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Calavera Cantina

Tiffany Korta

Calavera Cantina
Once you descend the stairs, past the always changing bouncer, you enter a mostly traditional Mexica style cantina. The place is nothing but traditional in its clientele, however, as only those who have died can enter the place and enjoy the delicious and various food and drinks on offer.


Location and Appearance

The Cantina is not an easy place to find, existing mostly in Limbo, though almost every big city you'll find the door somewhere. The entrance is a nondescript door that will be found in an area that's seen a high number or particularly notorious death. Ghost can apparently enter and leave at will whilst those still on the earthly plane must carry two copper coins from the date they died, it doesn't matter if you survived or not just that for at least a moment you were dead.


The cantina itself is a mostly traditional Mexican style, with lots of Día de los Muertos style imagery, with plenty of space though it never seems to have a few people milling around.


For those undead in the know, and humans that deal with them, the Cantina is considered neutral ground, with any trouble quickly dealt with but the ever changing bouncer. It also handy for those undead that are trying for whatever reasons to keep up a long distance relationship of any stripe.



Apparent from those ghosts and undead that frequent the place infrequently only two people seem to be on permanent staff, neither of which anyone has found out the true name off.
No one is sure if the bouncer is just one person, or a series of different people, though many have sworn that they've never seen the same person twice ever. They, who many obviously nickname Cerberus, never seem to speak though they are quick and very capable if trouble starts.


The bar keeper is a rather fetching woman of indeterminate age, whose face shows that she's seen a lot in her previous life. In contrast to the bouncer she eloquent and knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects. In fact, the only thing she'll never talk about is who she was before she came to work at the cantina.



With the place being fairly obscure, and many that frequent the place being mortally challenged, records of the history of the cantina is fairly sparse.

For the few that have traced the crumbs, it seems that the place has existed since at least the late 19th and early 20th century. And whilst the decor has changed over the time its method of entry and staff haven't seem to have altered in all that time.


With its obvious decor, some have tried to claim an Aztec origin for the place, maybe as part of Mictlan, though no evidence beyond the Mexican style seems to back this claim.

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