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Shooting Star Reputation

Kaede Kimura


Alice Armstrong


Gather Information 

DC 10: Alice is a teenager from the Fens, she goes to a public high school.

DC 15: Her father is the personnel manager for the Factory Worker's union, her mother is a cleaner and her brother works as a part-time mechanic. Alice had a lifelong condition that caused her muscles to atrophy but suddenly recovered on her twelfth birthday.

DC 25: Alice's brother is fairly well off considering he only works part time, but no one knows where any extra money he has might come from.


Shooting Star


Gather Information 

DC 15: Shooting Star is a minor superheroine mainly based in the Fens. 

DC 20: Shooting Star is a Paragon package, capable of flight, super strong and tough. She is incredibly strong and tough, causing a lot of collateral damage in her early appearances with some continuing to today, but in more urgent situations. She seems to enjoy performing orbital drops, fitting her name.In the four years that she's been a superhero her only real super fight was with the mercenary Steel Shade about two years ago, she won but he got away.

DC 25: Shooting Star was actually pretty young when she started, somewhere between eleven and fourteen in all estimates. After her fight with Steel Shade she was really shaken, and some blood was found at the scene. She wasn't as active for a few months after that

DC 30: Steel Shade is holding a grudge against Shooting Star for his loss and has been making stronger weapons ever since.

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