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Training Institution for Assisting and Managing Unlawful Terror. 


In Brief: a school to train up henchmen and potentially a next generation of villains. 



T.I.A.M.U.T. has been around since 2007. However only within the past two years have they been truly active. TIAMUT was founded off the ill gotten gains of around a half dozen villains. These villains were sick and tired of ineffective and uncoordinated henchmen. So they sought to recruit young troubled teens and make them effective henchmen for their plots. 

Recruits are instilled with a sense of discipline and belonging. They aren't just given quality combat education, but also a fairly high quality traditional education. To hear the graduates talk about it, T.I.A.M.U.T. sounds more like a boys and girls club or fraternity/sorority than a criminal academy. In fact some villains wonder if T.I.A.M.U.T. grads are more loyal to T.I.A.M.U.T. than their new bosses. Not that this has ever come up T.I.A.M.U.T. grads are the most professional henchmen on the market. Exceptional in combat and often displaying exceptional and appropriate initiative. 

Currently rumor has it that T.I.A.M.U.T. is training young troubled metahumans to not just be top ranked henchmen but villains in their own right. 


In The World:

T.I.A.M.U.T. does predominantly provide henchman to super villains. They often don matching uniforms to whoever is hiring them, looking more like villains of the seventies. Don't be fooled though, most graduates will not think twice about killing if that's part of their employers brand. In fact villains who are hiring T.I.A.M.U.T. graduates have to prove they won't get them all instantly killed and arrested by run of the mill cops or an incompetent hero, meaning the villains using T.I.A.M.U.T. have to be decent quality as well. 

Not all T.I.A.M.U.T. graduates go on to henchmen work. Some actually pursue education with the law. Some of the first class are defense attorneys and potentially moving on to be politicians. 



T.I.A.M.U.T. Has locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and now New Jersey. These facilities are training locations for new recruits. 


Known operatives and associated villains:


Headmaster: a telepath who oversees the education of all the students of T.I.A.M.U.T. 


Master Fu Shen: a nuclear powered martial artist who runs combat training for T.I.A.M.U.T.


TR011: hired a set of T.I.A.M.U.T. grads. 



[OOC] T.I.A.M.U.T. serves as a source for villainous henchmen in Freedom and potentially beyond. They all have some skill in knowledge tactics (3-5 ranks) and teamwork 3. To be fair, most graduates of T.I.A.M.U.T. is still probably PL 5 (I used SWAT officers). The elite graduates are going to be around PL 7. 

The rumors of a school that could be an inverse to Claremont somewhere is a thought I had for this.


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