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The Meta-Naut Reputation


The Meta-Naut


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DC10: The Meta-Naut is a particularly flamboyant hero who travels to other dimensions and times based in Emerald City.

DC15: The Meta-Naut has been active for at least 7 years, but sightings go back decades. 

DC20: A few villains have attempted to unmask the Meta-Naut, but it's never been successful - the Meta-Naut always appears to be someone different under the mask each time. 

DC25: The Meta-Naut definitely has some level of connection with the United States Government. Agents have always been cordial and she's shown the ability to call on them, occasionally.


Knowledge: Cosmology


DC10: The Meta-Naut regularly travels to other dimensions.

DC15: The Meta-Naut does not always go to other dimensions to do heroics. She's been sighted relaxing in Roman baths and partying with Mongols.

DC25: The Meta-Naut is a wanted criminal on Earth-KTX-12, a world where the dinosaurs never went extinct and have built a fascist civilization.


Raya Wells


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DC10: Raya Wells is the reclusive CEO of the aerospace company "Compass Rose International".  Raya Wells deliberately avoids any press at all, and is fiercely protective of her privacy. She has been known to sue any journalists who get too snoop-y. Her net worth is somewhere in the billions or tens of billions.

DC15: Wells quietly funds a lot of philanthropy, especially based in the Emerald Cities themselves. Of particular focus are areas where there are ethnic minorities, as well as LGBT centres. 

DC20: Raya Wells lives in Royal Hill, at a top suite in an apartment building. The only way to get in is with a key she has personally to an elevator. There are no stairs to her apartment. 


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