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Sun Dragon Reputation Table


Sun Dragon rep table:

Gather Information:
DC5: Leroy Ransome-Conte is the son of Freecom City-based music instructor, composer, arts advocate and political activist Lavernius Conte. He's a notorious airhead, attends the prestigious Claremont Academy, and claims that his mother is the queen of another dimension. He also has a giant green dragon for a friend.
DC10: Leroy appears to spend most of his time at school, and the one time he and his father were in the same public place resulted in a shouting match between them over Leroy's namesake uncle, apparently the Iron Age hero Golden Marvel, currently serving time for murder.
DC5: Sun Dragon is from Earth-2, a relatively well-known but still unfamiliar dimension, where history is different and mythological creatures like dragons are more common. 
DC10: Sun Dragon's home is a union of many different Earths, brought into one dimension and coexisting alongside each other. Sun Dragon is one of the union ruler's many children.
DC15: The worlds of Earth-2 are annexed by the mysterious yet legendary Army of Light, who claim each Earth was ruled by tyrants and brought by them into a utopian existence of freedom. The ruling family claims cultural descent from ancient Atlantis.
DC20: The Army of Light and Sun Dragon's family wield what they call 'the One Power', rumoured to be the same source as that used by beings like the Norn. Sun Dragon does not have this power, his being tied to a Phoros living star within his body.
DC5: A guy on a talking green dragon goes around the city, his name is Leroy and he always has plenty of cash he's happy to hand out.
DC10: Leroy doesn't appear to come from anywhere on Earth, as he regularly misidentifies or is clueless as to everyday concepts.

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