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Starlok Reputation Table


Gather Info (For Space Characters)


DC 10 - Starlok is Countess Ori-Bath, a noble from the vampire-like aliens of Nokton.

DC 15 - Starlok is currently in a dynastic struggle with her brother, Lord Ven-Ruth, over the County of Lugo on the Night Moon of Nokton.

DC 20 - Starlok has a notoriously acidic and flamboyant personality, and can be off-putting at first. She does, however, have something of a heroic side and is known to help out those in need.

DC 25 - Her brother has put a sizable bounty on her head, but few are willing to collect, especially as it is a highly illegal one.


Knowledge (Galactic Lore)


DC 15 - Though Starlok appears to be a vampire, she is a member of the Noktoni, a species of aliens that happen to simply resemble the undead creatures. She is very much alive.

DC 20 - Ori-Bath is the Countess of Lugo, a territory on Nokton roughly the size of Earth’s Arizona. However, she is not in control of it.


Knowledge (History)


DC 25 - The Panoply of Nos is an ancient set of gear, first worn around the same time of Caesar on Earth. The first bearer was known as Starlok, an ancient interstellar hero and warlord.

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