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Ultra Girl Reputation


Courtney Wright

Gather Information 

DC 10: She’s a student at Arcadian High. Only enrolled a couple months ago, but she’s a quite impressive student. Super smart and well-liked by her classmate. Her mother, Norene Wright, is an electrician. Apparently, she and her moved around a lot before coming to Emerald City.

DC 15: Ever hear about the street race that went down near Arcadian Peaks a while back? Well, some idiot’s car went berserk at it and nearly ran over a couple of kids that were watching. Courtney was there when it happened! She might have even been one of the people who nearly got hit.

DC 20: Eyewitnesses say that Courtney not only at that street race, but that she was the one who stopped the rampaging car when it went haywire, doing so with her bare hands! Courtney also happens to bear a rather strong likeness to Emerald City’s new superhero Ultra Girl.

DC 25: There is no evidence of Courtney or her mother ever existing before 2018. It’s highly likely that their identities have been expertly fabricated. In fact, Norene closely resembles a long missing MarsTech scientist by the name of Ada Wakefield, who disappeared about a decade ago after her husband vanished when their home in Southern Shore got raided by AEGIS.


Ultra Girl

Gather Information 

DC 10: She’s a new hero in Emerald City. Mainly protects the south side and Arcadian Peninsula in particular. People say she’s super strong and can even fly!

DC 15: Ultra Girl has been serving as a new defender of Arcadian Peninsula for a couple months now. She’s obviously a teenager and a rookie superhero. Her power set seems to include super strength, invulnerability, flight and some kind of laser vision. Maybe she’s related to Centurion or Miss Americana? Or perhaps she’s a new incarnation of Lady Liberty? People aren’t sure, and she’s pretty hush-hush about it.

DC 20: There’s something off about Ultra Girl. She’s nice, sure. Real nice. But she’s evasive about her origins, more so than most heroes. Also, she’s been spotted near MarsTech’s campus facility at Southern Shore doing some kind of reconnaissance. In fact, she seems to not be a big fan of MarsTech. And you want to know something else? Turns out she can manipulate and interface with technology! Maybe she’s not even human?

DC 25: Ultra Girl is a robot! A handful of people have reported catching caught glimpses of the circuits and mechanism under her skin whenever she takes a real bad beating in a fight. Her powers are all technological in origin. Ain’t nothing alien or magical about her. Since she’s an android, she’s vulnerable to strong magnetic forces and electrical currents. Hit her with either and she’ll struggle to keep functioning.

DC 30: Ultra Girl is not only a robot but also Courtney Wright, an honor student enrolled at Arcadian High. Her civilian identity is a complete fabrication. The same goes for her mother, Norene Wright, who bears a striking resemblance to Ada Wakefield, a prominent MarsTech roboticist that went missing a decade ago. Maybe Norene, or Ada rather, made Ultra Girl? Either way, they’ve been investigating MarsTech and seem to think the corporation is corrupt.


Knowledge [Streetwise] 

DC 10: Word is there’s a new cape in Emerald City. A rookie apparently. Mostly sticks to the south and Arcadian Peninsula. People say she’s crazy strong and can even fly, so watch out!

DC 15: Ultra Girl has been causing some trouble for the Kings and the Red River Gang down at Arcadian Peninsula. Hear she’s a real softie, though. She has one of them hero codes and sticks by it religiously. She won’t mess you up too badly or at all if she can help it.


Knowledge [Technology] 

DC 25: She’s an android! Can’t you tell? She has almost all of the dead giveaways.

DC 30: Her design clearly follows the principles of MarsTech’s top-secret Spartoi Project. It was supposed to be the new thing in A.I. and drone technology, but the prototype was stolen by one of the project’s lead roboticists who promptly disappeared.

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