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Sagrado Corazon Reputation


Gather Information  

DC10:  Rumors of a holy powered hero called the Saint or El Santo by locals refer to the hero calling himself Sagrado Corazon

DC15:  Sagrado Corazon might be another angel and is certainly powered by the holy spirit manifesting a Halo and able to perform minor miracles.

DC20:  Sagrado Corazon is openly Gay and a fierce defender of the LGBT and LatinX communities in Vibora Bay.

DC25:  Sagrado Corazon seems to be a pacifist either unable or unwilling to turn his powers to active violence.

DC35:  Sagrado Corazon is Chris(Cristobal) de la Cruz, young aspiring DJ living in Weston Vibora Bay


Knowledge:  Religion and Philosophy  

DC10:  Sagrado Corazon or Sacred Heart is a Catholic devotion often associated with both Jesus' and therefore God's infinite love for man and the suffering of Jesus.

DC15:  The Icon of the Sacred Heart is the wounded heart of Jesus often including imagery of flames as well as the lance that pierced it.

DC20:  The powers exhibited by Sagrado Corazon match with historical descriptions of miraculous works by Saints.

DC25:  There is a sect within the Catholic Church that pursues the shepherding of potential Saints.

DC30:  That Sect is particularly interested in who Sagrado Corazon might be.

DC35:  The Sect believes that they are guiding the bloodline of Christ and that Saints gain their power through this genetic legacy.

DC40:  They are pursuing Sagrado Corazon because they believe he's an escaped scion of Christ.

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