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Woodsman Reputation Table

Avenger Assembled

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DC 10 Woodsman is a terrifying vigilante - a deadly marksman, tracker, and hand-to-hand fighter. 

DC 20 Woodsman is active generally in the northwest of Vibora Bay, but he'll turn up anywhere on that damn motorcycle. Some people laugh when they see how little he is but they don't do it long! 

DC 25 Woodsman seems to be younger than you'd think for someone of his evident training and skill; and he doesn't seem like someone from around here


Knowledge (Cosmology) 

DC 20 (with the proper super-senses) Woodsman is not from this dimension. 


Knowledge (Streetwise) 

DC 10 Oh jeez, it's Woodsman! 

DC 15 They say he took out six guys from the Sons with a f#($ing camping hatchet! 

DC 20 He's not actually a killer but goddamn he'll make you wish he was. 



DC 10 Woodsman is _extremely_ good in the wild; much better than you'd expect even a normal soldier or cop to be. e

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