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The Chamber

A secret society bent on perpetuating its shadow rule of the Emerald Cities, a coterie of the most powerful local figures of organized crime and some of its most diabolical secret villains, with many political figures and nascent technocrats, including Maximilian Mars of MarsTech, among its associates.
[OOC] The Chamber is a book-canon organization, found in Secrets of Emerald City, which here has some modifications. 
First, counter to the status quo in the book, the Chamber and its stranglehold on what are here the Emerald Cities still exists. Max Mars is still on the board as the Commander and no Silver Storm has occurred to shatter the conspiracy's monopoly on super-powered dominance.
As in the book, Zhi, the former Dragoneye of the Golden Dragon Society, is dead. Both by the weakening of his body by poison from his subordinate Feng-Li Chen and from the shock of being confronted by the neophyte superhero the Salmon. Also as in the book, the dragon's mystic power has not been granted to Chen, though no other Dragoneye has appeared. Chen has kept up appearances with magic artifacts.

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