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Hey! This is a short overview of the major factions/species who are fleeing the Nobles, leading to the events of Diaspora. It's a more or less WIP, with more information potentially being added later.


The Oog’ol

The Oog’ol are a species native to an asteroid field. Their physique is adjusted to living in the vacuum of space, with large limbs, each of them covered in a series of different layers of natural protection. They can sustain themselves off of minerals, but large populations require quite an amount of minerals, meaning they will always be moving from asteroid to asteroid. Oog’ol believe in independence. They feel that every member of their species should be able to travel by themselves should they want to do so. This has led to the creation of personal spaceships, roughly equivalent to motorbikes. Each Oog’ol (some exceptions may apply), owns their personal one, and is fully capable of maintaining and repairing it.

Oog’ol are fierce warriors, and have for a long time collected protection payments (in form of either currency or minerals), from species bordering them. They are known to be hotheaded, but will also act calculated in larger operations.


The Asshui

The core tenet of Asshui culture is travel. They believe that only by travelling, they can grow. Previously, the Asshui held a small amount of systems, with many of them deciding to leave those altogether and join merchant ship crews, travelling around the galaxy. Biologically, Asshui are notable because they self-replicate once every 400 days, birthing a nearly exact genetic clone of themselves. This incredible amount of population growth is countered by a short lifespan (anything above 30 years is rare), and a natural tendency to chase dangerous situations.

Asshui are of average height, their body covered in a usually yellow carapace.


The Toroton

The Toroton hail from a “titanic” world. Everything on the planet, including the planet itself, are much larger than what is generally seen as the galactic average. Grass the size of a child, bushes the size of people. Toroton are usually about 10 meters tall, the rest of their physique is similar to that of humans. They only recently developed technology to travel amongst the stars, and their size has already made them a special case, their starships obviously built to adjust for it, with simple shuttles often bigger than some other species’ advanced ships.

Toroton are generally peaceful, and don’t care much about warfare. They are scientists and philosophers primarily, having gone from the discovery of metalworking to their first spacecraft in an, on a historical scale, incredibly short amount of time.

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