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The Deadly Dozen


During the Communion Incursion, dozens of worlds in the path of the Communion advance were evacuated to save the civilian populations and deny the Communion as many additional drones and other material as possible. On one Lor world so evacuated was a high security prison which was also emptied, its inmates placed on a prison transport vessel, the Sar-lan for relocation. However, among the inmates were a dozen incredibly dangerous individuals, who either were superior examples of their species unusual abilities or had gained abilities far beyond those their species normally exhibited. This group of prisoners, led by a highly intelligent, former Lor Mentat, engineered an escape and took command of the Sar-lan, which was initially presumed lost during the war.


However, at the conclusion of the Incursion, the Lor received reports of suspected sightings of the Sar-lan and, with its resources stretched thin due to casualties in the war, the Republic requested the assistance of the Praetorians in tracking down the transport and recapturing its occupants. The Praetorians managed to track down the Sar-lan in orbit around the remote planet Dreeda III and discovered the escaped prisoners had taken control of the small Lor colony. The Praetorians quickly came into conflict with the escaped prisoners, and in particular the twelve exceptional beings among the group. After defeating this Deadly Dozen, the Praetorians were able to easily deal with the other escaped prisoners, freeing the world and returning all the prisoners to Lor custody.


Currently, the Deadly Dozen are once again in Lor custody on a prison world.



Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen

Far From Home (As Time Shades)

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