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The League of Overlord Associates


The League of Overlord Associates, "LOA"

In brief: The international henchman's union.
Thanks to decades of tradition and their relative cheapness and interchangeability, henchmen have been a reliable backbone of many supervillainous organizations. However, in the last decade or so there has been a massive push by the unpowered minions of evil to better working conditions, pay and equipment from their patrons. This so far has been grudgingly accepted by masterminds the world over, as superpowered henchmen are thus far much more unreliable, rarer and exponentially more expensive. The improvement in performance has been substantial, but time will tell if it is enough for the powerless to keep their place in the world of supers.
More individual-focused organizations, like Overthrow or some branches of the Ghostworks, have a very strong LOA presence, largely on account of its benefits for morale and loyalty to a mastermind who treats their underlings like people. At least nominally. Obviously, groups like SHADOW or the Foundry have little reason to care. The inner circle of the Labyrinth has a commission underway exploring the pros and cons of upgrading to LOA standards at their more permanent operations. 
Worldwide, the number of card-carrying members is likely in the tens of thousands and steadily growing.
LOA-certified henchmen are typically 1-3 PL higher than normal, with Equipment/Devices to match, the Teamwork 2 Feat and 5 ranks in Knowledge(Tactics). Otherwise they're dependent on their employer and little different from other minions.
Improving the lot of everyone unpowered who has somehow come to work for criminal masterminds who want to variously take over or destroy the world. 

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