoo get a place and an equal vote.


The major divisions in the council are on the future of Dakana. Those led by M'Balla, who recently gave up the mantle of White Lion, wish to focus on defending the borders of Dakana whilst also providing economic and limited technological aid to the outside world. In opposition is Makeda of the Red Hyena, and former Queen, who advocates for Dakana to take a more active role in world politics.


Economy and Technology

Dakana is literally and metaphorically built upon Daka Crystals, who strange energy storage technology has made them invaluable for Dakana. Much of Dakana's technology is based on their crystals allow everyone to enjoy cheap plentiful power and free public transport for all.


Indeed the Daka Crystal use to be used and currency and modern coins are called Uzito wa Daka (Weight of Daka).


Dakana rarely sells it crystal to those outside the country, instead, most of its wealth comes from sales of other exotic materials also found in the mining of the crystals.


International Relations

Much debate is going on in Dakana over whether it should be more involved more in international politics, but for now it remains neutral for almost everything except disaster relief.


Dakana does have a small number of people from outside the country living there semi-permanently, mostly from experts in mining engineering and a few scientist and academics. They are heavily vetted and hired under strict contracts.


Currently, Dakana is closed off to International Businesses, preferring local businesses instead. There is a discussion of allowing a limited number of outside companies to be allowed to operate in Dakana as long as they are almost completely run by local staff.


Dakana standing army, organised along Ukoo lines, are purely for defensive purposes and do not operate outside of the nation. And as such there is no agreement for International organisation to operate inside the country, though on rare occasions UNISON has been allowed limited access.


Wakana fielded its first Olympic team in London 2012 and since the millennium taken part in the African and World Cup with moderate success so far.



N'Gome ya Watu (Stronghold of the People) - Capital of the kingdom and home to both the Council and Royal family, N'Gome ya Watu is a mix of traditional African and modern high tech architecture. The city is served by K'Ribi International Airport, that allows a limited number of outsiders to visit Dakana.


Mji wa Soko (Market City) - Until recently this was the only place where outsiders could trade good with Dakana, and still many trade in its traditional markets. Most now come to experience the Dakana way of life, especially now that they no longer have to hide Dakana advanced technology. Mji was Soko is the most cosmopolitan of Dakana cities and where new ideas from the continent flow into the country.


*Where is it located you might ask? Well, whilst it was originally said to exist surrounded by Sudan (now South Sudan), Ethiopia, Kenya, (Uganda) and the (Democratic Republic) Congo. However, Freedom Most Wanted centres it around Kilimanjaro and long way from there in Tanzania. There is no sane way to connect the two sensibly, so Dakana actual location is a vague thing.

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