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The Claremont Academy Youth Group

Claremont Academy, attracting students from all over the United States, the world, and beyond, is home to a wide variety of faith traditions - and naturally one of the largest is the one largest in the United States, the world, and may places beyond. Though Claremont has an in-house chaplain, it also has an active Christian youth group that currently has half-a-dozen members. The youth group (usually just called "The Youth Group" for lack of a better idea, given the theological diversity of its members) tends to do a lot of stuff on-campus. They meet on Saturday afternoons to play board games, organize charity drives, care for the needy, and otherwise do good to their little hearts's content. (They don't proselytize on-campus, but you can see them at the pole.)


The youth group tends to do things like organize canned food drives, read books to Nicholson kids at the super pre-K-through-8th-grade, work at the adopt-a-highway program (theirs is a stretch of interstate along the border between Bayview and Port Regal), and typically do the sort of charitable activities that well-meaning high school students in organizations like theirs do across the country. 


They've had a couple of incidents over the years (it turns out that what we think of as Christianity is not always the same in various dimensions and eras, and occasionally devout people who gain power get the wrong idea about their empowerment - plus one time that time-traveling boy from Puritan Massachusetts actually was the Devil) but generally they have about as much drama as any other group of teenagers. 


Come join them - tonight they're watching Star Wars, and tomorrow they're going to visit the kids down at the hospital in Lincoln! 

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