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Shadowborne Reputation

Kaede Kimura

Muirne Sceadusangere

Gather Information 

DC 10: Muirne is a teenager from England, she went to Claremont. She seems unaccustomed to many things that are staples in the modern world and speaks in an odd language.

DC 15: The language Muirne speaks is Old English, and she speaks it fluently.

DC 20: Muirne is the superhero Shadowborne, and her paper trail only really begins in 2019, and everything has been backdated from it.

DC 30: Muirne is nearly 1400 years displaced from the date of her birth after a fight with a mage named Dougal.




Gather Information 

DC 10: Shadowborne is a minor hero who has been seen in both London and Freedom City.

DC 15: Shadowborne in costume wears medieval armour and wields a spear and shield, but her powerset is apparently unrelated. She actually turns into a monster made out of shadows.

DC 25: Shadowborne actually draws power from an alternate reality called the "Shattenwelt", which is the source of all her powers. 

DC30: She is actually from the Kingdom of Kent nearly 1400 years ago.


Knowledge (History)

DC 25: There are scattered mentions of a hero similar to Shadowborne in history. Maybe she's part of a hero family or a legacy hero.

DC 30: In ever more obscure tomes it becomes clear that the hero mentioned is not some previous incarnation but the very same hero.

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